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  1. Sarah probably will get punished for your first sentence, so I bet no one hears from her for another two or three months.
  2. Wait Twin Peaks is dead? I thought it isn't officially and Lynch pops up every couple of months to say Season 4 might happen. Showtime would definitely agree to it if Lynch wants to do it, whenever that is. edit: wait I read that wrong. But, the only show revival I liked was Twin Peaks: The Return anyways.
  3. The thing that is amusing/horrifying is that this is the third WM in a row they have zero plans for Braun. I agree that it seems like he's completely screwed as a top act. He's basically Ryback when he was teaming with Curtis Axel now. I think Wrestlemania and The Royal Rumble should be two night events, but they'd still find a way to make each night's show 6 hours long.
  4. He still really tries in Tarantino movies. Django and Hateful Eight were a nice reminder of how amazing of a screen presence and a talent he can be when he tries.
  5. They both are making me want Charlotte to win at Wrestlemania.
  6. Yeah, they did something similar with Crocodile Dundee last year that had people thinking they were making a sequel.
  7. I thought that was strange too. Emma Stone seemed like the lead and Colman was out of the picture for some of the movie and felt more like a supporting. All three performances were terrific, so I don't mind.
  8. To be fair, Paxson said that about Hoiberg before this season. GarPax should've been gone years ago, but will never go because Jerry Reinsdorf is too loyal/lazy to get rid of them. Paxson has been in Chicago for 16 seasons and only has one Eastern Conference Finals to show for it. I could see them having a civil war down the line leading to Forman getting fired, but Paxson seems here for life.
  9. Am I ignorant for just liking that episode of Always Sunny rather than being blown away by it? I appreciated it as an artistic statement, but it's just not what I want out of the show. Sunny has done emotional moments that I loved before like Dee in the wheelchair with the baby, but I just couldn't take Mac's sudden character awakening seriously when he was beating up kids and choking women a couple of episodes earlier. It reminded me of the musical episode from last season as it delivered a powerful message and I understand people digging it, but the episodes I tend to love have all five characters interacting and getting funny moments to shine rather than just one or two characters. The Times Up and Gang Gets New Wheels did that the best and they were my two favorite episodes of the season.
  10. I liked it more than the Charlie Home Alone episode, but it was still a bit of a letdown considering how excited I was for the Super Bowl episode and how much the cast talked about it in the interviews before the season. I enjoyed The Waitress being obnoxious and Dee as Mr. Magoo though. Pondy, and Uncle Jack were pretty underused.
  11. I mean it was just him reciting lines and moments from Home Alone ala a Family Guy cutaway gag or something. I'm still excited for the final two episodes, this one just did nothing for me. If you are gonna rely on physical comedy and hurting yourself for a whole episode, Dee's funnier at it than Charlie.
  12. I thought it was one of the worst episodes they've done. The first half was just Home Alone scene for scene without any funny twist to it and the second half was just Charlie hurting himself. I barely laughed. I'm excited for the second part with Dee, Frank, Mac, and the degenerates though.
  13. Dee's Elaine is getting slept on. She nailed the JLD mannerisms. That whole segment was great. I hope they filmed more and release it or something. As for the sitcom debate, I have to go with Curb overall with Seinfeld and Always Sunny right behind it. I was rewatching the entire series recently and aside from feeling a little stale in Season 5, it's been borderline perfect for me. Even after the staleness in 5, they added Leon in season 6 which gave the show a whole new energy.
  14. I'm not gonna go that far, because I think Seasons 2 through 5 are some of the best seasons of a sitcom I've ever seen. But, it's off to the best start for a Sunny season since maybe Season 9 or 10. I didn't really like the first episode that much, the second one was good but the guys stuff kind of dragged for me, and I really liked the Boggs reboot. The last two episodes are classics though.
  15. Always Sunny just had their best episode in years. I'd say this was a classic and every character was on fire in it. This season's off to a better start than 11 or 12 so far.
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