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  1. We don’t know the plan going forward. Hangman could still get a shot at All Out for all we know, be it a battle royal or through intriguing storytelling. Maybe he gets the shot at Grand Slam in front of a huge crowd. Or at Full Gear/ Revolution. I’m with everyone in that I really hope it is Hangman that dethrones Kenny. Maybe it is too soon or just right. Im clearly rambling and not adding anything to the discussion. Personally, AEW has built up enough good will that I trust I’m going to have fun with whatever is in the future. At least regarding Hangman, that is. If this was a Cody feud I’d be worried. I was getting tired of MJF vs Jericho, but the current storyline has me interested again. I rolled my eyes at some of the Elite shenanigans of the Young Bucks possibly joining, but right now I’m enjoying the group more than I was before.
  2. I’m interested in the Hangman loss. I was so sure he was winning, but he doesn’t look weak being the last on his team taking on Omega and The Young Bucks. Add on top he lost due to his leg being grabbed by Nick the same way he screwed the Bucks vs FTR way back when. I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a single wrestler’s arc towards their moment in a long time. We’ll see what happens going forward and how everything plays out.
  3. I woke up mid nap with a new one. European Dragon, Br-EYE-an Danielson. Thank you. I’ll see myself out.
  4. “I remember that man. I’ve wrestled him before...PCO. But he’s looking different. That twinkle in his eye and the baguette in his hand. Wait...that’s not PCO. It’s FRENCH-CO!!!”
  5. Malakai Black and his evil step brother Malakai Shaq take on Cody and Brandi.
  6. It’s a BOY! Jasmyne and I did a gender reveal and got blue confetti. Can’t wait for him to come in November!
  7. I really enjoyed this segment. I know there’s the talk of Kenny’s promos and I agreed when he was a face he could be very awkward. But I’m really liking Heel Omega and the new facial hair is a plus.
  8. The Shrine. With the new purchases (they accidentally put out Mirror in stock so I got it a week early) I’m at 200 Criterions.
  9. I could take Miro and Wardlow. Shoot on them real good.
  10. I for one like the way this thread has gone. Wrestling discussion should revolve more around beating up nerds.
  11. I thought Sydal and Martin’s tights, especially as opposites, were fantastic and it made for an exciting watch.
  12. Aja Kong & Bull Nakano vs Akira Hokuto & Shinobu Kandori
  13. Haven’t seen this posted. Looks like as restrictions are listed we’ll start seeing more excursions again.
  14. That Xavier promo was great. I stumbled on it and by golly, I’m back in. Raw me up, boys! Gonna have to get caught back up.
  15. Back in my day we called that playing Walker: Texas Ranger.
  16. Very small sample size: all my wife’s nephews love Romain Reigns. I think the video games help. Last time I saw them wrestling got brought up and it was talked about by social media clips and how they could destroy me in the games. This was a while ago but they actually knew the storylines and things like that. I’m not sure if they actually watch the episodes, but WWE does a great job posting all the important clips on Facebook and YouTube. It’s very easy for a kid to follow along and ask their mom to buy them a New Day shirt. My friends little brother loves Shane McMahon. Haha.
  17. Interesting point! I have a feeling the biggest part of that nostalgia was experiencing all that zaniness for the first time as a kid. Who in 20 years will the kids that are just getting their first wrestling action figures remember as their favorites? Maybe the New Day? Sasha Banks? Roman Reigns? Especially as we enter a post/less Cena world.
  18. My first figures! They brought me so much joy and then growing up I continued to collect them. A few of them were chewed up by the dogs but I still would battle with them. My first two, I don’t remember the occasion or even if there was one. But it was Farooq and Vader. The day I got them, I probably spent hours of them just beating the hell out of each other. I remember they started on one side of the room near the treadmill and bashed their way all the way to on top of the speakers. I’m pretty sure Farooq threw Vader off for the win, but history is disputed. My next two were Big Boss Man and All Snow. Snow was no match for Bossman’s one handed press slam. But you just couldn’t put down Al. That Christmas was all wrestling toys (and clothes, yuck!). Andre the Giant, Mankind, Kane, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, and possibly X-Pac and a few others. I had a roster and they were all going to murder each other. I could be way off on the order of which came first, but that’s how I remember my childhood glee.
  19. My earliest wrestling memories is loving Ken Shamrock. I would run off the diving board pretending to be him. Whatever that means, I did it. I also loved Mankind and the Rock. The Rock was basically Jim Carey with how crazy his eyebrows were and Mic Foley wore a sock on his hands.
  20. Fun question while I make Hamburger Helper: Who were your favorite wrestlers as a kid? The people that got you all into wrestling.
  21. Commenting on three paragraphs in response to one paragraph of a four paragraph post about a twenty-one second clip? Oh dear lord, we’re going down the rabbit hole. —- In regards to that clip: I did a fist pump type move when I saw it. I also enjoy overly worded breakdowns of things I enjoy, even when I don’t agree with the author. Not always in the mood for it, so I can understand someone rolling their eyes. But hey, nerd breakdowns (meant as a compliment) can be riveting. I’m also drinking Miller Highlife and eating Chex Mix while watching someone play Subnautica 2 on YouTube while still confused about the purpose of the game, so maybe my opinion on enjoyable things is suspect.
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