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  1. After seeing Lance in Durham, I have a hard time buying him as 6'8". NIce dude , but seems shorter than that.
  2. The only midcard belt I like is the NWA TV title. That has a purpose and is something unique. I'd like to see AEW rip that off (minus draws counting as wins), make it like the Dragonstar from WMAC or something. Maybe throw in a twist that you can also go for the tag belts if you meet the condition, so tag guys would want in on it. (you'd get to pick your partner)
  3. Matt tends to be the more heelish of the Jackson in these split loyalty things, and Omega just wants everyone to get along. That's why they were doing what they were doing. It's Page and Nick Jackson who are more upset. To me, what's happening now is kinda a rehash of the whole Omega/Bucks dissension over Ibushi a couple years ago in NJPW, complete with some Golden Lovers spots.
  4. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    If it's all deathmatches you might have DOUKI winning it all.
  5. I'd copy what the NWA is doing with their TV belt, but you draws don't count as wins. 1 fall, 15 minute matches, you win, you get a medallion to put on the belt. 7 Medallions, you get a title shot the next week and a battle royal to determine the next champ. DQ/CO= you lose the belt. contenders are chosen from all the eligible match winners from the previous week, challenger is announced on Friday (winning in a tag match puts you in the drawing, so it could be anyone from Mox to Marko Stunt- luck of the draw).
  6. MJF takes the claw really well, he had a lot of practice on his way out from MLW.
  7. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Could see a bunch of sprints.
  8. I'd have Cody scar MJF/brutalize him, then bury MJF in a confidence crisis for a few months, he loses Wardlow. Sign Dynasty, bring them in, have MJF gain his groove back, becoe champ,then challenge Cody because it still eats him up two-three years later. Keep Cody/MJF apart for 2-3 years.
  9. I really want AEW to do their version of Worldwide Underground- Kip, TH2, and Penelope could really do it well, not sure if you'd need to add someone else or not.
  10. They got a lot of potential breakout stars: I think Cassidy has a ceiling, but Darby and Guevara have that big star in baby stage feel to them. Kip Sabian has a bit of it as well, but not as much. I think Statlander could be a big star on the women's side.
  11. It's interesting that Omega/Page are doing some Golden Lovers spots as well, such as the double moonsault.
  12. One way to get a rematch. Have Cody get DQed by making MJF bleed all over the place- scarring up his forehead.
  13. When I went to Evo I liked the Excalibur Brunch buffet. Rera's is also a good spot for Irish Pub Food My joke about Evo is that everyone who goes thinks they're Kenny Omega, but in the end they turn out to be Taichi. It really sucks they're not doing an event at CEO this year- they could have given out free Dark Order masks to everyone who went 0-2.
  14. Overcaffinated MJF was hilarious last week. MJF and Hammerstone are promo gold, and Hammerstone in particular is going to make a lot of money with a bigger company real soon.
  15. Is that one of the Gym Nasties? I wasn't that impressed by them the one time I saw them.
  16. I think he's always been straight edge.
  17. You don't want Statlander getting booed by hossing up Riho. Folks saying Cobb isn't signed with AEW, he's just between contracts. This could be a Tanahashi in AJPW type situation.
  18. Why do folks keep forgetting about Kip when it comes to young stars? I like him a lot.
  19. A webcomic that has absolutely nothing to do with pro wrestling that I look at just made a subtle Orange Cassidy reference in the subtext. As for Golden, hopefully Cody remembers what Dusty did for Bubba early in his career- you don't use someone that big as a jobber, you have them be muscle for someone while squashing folks to get experience and build them up. Maybe stick her with Britt?
  20. cranking the neck. It's still shit looking, and is a big reason I only like Sanada when he goes against ZSJ.
  21. They really should switch the dates. Running in Chicago on Memorial Day would allow them to do a crossover event with Combo Breaker, which is a huge fighting game tournament. Would give opportunities for Kenny, and there is a large crossover between Fighting game fans and wrestling fans.
  22. and Thatcher just signed with WWE, so there's one more guy raided from MLW. This is what I think is going to happen to MLW- all their guys are going to be snatched up by companies that pay, leaving only green talent , total headcases, and DBS Jr.
  23. I don't think Mancer is just a hardcore guy, he prob could have a straight match and it would turn out fine. If the Mancer to AEW rumors have something to them, Hammerstone has to win in the end.
  24. Punished Mox-Okada/ Taichi-Minoru was a fun and insane match, and the last two were cool slugfests. Real fun show to watch.
  25. They said it did include draws. It really shouldn't
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