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  1. Yeah, it isn't like he kicked out at one either. I didn't see anything wrong with the kick out, top rope suplexs get kicked out of all the time and I think they looked way more dangerous.
  2. I'd kinda look forward to where Bryan is going with this angle if I gave a rat turd about the Wyatt family outside of Brodie. Not looking forward to the weak ass nonsensical promos about Dragon joining either. I wish someone ties him to a chair & have him watch weeks of Jack Roberts mic work & then have him deliver his best mimic job.
  3. Nash told a story on one of his shoots about doing exactly that with Yokozuna as an eff you to Bill Watts. And because the cage took forever and a week to construct. To Bill Watts? I'm not following.
  4. I really want to see a 1 minute PPV steel cage match. Bam, hit finisher ---> runs up cage or walks out the door. Also want to see a ppv ladder match where the face gets beaten down and handcuff to the steel post right after the bell then the heel slowly makes his way up the ladder. I would pay at most $4 for those.
  5. What is happening in that pic? Whoever greenlighted that cover should be dug up & fired.
  6. Hold up... Hero isn't using a cravat base offense anymore? I know he's elbow happy, but I though he had atleast a 2 cravat per match policy.
  7. Yeah, that made no sense. He should've went with Jody Fleisch or Red. I would have accepted Izzy Dragon or Teddy Hart too.
  8. The fuck is that? Can't be his son because Lil Van Vader is jacked to shit.
  9. Yeah the second. The first gif isn't showing up on any apple device.
  10. Does that Sin Cara drawing have a 3rd leg or does his dick have on a wrestling boot?
  11. I think it was because he knew it was coming and ran to take a shower, but the call got back to him before he could take it so he headed back out in his drawers. I think he just wanted to do it in his drawz. He has a shower on his bus.
  12. What SAWFT t-shirt? I want this one too.
  13. Dope Goldie shirt. Would never wear it any fucking where tho.
  14. Man, I hope Steen fully joins the superkick party in that match.
  15. Bah gawd, TV does not do the size of The Big Show justice~! This picture did make me realize that getting on the bad side of a Diva could be bad news though. I guess I just never really thought about it before, but it's like having an entire locker room of jacked-up big brothers. Wow. Vince and Truth are both 6'2 and look like kids. What kind of benjamin Buttons ass kids live around you?
  16. Damn, Sakaguchi got pushed out when the trading card dude took over? It was the only reason I figured it was a NJ photo op.
  17. Just looks like NJPW reached out to his widow for a photo op. did any NJ guys work Momota's show?
  18. More gifs of davey concussing & breaking mofos & less racism preaching.
  19. Wasn't surprised either. Especially with Dragon parading some random ass NWA title around.
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