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  1. Is there any place online to watch 2AW? I see the results on purolove and the shows look interesting to me. Also I've subbed to GLEAT's YouTube channel. What shows are worth checking out?
  2. I tried to read The Sleepwalkers a long time ago and couldn't get into it. I thought it was really dense and my knowledge of those alliances from way back is very spotty. So I ended up trying to wiki all those players and alliances and that took away from reading the book. Bad thing is I finally got rid of it.
  3. I like reading books on the history of certain countries or regions like Central Europe, Eastern Europe, The Balkans, etc. Any good books on the lead up to World War I, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, or on how the Middle East borders got changed after WWI?
  4. Thanks for creating this. I like the idea of people recommending actual books. I was thinking more along the lines of if I wanted to get into a certain genre, what would be a good book to read or if I wanted a history book on certain countries what are some good reads for that. I like I said I do like the idea of people recommending certain books that they enjoy and people should go read.
  5. I just finished Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames. It was my first time reading fantasy and enjoyed both of his books. I'm currently reading a book called The Sport is Steroids by Jim Rutter. Question, do we have a thread where we can ask for book recommendations?
  6. I'm going to assume this is the thread to put this in. I've been trying to get into Joshi for a while now, but been having a hard time at what to watch. I was wondering is there any YouTube or DailyMotion channels that have older matches, like from the early 80s (or late 70s) through the 2000s?
  7. On the BJW streaming service how far back do they go with their shows? I've been thinking about subscribing to it.
  8. I don't remember his last name. The only time I saw it is when I got the tape from him in the mail. Good to know he is a history professor.
  9. One of my favorite wrestling tapes that I had. If I remember right he made two tapes and never got around to doing the 3rd because of being busy with life and stuff. I've wonder what has happen to Dynamic A, I assume he has disappeared like all the other older members.
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