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  1. I just heard it was on the network hot dang what a great addition.
  2. He said in the same interview that he probably would have chickened out. I’m rolling with that theory lol! Also I just heard Heyman and Bisch are back. You know, wrestling is all about building up people just so they can make dramatic returns 20 more times before they literally die.
  3. I didn’t like it at all. I don’t mind racism in works anymore than I do in movies, which are also works. If I did, the contrived, cheap execution of these promos would still be the worst part lol!
  4. Which promo thread does THIS belong in lol https://youtu.be/p8Vg5NL_eoQ
  5. Which Crockett Cup version do you have that’s 4 hours? If it’s the 1 with NBC footage added in I have that too.
  6. This is a Battletoads in 1 life level feat.
  7. Yet I have a feeling you got it!
  8. Best wrestling game ever IMO. I know it’s been topped but so has Black Sabbath. As for the few people who put No Mercy over it I just don’t get it.
  9. A redeeming quality that Dusty has that has for me is his similar nature to Barry Windham. He was freaking big dude who people didn’t notice was that big because of how good he wrestled.
  10. The Freebirds Flag paint was as synonymous with them as Sting’s neon, Road Warriors black combos etc. That pic of them with Buddy Roberts chomping his teeth is probably my favorite picture in wrestling history. Meanwhile Flag face stuff was as cheap as Jim Duggan and his flag tbh.
  11. The Confederate Flag made more than 1 appearance in every territory and WCW I’m pretty sure. I have a soft spot for such old timey heel stuff but the truth is it was your mama is fat level heat way before it disappeared for good. The Bushwackers go back pretty far even by wrestling standards where it feels like everybody wrestled since 1980. Trying to bring back the Sheephearders would have probably been a bigger misfire than times we’ve seen Jake Roberts, the Iron Shiek etc come back. This was a good idea for a topic. Tons of guys from eras gone by could have never been a face then. Now there is nothing they can do to get booed though. Abdullah the Butcher still makes cameos in Puerto Rico and gets cheered.
  12. Heck the WCW/NWO Revenge Roster alone is the GOAT roster. It came out when every wrestler happened to be in WCW even if for a short while. Like I think it every wrestler who ever worked for WCW besides Ric Flair and Abdullah the Butcher.
  13. I’m not as big a fan of the guy as most people were from the old board but I respect him. Him and Steamboat beating the Enforcers was my favorite match of his. Also I’m who put in the request for the Terry Funk thread in the old “Top 5 Matches You Need to See By” folder and enjoyed the heck out of that. I don’t remember if the Dustin match came up.
  14. They were 6 Man Champs and the other 2 were obviously in the Stampede. The Killer Kahn thing above has my attention. I’m not sure about the Clash question that was unanswered but I would bet the answer is yes for a few obvious reasons.
  15. There was a time and a place for that stuff at 1 time that’s for sure. And it might have even been doable then had everybody not hated the face they were all after. Also besides the Zodiac, that promo is a bunch of guys who at 1 time were heels that legit scared the s*** out of people.
  16. Which promo thread does this go in ? https://www.wwe.com/videos/kamala-shark-zodiac-and-meng-in-the-dungeon-of-doom-saturday-night-sept-9-1995
  17. Is there a comp somewhere of tag team partners wrestling each other 1 on 1? Like real tag teams whose matches against each other were rare, not Eddie vs Jericho wrestling each other and tagging week to week on throwaway WCW TV.
  18. This is a little late but I enjoyed the heck out of the WCCW doc by WWE and Kevin. They nailed alot of stuff they’d never touched before on that one and not just the Von Erichs.
  19. It was good ole WWC. That’s right Scott Steiner held Abby and Carlos’ ole belt. I think he was the last oldschool guy to wear it. His reign was short but I think he wrestled there for a couple of years. He jawed with those crazy fans, did goofy s*** while brawling, etc. I haven’t seen much of it either but it seemed like a bucket of hidden gems if you were a BPP fan.
  20. I’m trying to figure what regional TV show it was I used to watch every Sunday afternoon on Fox 31 out of Albany, Ga. It came on during an afternoon block of wrestling that included Worldwide and I want to say Mid-Atlantic. I could have swore there was a team called “The Masked Man Number 1” and The Masked Man Number 2.” I clearly remember them being called individually but never as “The Masked Men.” I’ve since found a few The Masked Executioners (NWF) matches on YouTube and the announcer referred to them individually and as a tag team. That sounds close I guess this was it.
  21. Any NWF historians around? I have a few questions.
  22. The actual point Flair was trying to make was right though wasn’t it? That Invader I had lost his daughter and Brody didn’t want to do business?
  23. Technically this doesn’t belong here because this isn’t how you cut a typical promo but I think it’s safe to just put anything here that qualifies as great which this is, especially anything that people might not have seen before. https://youtu.be/RLannrVWHao
  24. I bet this one has never been shared here because of the few other promos this guy cut that became famous for other reasons but this is hilarious yet legit like a Scott Steiner promo. I never thought I’d find a promo where this guy’s point was “I AM NORMAL” lol! ”Quit a hittin my leg!”
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