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  1. I mean, hasn't the point of Mike Bennett's gimmick always been the fact that he'd be nothing without Maria going all the way back to his ROH days? Hell, he even took HER last name. I don't really see what's the problem with his portrayal here.
  2. Turned off the show after that stupid as hell chairshot. Fuck that bullshit. Absolutely unnecessary.
  3. I seem to recall Cody saying he spent something like $5k on Clash of Clans. He truly loves his awful games.
  4. "The Shooter" Seth Rollins, doing those amateur-style superplexes into falcon arrows and Lou Thesz-ian topes.
  5. Having been to many wrestling shows recently, I can tell you that they definitely need to recap and remind the audience about everything because the average fan has the memory of a goldfish.
  6. I hope all matches become 2/3 falls and then WWE ends up as some sort of weird lucha fed.
  7. I hope this all ends up with Seth pulling a plant that looks like Meltzer out of the audience and giving him a curbstomp during his entrance at a ppv and then everyone that loved Cody smashing the throne becomes livid at how petty WWE is.
  8. Those are fond memories that I can look at, but can't touch.
  9. This was a perfectly acceptable show until they ran that twenty minute angle disguised as a match to get Becky to do a run-in.
  10. I guess this explains why when I was at RAW, people would suddenly leave the ring and cut a promo in the middle of matches. Baron Corbin actually cut a pretty good one after their team lost the first fall.
  11. With the sort of weird booking of Bayley and Alexa's feud, am I the only one that thinks there might be a double turn? They seem to be pushing the idea that Alexa is only using Nikki Cross and isn't really her friend so hard, to the point where Nikki would look like a moron if she doesn't see it coming since everyone is already warning her. And they already pointed out Alexa's betrayed all her friends in the past, so the audience should see it coming too. Maybe it's all a diversion and it turns out Bayley really is a jealous bully and she cheats to retain at Stomping Ground. But then again, maybe I'm giving these writers a little too much credit and we get the usual "Alexa is a conniving bitch who stabs everyone in the back" story we've seen a hundred times before.
  12. I hope this means Truth is going to crash Maverick’s wedding.
  13. The booking of the Alexa/Bayley feud continues to be weird. That promo made Bayley look like a jerk. The crowd was actually rooting for Alexa.
  14. Oh yeah, if anyone cares about this sort of thing...Bobby Roode and Cedric Alexander had one hell of a match for the Main Event taping. I assume they got a little extra time due to Dana's injury.
  15. The Alexa/Nikki/Bayley thing is kinda weird in that it’s not super obvious that Alexa is manipulating Nikki(ie Alexa making evil shifty eyes whenever Nikki leaves the room) and they leave some ambiguity there. Bayley was actually getting some boos last night for interfering because people were behind the Alexa/Nikki pairing. It’s far more subtle than they usually are.
  16. Double posted somehow, so Imma just say Samoa Joe was talking some awesome trash talk tonight. That guy’s just the best at that.
  17. Went to this RAW. What a fun show. Everyone was over, even Baron Corbin. Show started hot and there were very few lulls. Dana Brooke took a nasty face first bump into a ringpost in a match against Sarah Logan before the show started and got busted open. Hope she’s okay. Also, Sarah Logan cut a promo calling herself a Viking, so I guess they’re gonna pair her with The Viking Raiders soon?
  18. All I know is that if anyone broke MY Nintendo Switch, they'd get these hands.
  19. Because then they immediately realize that Zack Ryder is a waste of time.
  20. Upon further reflection Goldberg vs Taker is my current match of the year because holy shit, I can’t take my eyes off it.
  21. I should actually point out that the crowd's reaction with kids crying and everyone going wild to Mansoor's win in the battle royal was an amazing moment and would probably be awesome to see a country backing one of their own like that...if that country wasn't Saudi Arabia.
  22. I will convey my feelings on this show in the form of a picture:
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