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  1. This is going to happen now from the sounds of it. I think the only way out of this is to put the blame on Winnipeg not teaching you had to build a deathmatch ring, Kingston going after Kenny for embarassing him, have Mox get taken out by Ricky Starks, and try to get past this ASAP. I do think AEW lost some goodwill from this, but they have enough banked that it will be forgiven as long as they don't screw something else up in the near future. No more exploding rings though- and fewer gimmick/ultraviolence matches in general. AEW doesn't need to feed the ghouls and vampires- they should have been packing with Jimmy Havoc. If you need a blowoff match, stick to a cage, ironman, or I quit match.
  2. AEW absolutely deserves to get raked over the coals for what happened, but I hope it doesn't kill the promotion. I worry that this is something they'll have a hard time recovering from. They're going to need to deliver on some epics to win folks back, and probably on free TV to sell the PPV, because folks might be reluctant to buy in future, knowing what happened.
  3. Booker T might be interesting- I think he's trained some AEW folks, he probably can still go a bit, has history with Cody, and he is a Hall-of-Famer. The big thing I'd want is for whoever it is to not hurt the show. I think they've got a great roster and don't need any new big additions- they need to make stars instead- and they are more than capable of doing that.
  4. As long as you're not overpaying for the rarely on Dynamite folks, it's fine. TH2 at least usually gets on Dark every week.
  5. MVP is probably going to go down I think is one of the more underrated folks of this era. He does a lot of things so well- and he had fun matches, especially after the Kane stuff and even more after Benoit beat the wrestling into him. I was really hoping he'd end up on NJPW Strong and doing something with Ren Narita- even moreso after hearing Shibata's criticism of Narita lacking fire (probably kayfabed but you never know)
  6. Whoever they bring over from Japan is going to be elevated. My guess is Ryo wins, she'll get over (even if it's possible the AEW fans might not like her initially due to her beating Maki) I think Tay, Britt could be built up easily. Tay is just unique (I really wish she'd switch her finisher to that hammerlock DDT,it's her best move and she can hit it on anyone unlike the TayKO), and Britt is just a great heel.
  7. As long as he's not pushed to the top of the card I'm fine with it. Could have some comedic stuff like Silver trying to chokeslam folks.
  8. There's no delete option here, I just took too long.
  9. Apparently Tony Khan confirmed today he used to be on this board 20 years ago.
  10. Just watched the Tay/Nyla match. Really good and good story in the match too with Tay's lack of composure costing her ,and Nyla busting out some moves you don't usually see from her.
  11. There's a huge different between Riho's size difference and build, and Marco's. Riho is more like the Rey Mysterio size wise of women. Marco is outright a mini who should be martineted by Vampiro. Riho also is a lot better wrestler.
  12. I think Bret would have kept Part-TIme wrestling after 2000 if his health permitted. He wasn't slowing down at all until Goldberg. Here's a what-if. What if All In didn't draw the 10k, but instead something like 7.500?
  13. Sammy's a bit of a dumbass, but not that stupid. Not even Flip Gordon or WIll Ospreay would seriously suggest such a thing. This might have been his way of saying no thanks.
  14. You could argue this is what a Bret/Rey Mysterio would have looked like. It was awesome. The folks complaining about Riho's size, she's not comparatively smaller than Rey. It only bothers me when she's facing Nyla, but even there I can buy Nyla being outsmarted.
  15. Asuka does have mist she's used. Hopefully we don't get any baby rikishi. Asuka needs to mist R-Truth by mistake somehow, and R-Truth then thinks he's pregnant.
  16. they're gender non-conforming. Veny doesn't refer to themselves as any gender, same as I believe Sonny. The losers tonight were a lot more interesting than the winners.
  17. I'm seeing folks mad Maki lost. I hope they don't wait so long that she cools off. Maki in Dark Order would be interesting, esp with Anna and possibly Tay.
  18. Meltzer is now reporting Jericho's wife was at the DC protest. GIven Jericho's issues with COVID, and his donations to Trump, it adds up to a pretty bad picture. I don't know if this is enough to get Jericho in hot water- but given the political leanings of most AEW fans- I really hope they're not planning on trying to turn Jericho face. Might blow back once they get crowds back (I think the COVID crowds will accept just about anything)
  19. Golden Lovers vs Naito/Hiromu CEOxNJPW show. That show not only got me back into hitting wrestling shows, but also back into fighting game tournies, where I realized my ceiling was being Taichi and I embraced it. ^_^ Favorite match not involving NJPW guys: Dan Severn vs Josh Woods at Wrestlecade I think 2017. Favorite women's match: Taya vs Ivelisse, same show.
  20. Finjuice have been advertised as arriving to Impact.
  21. Cardona was a one-off, and thankful for that. Billy Gunn and Marshall do backstage stuff. I think Luther might as well. Spears makes a very good JTTS at least. You're not supposed to like everything AEW does. It's a Chinese buffet, with Jericho providing the COVID. The wins/losses matter at times, it's a way they use to justify new teams getting ranked like the Acclaimed, so if they want to do a tag shot out of seemingly nowhere, they just let folks rack up a few wins on Dark. At the very least, it's used to make the JTTS's seem less like total jobbers, which is necessary because they rarely do total squashes. The main point of Dark is development and scouting, and to have the hardcore fans know who the up-and-comers are. A lot of AEW's good new talent came through Dark, and guys like Starks who lose a lot on Dyanmite still come off as somewhat of a threat because of wins on Dark.
  22. I think you now have to quarantine. Biden changed the rules recently.
  23. This is what I felt the TNT belt should be, 1 fall 10-15 min time limits. NWA did the 6:05 thing with their TV belt, I felt it was gimmicky.
  24. The Acclaimed and Top Flight are the two young tag teams of AEW's future. So good and so different. One of the nice things about AEW is wrestlers get to learn from the classics, and not just the faux-Memphis style WWE uses.
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