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  1. I remember him taking Aaron Brooks into the post four or five times in a row during the 2015 Bulls/Bucks series and scoring every time. If he's looking to score and the opportunity is there against Isaiah he should take it, but he doesn't seem to have a high basketball IQ so he might just drive again. If Grant and MCW both stink, they are probably going to go with Jimmy as the main ball handler and close with Jimmy, Wade, Zipser, RoLo, and whichever one of Niko/Portis is playing better.
  2. If the game trajectory of a young guy playing out of his mind continues, Jerian Grant should have a good game. Hopefully Fred tells Michael Carter-Williams to just post up IT every time he's in the game instead of whatever MCW was doing in game 2.
  3. Where do we stand on what David Lynch films count as horror? I'd say Eraserhead and Lost Highway count. Though most of his other movies are borderline horror as well.
  4. He should retire at this point.
  5. TV

    I'd probably go with Mac as best person. He's just an asshole, but he hasn't been directly responsible for ruining anyone's life like Dee with Cricket or Charlie with The Waitress. And, after the PTSDee episode that aired a few weeks ago, I'd say Dee is just as worse as Dennis if not more.
  6. Looking at his stats this season, I regret that post. He might be a better fit than Rondo with Wade/Jimmy but that's probably it. I'd still be fine if they go after Terrence Jones. But, I figure he'll have plenty of suitors.
  7. Payne makes it four PG's that can't shoot and is coming off injury, Morrow is a good shooter that is shooting 29% from 3 for the season, and even if Lauvergne turns out to be solid he's a FA the coming offseason. They traded Taj and Doug (Who I was ready to part with but is a rotation player) for nothing essentially. And the front office is going nowhere. I don't know why I watch anymore. That was more a tank move than a rebuild move but it failed on both accounts. Maybe, there's a chance they push for Terrence Jones or Deron Williams since they were waved but I doubt it.
  8. TV

    It might just be the die hard Sunny fan in me, but I always felt Kaitlin Olson was just as funny if not funnier than a lot of her contemporaries like Fey, Wiig, Poehler, Silverman, etc and one of the more underrated women in comedy. So, I love that she's finally getting a ton of success. The Mick has been a surprise as the ads weren/t but I've really enjoyed it. The first few episodes were basically Dee: The Show, but they've given her character more heart and pathos while still having an edge in the last few episodes. Mick also isn't as desperate and self conscious as Dee and doesn't care what people think. She's kind of more like Frank in that regard.