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  1. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Undefeated since Niko returned from his face being punched to death!

    I watched that a few months ago, not knowing the story, and it's still sticking with me. The last fourty minutes or so are completely emotionally draining.

    I was hoping it was going to be good based on Fassbender rarely disappointing, but I already forgot about that stinky Assassin's Creed movie that came out last year.

    And in the tv adaptation of About a Boy "tumbleweed flies by"

    I'm pretty excited for a lineup that has current Wade, Rose, Love, and Thomas on the floor at the same time for the defensive intensity they would provide.

    For Von Trier, his miniseries The Kingdom is worth a look. It's not as miserable as most of his films and has dark comedy mixed with the horror atmosphere. I'm a fan of Von Trier, although his movies are usually one timers.
  7. Twin Peaks

    I think Forester's a much better actor than Ontkean, but Ontkean's presence was certainly missing the most out of the castmembers that weren't on The Return. Forester just seemed out of place at times and it's weird because I figured his type of nice guy presence would fit in well. I tend to prefer Lynch's style to Frost's, so I ate this entire series up even if I had a couple problems. Finale definitely was meandering at times although I liked it far more the second time I watched it. I didn't like Audrey's storyline at all and some of the repeated comedic bits like Jerry Horne being lost in the woods or Dr. Amp fell flat the more they showed them. I still loved most of this series and will rewatch it again and again. One thing that will probably get lost in how polarizing this show has been is how good Kyle McLaughlin was at essentially playing four different characters (Dale, Mr. C, Dougie Jones, and the weird mix of all of them in the last episode). I'm hoping at least for an emmy nomination, but I think the tepid response to the finale probably will lead to his work getting passed over.
  8. Twin Peaks

    Yeah, Michael Ontkean was asked but turned it down and has been retired from acting since 2009. That's not really on Lynch or Frost.
  9. Twin Peaks

    It felt like both the Good Dale and Evil Dale mixed into one person. Two birds one stone I guess.
  10. Twin Peaks

    I'm gonna miss surly cheeto and Wendy's loving hillbilly Jennifer Jason Leigh. I'm in utter shock at how funny Jim Belushi is here. I've liked him in supporting roles but usually in dramas like Thief, Salvador, or The Ghost Writer. When he's doing comedic work he's godawful, but his reactions and facial expressions here are hilarious. Robert Knepper also deserves kudos. The Mitchum Brothers might be my favorite of the new characters.
  11. Twin Peaks

    You all should be very pleased.
  12. Twin Peaks

    Those Loglady scenes were heartbreaking. I may have had something in my eye multiple times.
  13. Twin Peaks

    I remember a scene at the doctor's where Janey-E was saying that Dougie had a stroke or something which was before the Coop bodyswap. I imagine Bud Bushnell and his coworkers know that and are treating him accordingly. I think it's a weirdly sweet aspect in such a dark show. As great as the original series is, I probably have it fourth or fifth in my overall David Lynch rankings. I'd go Mulholland Drive, Fire Walk With Me, Lost Highway, Eraserhead, then the original series. I was more excited to see new David Lynch material then to see Coop farting around or whatever. So, maybe that's why I'm loving this season so much. I've really enjoyed some of the expanded mythos given to the lodges and the supernatural parts as well. That aspect has always been more intriguing to me than the wacky hijinks of the townspeople.
  14. I'll give a roll tide to that.
  15. I loved the Tony podcast early on, but I agree that Conrad's shitty comedy is starting to get unbearable. He's forced that Barbarian jerking Tommy Young off joke into the show ten times already and I'm not an hour through the Hog Wild episode. I'm ready for them to get back to 80's/early 90's Crockett/WCW as I think this is the third or fourth Nitro era show in a row. I'm almost ready to tap out on this one like I did for Something To Wrestle With. I might start up the Lance Storm/Don Callis podcast soon.