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  1. I wish we had NJPW loco Chuckie T pop up sometimes.
  2. The impression I got was NWA is letting folks go to other companies for the rest of 2019. In some pandemic-related news, the loophole companies were doing to get NY/NJ based talent to FL got closed up. PA is now doing the hypocritical quarantine requirement (I call it hypocritical because NY threatened to sue when people did it to them) That might complicate bringing in Private Party/MJF/Janela.
  3. I don't see Tessa in AEW, no matter how desperate they are for women. Still plenty of choices that won't cause headaches, and they have Nyla/Shida/Baker who you can really build around, plus maybe they can raid NWA some more.
  4. Shooter's going to be paying back the favor in 20 years while Renee watches in horror?
  5. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Yano might be one of the best trash talkers ever. Edit: apparently Karl Fredricks has graduated from the LA Dojo. I think he's counted as excursion status now, though with corona he won't be on excursion.
  6. There's usually some veto power- they vetoed Mox from doing G1 USA.
  7. At least AEW is giving a realistic attempt to test, even if some of the wrestlers themselves seem to be trying to get infected by taking indy bookings with crowds. Tony Khan should be able to put a stop to that, hopefully he does.
  8. For the BUndle- Nuclear Throne and Arcade Spirits on the Roof are good.
  9. Low Ki embrassing himself on twitter- though thankfully it's just corona stupidity.
  10. I suspect that law will be flouted. They'd have to run into cops who knew they came from out of state. The odds of them running in the law who happens to be a big wrestling and not just WWE fan is pretty big. Even if they're cited it's just a fine Tony would probably pay.
  11. I'm not saying they should have a dojo, all be very similar, or shave their heads, though I think limiting their movesets would be nice. I'm saying the whole excursion/re-gimmicking concept would be a good way to use their best enhancement talent. Also the folks with really strong characters should just start getting the occasional win and move up slowly. There's no reason why Sammy Guevara as part of his rehabilitation ccouldn't be used to give say, Pineapple Pete an upset win, and have Pete get the occasional win here and there against the low carders every now and then and consistently beat the other jobbers until he's at least a JTTS.
  12. I wonder if AEW could start a version of the Young Lion program with their jobbers. Have them get slaughtered for a year or two as job guys, take the ones with promise, send them away for a year or two to learn somewhere else, then bring them back with a new gimmick/restart their record (maybe say it's because they were "re-signed" so their record starts over)
  13. I think the WWE bans proper bulldogs, so people do them Jericho-style as that's the version that is allowed.
  14. To me, real soon was Fyter Fest which someone was saying, which was a couple of weeks. It's going to be more than that, but I don't think he's going to be out for a super long time. Super long time for me meant 2021. If that comes off as gaslighty to folks, not my intent I do think he's going to have to earn his way back on Dynamite- they'll make sure to not make his return seem like a celebration in any way/
  15. The indefinite suspension is their way of taking him off TV for a few weeks. Relax. Sammy will be back, he's not Jimmy Havoc, who is only still employed right now because he checked himself into rehab before AEW could fire him. It's also better for Sammy's career if people think he was overpunished. The small vocal minority on Twitter will want him fired forever, but those shrill voices are rarely your customers. I'll be surprised if we ever see Jimmy again, but Sammy will probably be back by August.
  16. He's given cover to Lattimer in the past. Part of the buddy-buddy system in British Wrestling. I think he's given cover to some of these folks. I don't believe Aldis has done anything directly himself, and there's no proof of him blackballing anyone Ospreay-style.
  17. Aldis was also one of the ones enabling some of the bad actors in UK wrestling from what I've heard. At this point just nuke the NWA into the fire. I don't think it's redeemable at all.
  18. What they're doing is fair. The point of this needs to be rehabilitation and sending a message, not cancellation. If you return him too soon the message is that this isn't that serious. Return him too long and you risk folks seeing him as a martyr. I don't think it will be that soon. I suspect he's going to be gone a month or two, and they're going to quietly bring him back- probably on Dark for a while. That's what I'd be doing, probably keep him off TV for a month, then for a few weeks just have him occasionally beat jobbers on Dark. When he returns to Dynamite for another month or so just have him in matches and never mention that he was suspended or why. Don't celebrate it. This will avoid glorifying his behavior, and be best for his career long-term as well, as eventually most folks outside of the most radical corners of the internet will forget about this. Handling his return, and avoiding glorifying it is going to be important. Kenny Omega might understand the whole Infiltration saga and let Tony know that if you celebrate the return too much it will backfire on the message. (Infiltration was a Street fighter player who beat his wife and was utterly unrepentant. Capcom suspended him from their games for a year. He played another game instead, won it, and the commentators celebrated it. That didn't go over well, and folks still want him banned for life today- and in that case, it isn't just the radical fringe, but on top of that he became an incel icon.)
  19. Apology statement from Sammy.
  20. I'm not saying it was appropiate, or that he should face zero consequences. I've seen folks saying he should be fired/suspended for a long time over this. That's excessive. What I'm saying is accountability has to fit the severity of the wrongdoing, and take into account age, time, and other factors. If folks have a problem with that, they're trying to just punish instead of rehabilitate/change the culture, and that will lead to a backlash like it has in the past. The culture of things needs to change, but part of that change is not just cancelling everyone for everything, but holding folks accountable, and those who can be forgiven need to be given a path to forgiveness. What do you think Sammy should get from this? Fired? Suspended for 90 days? I want to see what you think is appropriate. Maybe we're not as far apart as it looks like. I think apology, admitting it was wrong and saying he's learned and never doing it again, and losing his benefit of the doubt should be do something again is appropriate. A fine and counseling would be reasonable as well. In the case of Ospreay- I think 3 month suspension, large pay cut, and depushed for a few years (aka what Taichi got in 2010 or so) is a minimum, and firing would be deserved. No apology from Ospreay as it won't be genuine and we all know that. In the case of Joey Ryan- cancelling, and criminal charges is appropriate.
  21. This wasn't rape. And yes, rape culture is evil- but you're not going to stop it just by attempting to cancel anyone who does it- do enough of that and folks will just ignore your whole message. If you did what Sammy did in the military, you'd get paperwork at worst, most likely a very harsh chewing out. And yes, what you're doing in this case is cancel culture- it's going way above and beyond what is warranted for something 4 years ago of this level. There should be an appropiate level of accountability- what you're asking for is excessive. I do agree this shit isn't acceptable- but things have to be handled in a fair manner. Yes, he should have known better, and there should be some accountability. This is forgivable though. And yes, having to deal with the fallout is the price of what he said. At the time, he should have been chewed up hard about what he said, and his workout should have been cancelled. That would have been appropiate. Appropriate in this case now would be Sammy apologizing, saying he was young and stupid, and saying he'll be better in future, and if he isn't, he's lost his benefit of the doubt. This was 4 years ago and 22-yr olds in toxic cultures will say dumb things. I don't think he would have actually raped Sasha- it was a very cringe figure of speech that was used more at the time. There's a big difference between this, and Will Ospreay, and Joey Ryan. Sammy is pretty easy to forgive, Ospreay's going to take a lot time to ever forgive, and Joey Ryan is unforgivable in my eyes.
  22. 22-yr old said something very cringe. He should have been given a big talking to and shown the door, but beyond that you're getting into cancel culture territory. This easily falls into the category of "mistake", not "evil". Young people screw up.
  23. alstein

    The NASCAR Thread

    It had to be someone from within, as the events are still closed to the public.
  24. To be fair, he did his time, and then some, and a lot of folks do question the guilt, and it's been 20 years and he seems to have changed. If you never offer chances to rehabilitate, the logical course of action for folks who are accused of terrible things is to deny, gaslight, and double down even more. That's not something that should be rewarded either. You also make that course of action more popular, as enough folks get cancelled/wrongfully accused that you'd get a backlash. Folks will end up sympathizing with the accused not the accusers. There's more to fixing the problem than just believing accusers and cancelling folks. Punishment (both legal and reputation) has to be both fair and in some cases a path to redemption needs to be earnable. Some folks can't be forgiven, others can, and unfortunately- talent also plays a role. TJP and Ospreay are pretty equivalent overall, but TJP gets much less of a pass for his actions than Ospreay does because TJP isn't as good as Ospreay in ring. Also, people have different thresholds. I knew someone who was rabidly anti-Kenny Omega because of the Chasyn Rance situation, thinking he was 100% pro-pedo because of it. You won't consider every threshold rational. BTW this isn't me saying folks should be forgiven easily. I think Chase , unless evidence shows the accusations are untrue, should be fired, and Ospreay probably deserves a heavy punishment as well (but one that shouldn't end his career- he's been a stupid shithead, not a criminal- Ospreay should get something similar to what Taichi got 10 years ago), but you have to have things balanced out in perspective.
  25. Folks are attending even rotten events just to show they're not afraid of the virus. I'll let folks judge for themselves if this is Kota Ibushi dumb or Will Ospreay dumb.
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