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  1. Isn‘t it consensus that David Robinson was not a winner? Dennis Rodman said as much in his first book and Hakeem showed the whole world. Both of these occurences happening before Timmy even arrived. KG on the other hand got dealt the worst card with Minnesota‘s management. I would not put the blame on him.
  2. This is gonna blow up worse than 03-04 and whatever year Dwight happened was.
  3. I admit to be biased towards the players of my youth, it‘s just that the game today is so different to 30 years ago. Harden is king of today‘s game and his massively inflated numbers attest to that. Is he an all-time great player? Of course he his. Is he transcendend like a Hakeem? In my opinion no and it shouldn‘t be a discussion before he at least equals Hakeem in merit.
  4. ??? Harden as of right now is not even top 5 all time in his position. You could make an arguement for Hakeem to be Top3 all time center. Plus 2 chips.
  5. They should‘ve just quit while they were ahead. In 1991.
  6. Because as long as Vince is ballin we still young and it‘s going to be 2000 forever. Dude will manage to play against somebody who was not even born yet when he won the dunk contest
  7. Holy shit. I‘m Team Greek Freak for MVP, but stuff like this not getting called just leaves me speechless.
  8. Storywise it jumped the shark a looong time ago and only remains watchable due to Spader.
  9. If you think trans-people are anywhere near the social acceptance of e.g. gay people, to the point were Ronda's statements could possibly hurt her mainstream appeal, you're living in a twitter bubble. Same goes for a MMA woman roughing up her equally trained husband. Double standard, no one cares.
  10. Passing GOAT on the all-time scoring list while his team is losing a must-win is Bron in a nutshell.
  11. What's the matter with Lebron? Is he really hurt or trying to avoid the blame for Laker suckiness?
  12. Ratings are down because TV is dead to one of the main demographics. A boom akin to the Monday Night Wars/Attitude era will never happen again, because there is no more mainstream. Same with all other media. There will be no millenial equivalent to the collective memories of us 60s/70s/80s kids, everything is to fragmented now.
  13. Here I was thinking "damn, Shamrock looks old". Then I realized 97 was 21 years ago and now I feel old...
  14. I did read it and it's all a whole lot of he said/she said but Wayans just rubs me the wrong way, add to that the info from RIPPA's post and I tend to side with Crawford.
  15. Good riddance. Should have just canceled it. Wonder who Wayans has intel on, since he already got Clayne Crawford ousted, who was carrying the whole show.
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