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  1. I dunno who told Corey that he'd get over more if he did a creepy sexual predator gimmick, but it was bad advice. I seriously want him off my tv.
  2. If Batista hadn't interrupted, we would have found out that WWE's real birthday present to Ric was letting him beat up gullible babyface Sting one last time.
  3. On the one hand, I don't believe for a second that Roman is faking his cancer. On the other hand, I hate to say aloud that that's something the company would never stoop to - because I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow if Meltzer reported that the WWE had decided to run a cancer angle to get Roman over. A leukemia angle wouldn't be the most tasteless angle Vince has ever proposed. When you make as many poor decisions as this company does, you don't get the benefit of the doubt.
  4. How many books do they normally publish a month (not counting imprints and licensed titles)? I don't pay that much attention but I thought that DC published 50 or so main DCU books per month. I'm basing that on a vague recollection that the NEW 52 launched with 52 titles. In any case, it seems like they'd have to cut the line by much more than 10-15% to get the line down to 22 titles. I can't imagine "The New 22" being very interesting to me, if it ever comes to that.
  5. To me, it's even more simple than that. Costas basically did two things to earn his humungous salary at NBC: the Olympics and the NFL. He "retired" from the Olympics and has become critical of the NFL. Which left very little for him to do at NBC to justify his salary. i look at it more of a case of a relationship running it's course and less like one party did another party wrong.
  6. Asuka jobbing to Mandy (presumably to set up a program at WM) and Almas jobbing to Black annoyed me to no end. Other than that, decent show. The problem with Charlotte being in the Becky-Ronda program is that it really leaves noone interesting for Asuka to face. And, in true WWE fashion, coming up with two good women's angles at the same time seems to be too much for them. As for Almas.... they have a bloated roster with a lot of guys who either don't get on TV or aren't going to get a push. And yet they can't think of anyone for Black to face except Almas. I was kinda hoping the Rey series meant they were going to do something with him, but maybe not.
  7. It'd be a great WrestleMania moment when the cat became the first non-human (?) to score a pinfall at WrestleMania.
  8. I don't want to live in a world where there's something weird about a guy in a panda suit wrestling a fat guy in leather fetish gear.
  9. Interested in the Fraction book. High hopes for the Rucka book. No idea how either of those titles can tap into a larger audience and survive, though.
  10. I feel like Alexa showed up on Smackdown one day, cut a great promo - then has kept on cutting the same promo for several years now. I generally don't think she's a bad promo, but I feel like I saw all I needed to see of her during her first two months on the main roster. Her talk show segments have been brutal, though, which makes me wonder how successful she'll be on a babyface. Her babyface character didn't seem to be going anywhere when she was in NXT,
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