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  1. I think this is the first time I watched some Dynamite live. Black vs Martin was everything. Wow. On his A game, it feels like no understatement to say that Malakai Black is AEW's Taker. Las Super Ranas . That brainbuster looks like death. Yeah the IC promo on ATT didn't really go that well, ultimately it's not like we thought Jericho is really hip to 2021. Guevara's promo was a bit wtf, but I guess it got over the idea that he's a young kid far more interested in kicking ass than talking about it. I was disappointed to see Dark Order lose again but I felt like they got enough that it was ok; Superkliq is Superkliq - I still feel they've got to go somewhere with DO eventually though.
  2. I honestly don't think anyone thought Rampage at 10pm was actually going to outrate Smackdown at 8pm. That's not a sensible comparison. Edit: And don't WWE (allegedly) usually leak the fast demos? Interesting that they don't seem to have here.
  3. Somebody surely must have proposed a Mermaid valet for him at some point in a WWE Creative meeting right?
  4. Didn't feel remotely well enough to go to the gym until yesterday, where I did some somewhat perfunctory leg stuff with the girlfriend. So we did (almost) flat cable leg press (so kind of like a hack squat machine I guess) - I hadn't done this in ages, and didn't try any heroics. My gf got a noticeable quad pump and she was thrilled! We mixed in some DB RDLs and then did the standing calf, plate loaded leg extension and plate loaded prone leg curl. I was probably only 90% but I felt like the workout helped rather than hindered. We're starting to throw in some before and after cardio, not too much but I'm going to look to build it up a bit when we get to Xmas and there's lots of snacky treats around. Today I was in on my own, and I tried doing dead bench at 100kg for reps every 45-60 seconds. Basically after 3 reps my wrists were screaming, and after resting and doing a 4th rep I decided against pushing my luck. I think I wasn't quite getting tight enough - like I could get tight enough for a couple of singles on Sunday minutes apart but it wasn't quite happening today. I did a few more reps (always at least 10s apart, bc it's not deadbench otherwise) at 80kg, which still felt heavy, and then 60kg which felt really light and enabled me to try a few 'explosive' reps which also felt good. I'm going to have to see if I can learn to get tight enough on this bench though. Generally though the dead bench is a good way to practice grinding out slow reps at a lower weight, because the speed out of the bottom just isn't there. I went on my normal bench afterwards, which felt super wide in comparison, but used my personal super thick pussy pad as a pseudo bench block (about 2 inches) for close grip bench press with pause. The idea is that the dead bench trains power out of the bottom with the dead bench, and then the block press develops strength at the sticking point. I did 60kg, 65kg, 67.5kg for 12 with good 1-2 second pauses and this was really quite challenging - ROM was still high so lots of tricep and again you're not getting the same speed out of the hole. Finals reps of the last two sets were challenging and it did light my chest up pretty good. Still recovering, so finished with some pretty basic lat pulldowns, overhead cable tricep extensions and facepulls - no direct bicep work sadly but we'll get back on that next week as work capacity comes back. My intention is to try to deadlift Sunday, probably a wide stance wide grip deadlift (something like what Brian Shaw does) - hopefully I can get lots of nice beauty sleep and protein between now and then. I have an actual holiday in 2 weeks, and although I may take some bands I am not intending to go to the gym so a proper deload with lots of nice dinners is coming. Woop.
  5. I'd go 7 over first hour of Smackdown. But I agree, Rampage is Sunday Night Heat - or early doors Main Event at best. But yeah, Saturday Night ideally with a repeat in a Hangover Sunday slot is the way to go in my view.
  6. I'll just say that my possible place on the spectrum has certainly been discussed on internet wrestling messageboards, and I really do have a graph.
  7. "Everyone has a filter except me" is not a very self-aware look. You're seeing things you haven't yet demonstrated with data. Plot the ratings on a graph over time for Dynamite and they are going up very clearly.
  8. Okay, so no I'm not entirely sure you can easily compare the ratings of the A show to the B show and draw certain conclusions either. Matches happen on Rampage, but stories get progressed on Dynamite. I am guessing you won't be satisfied with that explanation, but there it is.
  9. Well it will be interesting to compare past Saturday Dynamites with tomorrow's, sure. Though having the live Rampage the day before complicates things a bit.
  10. The episode with Punk was the 2nd episoide of Rampage, so that piece of analysis falls at the first hurdle. First Dynamite with Punk drew 1172000 (0.48). They've beaten that since. They've never been below the 0.35 demo rating they scored the 2 Dynamites previous to that. So I'm just not sure I get your take on the data.
  11. Not really. Speaking of Rampage in particular, getting the key demo to watch *anything* regularly at Friday nights at 10PM is a struggle. It's really about calibrated expectations. Ultimately you could make a case for trying to move it to Thursday down the line, but the fact that they got a second show on TNT so quickly is an achievement in itself. The bigger picture is you have arenas and TV companies who are *very happy* doing business with this upstart wrestling company.
  12. If I was sure Punk had the ring cardio, I'd suggest they just do an 8 minute sprint so Tony can lol and say there's your ad free match, but the truth is they have generally been doing a timed 90 second adbreak during the first match with picture-in-picture so they can probably get most or all of that in a bit later (once they are unopposed) if they really want to. Plus it's not like Punk-Garcia brought the ratings last week
  13. Rampage and Smackdown both did bad demo numbers last week. The key is that the latter's went down in hour 2 20%. So time for some maths. SD! did 0.25 in the demo last year on FS1 against the World Series. It was the week before HITC - Reigns vs Jimmy Uso in the Cell, I Quit. BUT if you look at last week's demo of 0.45, they did 0.5 in Hour 1 and 0.4 in Hour 2. So we can take 10% of that 0.25 to get 0.225. And they're going head-to-head in Hour 3, so we can probably knock that down another 5% or so. Let's call it 0.21. Now you can say...they have a much stronger card this year. Yeah probably true (I wonder if the bloom isn't off the rose for Sasha and Becky mind), but then they are going head-to-head with AEW - who is ultimately in their normal slot. So I could easily see them struggle to get 0.2. AEW did 0.17 last week, a bad performance for sure but if they can generate some buzz around a live show and hold most of their audience I think they might be closer than some might think. We will see.
  14. I think there is probably an attempt to hurt the second hour Smackdown demo here (I should probably leave that topic alone lol), but ultimately he's probably reacting to the fact that Punk vs Garcia didn't draw and that it is looking like AEW will get beaten handily. Ultimately yeah maybe people shouldn't care but he set them up to expect 'victory' and now...Khan's going to go all out and basically give you an extra Dynamite instead. Sounds good.
  15. You mean he wasn't CM Punk all along???
  16. Together with David Vincent O'Reilly Andrew Kevorkian - The Keyboard Warriors!
  17. I'm a mark for bad profession gimmicks:
  18. As long as it's not being victory rolled out of Jaded. I know it's pro wrestling but it's your finisher you know what the counter is.
  19. If she's just another number as soon as she gets beat, it doesn't matter that much if it's a Championship match or not when it happens - that's my take anyway. She's a star even with a 1 in the L column in my view. The W-L record gets wiped at the end of the year anyway, kinda.
  20. I also agree that protecting Jade until she is ready is not the way to go. It only takes 3 seconds to lose - having someone like Kris beat her sets up a long-term rivalry and that's much more valuable than some undefeated streak that can't go on forever.
  21. Yeah I would agree that Starks lost a lot of momentum. He's number 3 behind Hobbs and Hook in this group. Fact is, roster is a lot deeper than a year ago and I am not sure Starks does well out of that. I was more making a joke than actually blaming Cage. It also potentially establishes that, as much as we might like Garcia, the demo maybe isn't that into Punk fighting glorified ham n eggers.
  22. That's a big drop in the demo. I'm going to go ahead and blame Brian Cage.
  23. Just to be clear, I wasn't making a 'be grateful' sermon to other people. I was talking about myself personally. I have often thought about how this would have affected me at a different point in my life, and there are many points in which it would have royally sucked no two ways about it. That it didn't happen then, for that I am grateful. I am also aware that for many people (leaving aside the huge amount of people who died and/or lost loved ones prematurely, including my partner), this will have happened 'at completely the wrong time'. Currently I am in a good position in that I have my girlfriend, who is really awesome, and one of my better long-term friends lives in relative proximity (there is still a border in the way, which didn't used to matter but matters a little more now). But definitely as I get older, my social network gets a bit more precarious. Being an 'expat' (boujee immigrant), I sort of get access to a community if I really need it. Living on my own in London three years ago as a 40yo single (considerably younger on Tinder) was often a pretty lonely experience (the money was good admittedly) - being from London I am expected to have a social network but of course mostly they are married and living in the burbs. But it would be much worse if I had to return to that life now. OTOH If the pandemic had happened then....yeah I have no idea what that would have been like for me, but not good at all is probably the answer. I was in Bangkok for 8 weeks in Spring 2019. If the pandemic had happened then....I'd probably have been there a lot longer, for better or worse. I definitely ponder these things.
  24. I really should be more grateful that I live a simple meaningless, childless, existence with a steady girlfriend, that I managed to get a remote work contract, and that the worst thing that happened to me was not being able to go to the gym. My girlfriend lost her grandmother about 10 months ago. They're finally having the funeral service this week.
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