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  1. Kansas City Baltimore Carolina Green Bay St. Louis Minnesota New England New Orleans Washington San Diego Atlanta Buffalo Seattle San Francisco Chicago Denver Tiebreaker #1: 40 Tiebreaker #2: 243 Tiebreaker #3: Geno
  2. Nah, I bet most of them will be 'The Giants started 0-2 and won the Super Bowl! Why can't the Skins???'
  3. Hell, at this rate the Skins won't be able to beat Oakland in week 4
  4. Well we know why Shanny didn't go to Potter in the first half...
  5. Well at least the Skins somehow managed to allow less points in the first half today than last week. At this rate everything will be looking great by, oh, week 12 or so.
  6. Because he's slightly better than 80+ year old Regis?
  7. This must be Shanny's attempt to get Clowney next season...oh wait, we don't have a first rounder next season...
  8. Maybe the Skins should put in Sexy Rexy at this point...
  9. I wonder if it's too early to start the Fire Haslett chants
  10. I wonder if the Skins are missing Danny Smith with how bad the return teams have done the past two weeks.
  11. Huh...I blame Google then.
  12. But then he couldn't have celebrated an illegal hit after a guy had picked up a large gain I thought the crown of the helmet rule only applied to ball carriers... http://www.nflevolution.com/article/NFL-owners-approve-crown-of-helmet-rule-change?ref=7317
  13. Maybe Meriweather should have stayed injured if he's going to whiff on tackles like that.
  14. Crap, nevermind, forgot the Jets won
  15. I see the Skins secondary is the same as last year.
  16. Oof...looks like the Skins are probably going to return to the norm on fumbles...
  17. Platinum'ed Tales of Xillia. I really need to stop buying JRPGs and concentrate more on my backlog.
  18. IIRC it's because the Orioles had a night road game Wednesday night, and because of that and travel the MLB PA would have to approve the time switch.
  19. The NFL said they couldn't since it was Rosh Hashanah, even though I thought I read somewhere that they've played during it before, and technically it's still Rosh Hashanah right now...
  20. God, I wish someone would destroy every copy of The Final Countdown
  21. Denver Tampa Bay Tennessee New Orleans New England Seattle CIncinnati Kansas City Detroit Indianapolis Miami Green Bay Arizona Dallas Washington Houston Tiebreaker #1: 5 Tiebreaker #2: 238 Tiebreaker #3: 124
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