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  1. Great match to end a horrible year for the WWF. Bret probably had the best stretch of matches that any transitional champion had from Survivor Series 95-WM 12.
  2. I've seen this image a few times, but last night it popped into my head and I couldn't help but fantasy book. What if Razor and Diesel leave the WWF like it happened in 96 but never show up on Nitro? From May-June 96, they do interviews saying they've signed with WCW; they have negotiations in real life with Bischoff who think they're a shoe-in, but in reality they've resigned with Vince. The night after KOTR, Razor and Diesel come through the crowd and show up on RAW. They cut a promo saying they're going by their real names now and they're taking over starting with the top. HBK cuts a promo the next week saying he's the #1 man in the company and if they want to take over they have to go through him. He say's he's beaten them before and he'll do it again. Week 3 Raw, Hall and Nash challenge HBK to a 3 on 3 tag match at the next "In Your House: Takeover." They say they have a third man and the takeover starts at In Your House. Week 4, HBK accepts and has Ahmed Johnson and Ultimate Warrior as his partners. At the start of the IYH ppv, HBK is found knocked out in the parking lot. The main event turns into a traditional tag match. Towards the end of the match, there's a ref bump, Warrior's making a comeback on Hall and Nash and HBK arrives cheering on the Warrior. Warrior lifts Hall up for the press slam and SUPERKICK! They cut a promo similar to the end of BATB 96, and instead of the NWO or DX, it's simply the Kilq (HHH and Waltman join later). Austin is still on his rise and plays the DDP role with Hall and Nash trying to recruit him but he stuns them... DTA. Bret makes his comeback at Survivor Series 96 as the surprise member of team WWF vs the Kliq. He taps out HBK in the sharpshooter ending Survivor Series which leads to their rematch at the next IYH. The Kliq interfere like crazy and HBK retains. Bret becomes irate and is able to convince Owen and Bulldog to join him in his fight against the Kliq (Anvil and Pillman join later). WWF in 1997 is set with the Kliq vs Hart Foundation, Austin vs everybody and Undertaker will find a way to work himself into the equation. Okay, I got that out of my system. *wipes forehead*
  3. I'd love to see an old man Tajiri just randomly misting people without any emotion
  4. I don’t know if Flair and Rude’s egos would’ve allowed them to coexist. Rude left the WWF with a chip on his shoulder because he felt he was misused so I don’t see him playing second fiddle to Flair. Maybe we get a Dangerous Alliance (Rude, Eaton, Zbyszko, Austin) vs a babyface Horesmen (Flair, Arn, Pillman, Tully?)
  5. My country would be in a better place if we had this kind of understanding.
  6. “This is my fourth junior prom, how bout you big guy?”
  7. Looks like Hogan was the right man at the right place at the right time.
  8. I'm with you, I don't think Vince would've tried to go national without Hogan. Someone brought up Kerry Von Erich and I think that would be a great option BUT I'm not sure his father would have him leave the territory right as WCCW is about to reach their peak. What is Verne smartened up and actually gave Hogan the title? Hulkamania runs wild in 84 in the AWA. Heenan stays with his stable of guys and Bockwinkel can take a young Curt Hennig under his wing and teach him how to be a true heel champion. Mean Gene and Lord Alfred Hayes stays. The Road Warriors come into the AWA around that same period of time. The wrestling landscape would be totally different.
  9. Hmmmmm I never thought of Lawler as a possible option. He’s a great worker and even better talker but I’m not sure if Vince would’ve went with him based on his size. If he was 6-8 inches taller, he probably would’ve been main eventing there years earlier.
  10. What if Hogan stays with the AWA in 83. Who does Vince choose to become his “guy” as he starts his venture to wrestling domination? Does he go with Snuka who was his #1 guy at the time but might be facing murder charges? Does he go with Slaughter as the American hero? Does he go with Andre as the unbeatable champ? Or does he bring someone else in?
  11. Dr. Death was practicing social distancing before it was a thing!
  12. After a shitty day, shitty week and shitty year, AEW did it's job and was able to deliver entertainment that took your mind off everything that's happening. I was on the fence about ordering earlier in the week but I'm so damn glad I did. The undercard was a mixed bag, but the main event more than made up for it. The Stadium Stampede was worth the price alone! So many hilarious one liners and just pure entertainment. Challenging the refs two-count and doing a replay review, the bar fight, the referee running trying to keep up with the golf cart, the pool scene, jumping off the goalpost, Sammy being woken up by the water hose and the f*cking HORSE! They didn't try to be serious like Edge-Orton with slow plodding, heavy breathing work. If this was a Wargames match like it was originally scheduled back in March, then I'm sure it would've been more "blood and guts." But they went out and entertained us and gave the audience exactly what we needed right now. Kudos to all involved!
  13. I feel you man. I just dropped the network this month and I had it since day one. They have so many great assets yet still give us a subpar product. I'm tired of getting my hopes up with them. I used to keep the network for NXT but even now with NXT on USA, I stopped watching. AEW is my go-to for now unless something miraculous changes.
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