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  1. So Roman’s storyline has all been to make an Erick Rowan push? That can’t be it, can it? And I know I mentioned it last night, but Bayley has some of the worst chairshots in the history of professional wrestling. Someone keep weapons away from her.
  2. Nah, Joe did get busted open. You can see it clearly it was on the top of his forehead. I guess it wasn't a deep cut or anything.
  3. If you’re gonna change her moveset, I’d have her use a vicious submission hold. She’s already finished off plenty of matches with one.
  4. If Bayley still has a side ponytail and stars on her face tonight, then they’ve completely dropped the ball on evil Bayley.
  5. Yeah, I still can't believe Buddy Murphy didn't make it into the second round, either.
  6. They should just completely ripoff the Kanyon/Raven vignette from WCW, complete with Sasha turning to the camera and saying "Whatta mark."
  7. I'm really hoping they have The Fiend take the title off Rollins at HiaC and then build towards a Demon King Balor vs The Fiend match at WM or whatever. Would really freshen up the main event scene.
  8. I feel like Bobby Heenan when Hogan revealed himself as the third man in the nWo. Sure, I can bask in the glory of being right all along, but at what cost? Now I have to see more Bayley and Sasha on my tv.
  9. I kinda hope this doesn’t lead to a Charlotte Face turn though.
  10. Man, Lance Storm could give Bayley a couple lessons on laying it in on chair shots.
  11. I told you guys Bayley was acting like a heel recently!
  12. I agree. I felt they should’ve went with Shida, who can give out that badass vibe like Asuka, if given the chance.
  13. At the end of the day, Tye Dillinger is still Tye Dillinger. No shock there. yay for Arn for still having the best spinebuster in the business. Boo everyone for traumatizing that poor doggo.
  14. Sounds like my crazy friend hasn’t heard of the food chain.
  15. If Baron Corbin started coming out and telling the crowd to scream “Arriba la raza!” before telling his opponent to peel his potato and toss his salad and then asking Lacey Evans if she likes his shirt and then telling her to touch it and then only letting her touch it for half a second before screaming “THAT’S ENUFFFF!!!” I think I can get behind King Corbin.
  16. They needed Terry Funk to add some megastar power and to get those pops from the crowd.
  17. I wouldn't be so quick to say it underperformed. The movie just opened in China yesterday and is projected to make well over $100 million this weekend.
  18. Cena’s really raised his profile in recent years with bigger roles in more mainstream movies like Transformers. He will only get bigger now that he’s part of the Fast and Furious franchise.
  19. The pop Liu Kang got doing the bicycle kick in my theatre made Stone Cold showing up to hit The Rock with a chair and give Mankind the World title sound like it was in Corpus Christi.
  20. Can Vince somehow get Jason Momoa to team up with Roman to wrestle the two Erick Rowans? It'll be like a twisted modern take on Undertaker vs Undertaker.
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