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  1. I've been doing a deep dive the last few months Definitely making my top 25/50: The Devils (Maybe top 10, this absolutely blew my mind. The performances from Reed/Redgrave are out of this world and it has so many images and scenes that will be burned in my mind forever.) Ghostwatch (Might be the best found footage movie I've ever seen. They pulled this off perfectly and it's the first movie I've seen in a while that actually scared me.) Making the top 100: All Of The Colors Of The Dark (Would make a great double feature with The Devil. Absolutely batty at times with an awesome soundtrack and uneasy atmosphere. Great acting for a Giallo as well and does a great job at taking the genre in a different direction while hitting similar notes.) The Innocents (It took me a second to get used to the super theatrical acting, but what a great ghost story. Very envelope pushing at times and the acting all across the board is great.) Tourist Trap (Was expecting a cheesefest, but got a really unsettling movie with a great performance from Chuck Connors. Another one that actually scared me.) Might have a shot after I reevaluate my list: Razorback (Another one where I was expecting something corny, but got a fantastic balls to the wall mean monster movie. Great visuals here as the desolate Australian Outback leads to some striking images. Would probably make for a great triple feature with The Hitcher and Near Dark. I think the aesthetic of all three are similar.) Lisa And The Devil (Another great occult movie with a show stealing performance from Telly Savalas and some memorable scenes. Hilariously convoluted at times, but incredibly entertaining. I want to watch it again.) The Living And The Dead (Probably more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie, but deeply disturbing and well acte.d) The Day Of The Beast (Entertaining horror comedy with some fantastic characters.) Calvaire (I felt really gross after seeing this one and it goes in the one time is enough pile, but very well acted and will stick with me for a long time.) The Witch Who Came From The Sea (Completely different from what I expected from the title. Unsettling and off putting 70's chiller.) Watched and liked but not enough to make the list: The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Legend Of Hell House, Long Weekend, Deranged, The Addiction, Baby Blood, Dark Water (02), In My Skin, 28 Weeks Later, We Are What We Are (2010), Wake Wood, Banshee Chapter, God Told Me To, It's Alive (74), Rabid, Cold Prey Didn't care for/trash: Pougkeepsie Tapes (Avoid at all costs), Splinter, Kolobos (Terrible but entertaining Argento ripoff with the most late 90's dialogue), Wendigo, Open Water, Grim Prarie Tales, House on Sorority Row, Baxter, Frightmare, Torso
  2. I think Frost took the night off on this one. That episode might have been stranger than Eraserhead and I loved it.
  3. Four of my favorite Bulls from the last ten years or so in Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, and Luol Deng have been traded for Kris Dunn, a player ESPN projected to be the next Channing Frye, Zach LaVine coming off a torn ACL, Robin Lopez (Who has been solid, but I figure will be traded soon), Jose Calderon which turned into a second rounder, Jerian Grant, Joffrey Lauvergne, Anthony Morrow, Cameron Payne, an Andrew Bynum salary dump, and a draft pick that was thought to be hopefully top ten which turned into a potential nba caliber second rounder which finally turned into 3.5 million dollars. Gar Forman and John Paxson have been deadlocked with the Kings and Knicks for worst front office in the NBA, but including the 16th pick in this Butler trade cements them as the worst for me. They can make these stupid deals without including picks. The same thing happened with giving up a 2nd rounder with Doug/Taj for OKC garbage. The Bell trade feels like trolling the fans. Bulls needed athletic defensive minded players and Bell fit that quota.
  4. That was the only thing I thought it was. I don't think Joan Chen is listed in the cast, but it would be a nice easter egg if it's referenced somehow.
  5. Fuck Chad
  6. The comedy here is working for me more than some of the goofier scenes in the original series. Dougie is way funnier than the Andy/Lucie/Little Nicky or Nadine storylines. Kyle Maclachlin is killing it in all three of his performances. Dr. Jacoby being the Alex Jones of Twin Peaks peddling "golden" shit digging shovels was an amazing development to that plot line. Of course Nadine and Jerry Horne would be watching that. The Amanda Seyfried car scene was extremely well shot. Just when I thought I was figuring out 75% of the main storyline, they added the Argentina twist to it. I'm loving all of this so far.
  7. I don't either, although they are eligible as IMDB lists them as horror. I'll be creeped out by anyone giving votes out to August Underground's Mordum. Just knowing that movie exists makes me feel gross. I think only Flowers of Flesh and Blood and Devil's Experiment are snuff from the Guinea Pig movies. I still will not be watching anything from the series regardless.
  8. I put In A Glass Cage with Salo, Nekromantik, and Man Behind The Sun in the category of too much for me to watch. And then there's the pretend snuff movies like August Underground or Guinea Pig series I feel like I'll end up on a list if I watch. I think the highest I can go with the disturbing movies is Angst, Martyrs, or Henry.
  9. Movie

    And Kevin Michael Richardson's incredible voice acting on selling that ball shot. GARHHHHHHHHH
  10. Movie

    I think the highway scene holds up really well and is a fantastic fifteen minute action sequence. Rest of Reloaded is garbage though. The first MK is still a fun shitty movie. Linden Ashby is a great Johnny Cage, Lambert is hilarious both intentionally and unintentionally, and Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa's Shang Tsung is honestly on par with Raul Julia's awesome Bison for me. He destroys the scenery and owns every scene he's in. MK: Annihilation is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  11. I remember him taking Aaron Brooks into the post four or five times in a row during the 2015 Bulls/Bucks series and scoring every time. If he's looking to score and the opportunity is there against Isaiah he should take it, but he doesn't seem to have a high basketball IQ so he might just drive again. If Grant and MCW both stink, they are probably going to go with Jimmy as the main ball handler and close with Jimmy, Wade, Zipser, RoLo, and whichever one of Niko/Portis is playing better.
  12. If the game trajectory of a young guy playing out of his mind continues, Jerian Grant should have a good game. Hopefully Fred tells Michael Carter-Williams to just post up IT every time he's in the game instead of whatever MCW was doing in game 2.
  13. Where do we stand on what David Lynch films count as horror? I'd say Eraserhead and Lost Highway count. Though most of his other movies are borderline horror as well.
  14. He should retire at this point.
  15. TV

    I'd probably go with Mac as best person. He's just an asshole, but he hasn't been directly responsible for ruining anyone's life like Dee with Cricket or Charlie with The Waitress. And, after the PTSDee episode that aired a few weeks ago, I'd say Dee is just as worse as Dennis if not more.