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  1. Evans is broken down at this point. He's also been underwhelming in ring. Shame because I've always liked him, and he's been pretty good to his fans. I think it's hurt Angelico as well.
  2. I kinda want someone to dethrone Kenny, have Hangman beat that guy, then have to deal with Kenny as champ to feel like he's really champ and not a cheese champion. Maybe have Kenny stuck doing something else for a while, so Hangman has to hold onto the title despite not feeling he deserves it. Cheese champion who everyone knows is a cheese champion and goes after hard.
  3. Makes me glad I've pretty much been a nobody on these boards for 20 years. Sucks you had to get all that unwarranted shit. It's been interesting seeing how this board has grown, and just as importantly, grown up, over the years.
  4. She's attractive as hell, can talk , and can take a bump. She can make money. I know she gets shit for flat earthing, but when I saw her at an indy event, she made good efforts to make everyone, especially the little girls, feel welcome. I had a good impression of her (it's rare for me to get a bad impression- the only person I can ever remember having a bad impression of was Pillman)
  5. This feels like a slow show, with the only reason to watch being the hope of Suzuki-gun killing Dan Lambert. (MOTY beat up Archer a few weeks ago)
  6. The thing is why would you need to be released? If you're not being used, you're free to do indies, even big-name indies, and you get more money as an AEW talent. Pineapple Pete probably makes more now than he ever did. I do think eventually there is going to be a logjam in AEW, which we won't mind, cause embarassment of riches, but some of it is going to filter down into ROH/Impact.
  7. Looking like Buddy Murphy is going to be part of NJPW and UE (probably their junior) Ospreay leaked stuff on twitter strongly hinting at it.
  8. So far I think I enjoy Rampage more than Dynamite. Just a full action-packed hour. Kinda wish the order of matches was switched- feel like PAC/Andrade was so awesome it made Caster/Pillman seem tame even though the latter match was also awesome. As much as I dislike Pillman (and Garrison) personally, he's got talent. The Acclaimed feel like a pairing that is more than the sum of their parts, but the parts are really good. Really think this would be better with a face Acclaimed and heel Blondes though, but that might be personal bias. Betting as a baseball player is considered the one unpardonable sin due to the Black Sox scandal 100 years ago. Pete Rose managed to talk himself into an irreversible ban, when if he kept his mouth shut or just plead for mercy he would have been let back in. (The only folks I think yetted forever are Rose, Sandy Alomar Jr, and John Coppolella who did under the table deals with prospects and lied about it in a big coverup. All three totally deserved it.)
  9. Hell, if he's an anti-vaxxer, then I'd be fine with relegating him to Dark and letting him go when his contract expires. He's a mediocre talent, injury-prone, anti-vaxx is a liability, and others can fill his spot a lot better. Either way monster of the week is about his ceiling. Cage should just go to AAA and take a mask/character.
  10. I'd say just slightly better to the first four teams on the list, and much better than Jurassics. Some of this is style preference, I like FTR/PNP a lot more than Bucks/Lucha Bros.
  11. It was average height or even slightly above average for a man in those times.
  12. I think ZSJ is gonna be a NJPW lifer. While I think Jay and Finlay will jump- I think Juice, Gabe Kidd, ZSJ, and Cobb , and probably Ospreay are going to want to stay in NJPW. ZSJ's style might not work well in AEW, though he'd get over with promos. Also Zack is doing fine for himself, I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the block final or wins his G1 block, and Dangerous Tekkers is the best tag team out there right now, better than anyone in AEW.
  13. The sneer seems intentional- he's done that ever since he's been part of Team Taz. I think he smiled more as a face?
  14. Seriously the NJPW/AEW fans I know - this is the most livid they've been with AEW. They're not going to turn on the promotion over this, but they really wanted to chant it at their TVs. For Wardlow, I smell something a lot like Luger's post-Horseman face turn.
  15. No Kazei Ni Nare makes me angry.
  16. If I was in charge of ROH, I'd let Gresham keep doing what he's doing, but more of it. I'd prob tweak pure rules a bit, allow refs to give the warning for excessive cheating equivalent to a closed fist to the face, and do the 2 falls/2 subs/1 ko for title matches/eliminators. Most singles matches would be pure, and a lot more women. Just go all in on being unique and trying to lock that #3 spot. The pure stuff is what I watch ROH for, their standard wrestling is solid but I've seen it done just as well elsewhere.
  17. Given that they're feuding with Archer- let there be blood and violence. Maybe they can punk out King Mo because King Mo deserves it.
  18. Do we really need Tay corrupted by Minoru's ways?
  19. Jay White is going to get huge offers from everyone when he's next avaliable. I'll be surprised if he stays with NJPW.
  20. Daffney was awesome in late WCW (loved the Daffney/Crowbar/David Flair act) , and reading about what she did for Jamie, that is so awesome (and I never knew about Jamie, I'll have to find out more about her) RIP and such a shame.
  21. I'm more interested in seeing AEW use their 1B stars (Rosa/Shida/Tay) more before adding more women they just won't use enough. I'm enjoying the ROH women's tourney matches right now- and ROH could have a really good division if they put effort into it, plus it would differentiate them more which is good. That's where I'd want Ruby , Cassie, and Jessica.
  22. I'd rather see Britt against Deathmatch Tam.
  23. Even then Rock had time in Memphis, which was more like an excursion than a developmental. I assume they're still gonna take the amateurs- Gable is a shoo-in to be signed after all after the Olympics. This policy is going to flop- and if WWE goes all-in on this, we get the male version of Wrestlicious or GLOW.
  24. Ishimori's in the US, El Phantasmo might have been avaliable.
  25. I think Rosa or Tay would be the face against Britt. Just those two though. At worst it would be 50/50. Rosa and Tay are very over.
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