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  1. I didn’t read all of that Cam Newton stuff but I actually met him. It was...interesting...
  2. Lane Kiffin deserves credit some credit for not peeing on himself. That’s how stupid of a person he is.
  3. Sting had good matches right on. That’s 1 reason it’s such a shame. Sting vs DDP from Nitro is a GOAT match. I know he wasn’t always motivated but he was good enough that he didn’t have to be. He could do this shit in his sleep like Owen. Meanwhile I kinda think he could have been motivated a tad by not being freaking castrated at Starrcade.
  4. It was a great entrance even though the light show messed up. There was still something cool about the giant screen going haywire. Anyway it only goes to show you that nothing could have messed this match up. The build was that perfect, the anticipation was that high and Sting was that unstoppable. One thing did mess it up though, one thing that didn’t count when it seemed like nothing could mess it up because it wasn’t possible. It was impossible for Sting not to win that match. Then Hogan says hold my b... to Eric Bischoff.
  5. I actually think that the whole finish was an ultimate booking decision. It was a bad, overbooked, change from the original booking but was ultimately the booking decision. I think Hogan started wussing out, Eric went back and forth with a few people like those people have said, but not Hogan because his biggest fear was not being friends with Hogan. As all of that was happening he knew what had to be done so he came up with what he/they came up with and tried to sell it, which wasn’t what had to be done. He covered every base but he covered them all halfassed. He got a clean finish, yet Hogan didn’t lose clean, yet Sting won clean. Yeah that should work and everybody will buy it and most importantly I’ll still be Hogan’s pal. Wrong dumbass. As for what they should have done next had Hogan not wussed out, it almost doesn’t even matter. They would have been able to push and sell whoever and whatever they would have wanted. Goldberg wouldn’t have even even had to have existed. They had Sting vs Scott Hall, or Bret Hart, or Ric Flair as potential backup plans had Hogan went down clean if you remember. When those are your built in back up plans you know you have it going on. He could have wrestled Benoit, Raven, and just anybody really. They could have advertised any match on TV for a ppv and it would have sold. But no they had to ruin it.
  6. Winning a round against Vince isn’t “beating” Vince. Vince beat Eric. WWF beat WCW, and it was all because of Starrcade. I know I know alot of other dumb stuff happened but they were just nails in the coffin. The coffin was Starrcade. I don’t even buy the “yeah but” concerning Sting being out of shape. Was Hogan in shape? Was ANY WCW champion since a young STING ever in shape? I wish Sting would have challenged Hogan to a lap around the building. It might have killed Hogan. I think I said that in the other 25 years thread. Heck not long after this the criteria for being champion was to be out of shape as Dean Malenko pointed out lol! So seriously, fuck Hogan. He ruined it. He ruined it all. It was the best build up to a match ever. Better than Hogan/Andre, better than Austin/HBK, and better than everything else. Hogan wussed out of doing business because he’s a chickenshit and a liar. And that’s really all there is to it.
  7. Cutliffe was old and it was time, but the truth is when you add it all up he deserves a statue at Duke. He had 2 more winning seasons in his career at Duke than Duke has had since football became America’s game. Go Seminoles. I’m happy our quarterback is coming back and I’d like to see us beat OU. The last OU game was my last childhood type CFB heartbreak.
  8. The best match Goldberg ever had was against Sid, not DDP or Jerry Lynn wtf. If Sid simply just came clean about a couple things in his shoots he would be liked by everybody.
  9. The game, along with basic human nature, benefits offenses in clutch situations. And it benefits offenses even more in double clutch situations. The most crap offense in the world can convert a 4th down in a clutch situation. At the end of a game, in a double clutch situation, they can convert a 4th down or score a touchdown. If they can’t a ref will do it for them. I think it’s human nature more than it is human intent. When that game is on the line they just always throw that flag for the poor offense trying for that poor touchdown. Also, the offense starts the play and the defense reacts to it. That gives the advantage to the offense, especially in clutch situations where human nature kicks in. You think to much, you try not to screw up, then if you try to cancel that out and make a play you screw up even bigger. And it’s worse now with the advantages defenses had before this era. That applies in comebacks to. Even if the comebacks don’t completely happen...who doesn’t smell them before the route is even over sometimes like when the Chiefs came back against the Texans? The dumpster fire Mariota Falcons were going to win that Bucs game earlier this year had the refs not robbed them.
  10. ROFL at the Watson hit. It looked like he was trying not to tackle him, which is always when a quarterback gets laid out.
  11. He’s who I hate most. He such a shitass that I would go as far as to say that the worst thing he ever did was something besides being a racist. He was worse that a racist piece of shit. He RUINED WCW and by extension the NWA, and just wrestling as we knew it. He had turning heel, which involved the work of alot of other people also, to thank for very long career resurrection. His thanks was pulling out of doing business the day he was supposed to. He’s never met halfway on any of it let alone came clean. I could hit him with a baseball bat in the head for that alone, without even getting into him being a racist or saying that God made Nick crash so that he could give the person he fucked all up what he deserved.
  12. I bet it was good. I think there are more than a few examples of rivals becoming good friends but theirs was the coolest.
  13. I probably won’t catch any football this weekend but it’s just as well. It’s sad seeing some of teams on the bubble fail and it will be mad to see the Bucs make the playoffs with a losing record and win a game. And even madder if Aaron Fraudgers weasels his way into it.
  14. What great spin here on an old, endless topic. It’s such a great spin because it’s not even a spin. One word - justify. It reminds me of that awesome Jim Cornette promo which was 1 of those billion post threads on the old board. My brain isn’t in overdrive gear right now so instead of coming up with a good write up here I’ll expand on Bret Hart. It needed doing anyway since the Bret Hart thread was locked. Bret Hart is 1 of my favorites because he sold everything. Huh lots of wrestlers sell everything...not really. Watch a Bret Hart wrist lock then a Ric Flair wrist lock. Ric Flair of course is a GOAT seller, but even he didn’t sell everything. Bret Hart did. If he did a wrist lock he grabbed that wrist as tight as he could every time and made a facial expression like he was straining to hold it. If he did a rest hold on the mat he wasn’t resting as easy as the other guy because he was first being sure to sell the hold. If it was that face/head lock down on 1 knee that they always used, he made sure there was no daylight between his arms and that guy’s head or face. That took effort, more than it looked like, especially when you were also trying to rest. Other wrestlers didn’t always do that. Some never did, including some who otherwise busted their asses out there.
  15. It’s best IMO. Hurts could Baker or RGIII himself real quick.
  16. Everybody seems to be flashing back to the 90s about that PI no call. I don’t just mean 1 person here. It’s all over the place. Does the guy with the most annoying voice in the world’s words have that much effect on people lol! The 90s is when they wouldn’t have called it, especially if it were consistent with the rest of the game. There have been more PIs called to extend drives/games on the last drives of primetime games in this era than ever before. Not been called all game? No big deal we’ll just call 3 in row inside the 10 or however many it was in the SB.
  17. I hate the Commanders to but next to Cris Collinsworth talking out of his ass? Go Commanders. They call that every time on GWDs. They call it when it’s not PI on most GWDs. Then that dummy talks like they don’t, and says he feels bad for the official. Now all of that aside, that whole sequence smelled funny. I know the penalty before was the correct call but he asked the ref first and the ref didn’t say anything. Then there was no protest by the WR. There wasn’t a protest after the PI either. That was really freaking weird unless...they didn’t GaF. Riverboat Ron is a good coach but he does have the effect on players. They get tired of his cowboy act and tune him out.
  18. Somebody just said ass on the CBS pregame and it was funny
  19. The Bills have always been compared to WWE. Here’s my take - they’re not WWE. They’re the freakin’ NWA. They’re Ric Flair. They don’t do to many squashes, they make the other team look almost to good sometimes but when the bell rings they’re the clear winner. Allen will fumble twice in a row then run for 40. The OC will call it to. I don’t know who looks dumber now, the people calling Allen a bust for 1 dumb play in the Texans game a few years ago or the people calling the Bills dumb because of their OC’s little meme moment in the other Dolphins game.
  20. Jim Harbaugh caught every shit break there is in the NFL. I can’t believe he isn’t a more famous coach tbh. Those are the guys that always become the best coaches. I know he’s a big name, but I thought he would have ended up with a team for 100 years or something. As for the Colts nothing else needs to be said. I feel sorry for Ryan. The team that drafted him was every bit as big of a dumpster fire at the time. Without him going nuts as a rookie they might not have ever recovered. Now that it’s near the end he does have an MVP, but I think his 3 memes that among the most embarrassing of them all overshadow it lol! The Vikings earned a win. Ftw. I don’t know why everybody likes kicking them when they’re down so much. Go ahead and predict a first round loss like the Saints fans did twice in a row as damage control. Then predict that the team with the best record will be the SB champion in the same breath like the Packers always were. We’ll just have to see. I wouldn’t bet on anything.
  21. And the Bucs are only in the way because of the worst roughing the passer call of all time. There has really only been that 1 time bail out for Brady this year, but even it was historic.
  22. Another amazing thing in this game was the Charger’s TD before halftime. Occasionally you can score a touchdown when the OL gets beat on every play, but only technically. Say they stop a run twice then give up a deep TD when the QB steps up on 3rd down and goes deep then that’s the case, or if there’s a busted play. Well the Charger’s OL got beat every single play on a long drive and still scored a TD. Even on 4th and 1 they got beat and they only scored because Ekeler got in on the second burst.
  23. The Bucs have quit. I’m surprised there wasn’t a fight on that fumble. The Bucs player tackled Ward, and when he slipped he grabbed his jersey on the way down so he couldn’t get the ball. I can’t believe Ward didn’t get in his face but the truth is it’s good that he didn’t. They need to end this and go home.
  24. I know why they started running Deebo last year but it was the dumbest dam crap to keep doing it, up the middle anyway. They have 2 good RBs and a good FB. I don’t think he’s ever hit a hole. He always does the twist. And now he got hurt doing it. Kyle Shanahan is 1 more screw up from being the new Mike Martz.
  25. Doug Pederson is a good coach who got Jimmy Johnson’d a little bit with the Eagles. He’s got the Jags right there with the Lions on the list of teams who aren’t that good but still wouldn’t want to fw right now.
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