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  1. I think EC3 could possibly be a big deal, but he might be too muscular for his old TNA gimmick maybe. I think he'd be great as a Sting/Warrior fired up muscle guy. Drake kind of surprised me although I can't remember the last time he's been on Raw. I think AEW should scoop him up because he's a fantastic personality and they seem to be doing a great job with managers.
  2. Fans will probably turn on Gronk quick. Guy comes off more like a natural heel than face. He reminds me of Miz who they also had start off as a face.
  3. Shayna's real fight credentials also aren't as impressive as Brock or Ronda so it's harder to buy her as this unstoppable force. 15-11 is obviously better than I would do with a mma career, but it's not a great record. Shayna would be way better in a more minor role as someone's muscle than as a main event killer.
  4. New Day are more likable, maybe? The few times I've watched Raw in the last year, I've been more impressed by Dawkins in their sketches. Montez needs to dial it down. Dawkins is a decent straight man.
  5. He punted Vince and Shane and has given Steph a RKO and DDT, but I don't think Linda ever took a RKO or punt from Orton. I think the last bump Linda took was her infamous Stone Cold Stunner bump.
  6. I totally agree and I find the movie better and better on each viewing and one of the best films of 2019. There's a ton of depth and so many fun performances. The weird Tarantino feet stuff is basically expected to whoever his female lead is at this point, but I thought it hurt some of Robie's performance. The scene where Sharon went to the theater to watch a movie she starred in was fantastic and poignant and sweet. Then you realize her dirty feet are framed at the center and are the focus of the scene and it takes a weird turn. Most of the Sharon Tate scenes are like that. I think Robie does good with the material, but Tarantino needs to either just find a different way to harness his foot fetish for his blonde female leads or just stop including it in scenes that are important and character building.
  7. I stick by thinking De Niro had to play that part in The Irishman because the third act would lack the power if Bobby Cannavale was in old man makeup. The last thirty minutes really needed De Niro and Pesci and felt like a culmination of all their crime roles. Also too much focus is put on that five second scene where De Niro weakly kicks the guy. It's silly, but I forgot about it as the movie progressed and it kind of fit the way he played Frank. Frank was kind of a loser not a bad ass so he shouldn't look cool beating someone down. Pacino could be divisive but I found him incredibly entertaining and he nailed some of the small character beats when he had to. There's one scene with him I thought was incredibly tense and amazingly acted. I guess I'm biased cause I thought it was a near perfect movie and the perfect blending of Marty's two sides with the crime epics mixing with the ultra serious mood pieces like Silence.
  8. The network has fell off big for me since 2016/17 or so. The random 70's and 80's horror used to be so much fun. I remember seeing stuff like Contamination and Rats: Night of Terror which was a trip seeing on tv. But aside from the kung fu there really isn't much right now.
  9. I liked this way more than Wolf of Wall Street which I thought felt way longer despite being shorter, but Silence is pretty close and one of the most underrated movies this decade. The Irishman is pretty similar thematically to Silence in a way as well. I guess the last hour or so of the Irishman hit me harder than everyone else here. The last shot especially hasn't left my mind since I saw it.
  10. Irishman was the movie of the year so far. Totally disagree with the Scorcese paint by numbers comment. The last hour or so was some of his most mature and emotional work. I love that this was the yang to Goodfellas and Casino. There's nothing glamorous or extravagant about the mob life shown in The Irishman. It paints it as a cold desolate life. Pacino, Pesci, and De Niro were all amazing. Pacino had the showy part, but nailed Hoffa's swagger and confidence. It was so much fun to watch Al having fun. Pesci was unlike anything he's done in his career. A very amazing understated and haunting performance. De Niro is still amazing at acting with eyes and the little nuances. It was his best work since Heat and Pacino's best since The Insider. The runtime didn't bother me at all since I thought something seemed to always be going on and I was engaged for the 3 and a half hours. I loved it.
  11. He said that Jesse is done with killing after Todd. I understand it was six years ago when he said it but if you are gonna bring Jesse, who has always been internally tortured by death and killing, to that level then he should've wrote a better antagonist worthy of that moment. spoilers for El Camino The Welder guys were so weakly done and seemed like a waste of an important character moment for Jesse. The weird Mexican standoff with the guy from The Mick and The Righteous Gemstones felt like a moment just designed to be cool and went against the Jesse in the first half of the movie even. I'm fine with having Jesse kill again, I just thought The Welder and other guy were pretty awful antagonists that felt like a last minute add on. The Jesse PTSD stuff in the first half though was excellently written and acted on the other hand. I think the first 40 minutes with the Jesse/Skinny Pete/Badger scenes and Jesse/Todd flashback scenes were easily the best part and the rest was kind of lacking for me.
  12. I'll go a step further and say that I've recently rewatched Breaking Bad and I didn't like this. Aaron Paul is terrific, but it's just way too long and overall unnecessary. I really liked the final image we got of Jesse in the show though. I thought the new adversaries, if you can even call them that, were pretty awful and the handling of Jesse's character in the third act didn't really sit right with me. It contradicted something Gilligan said in the commentary for the finale regarding Jesse. It's not completely bad and there are some good moments sprinkled throughout, but skip this and watch or rewatch Better Call Saul instead.
  13. Rollins in tag team workrate matches ala The Shield and his 2017 team with Ambrose is fine. Keep him far far far far far away from the Main Event.
  14. Why attack Chris Gethard of all comedians? He's supposedly a class act and incredibly nice. There wasn't even anything comedic in the podcast clips. It was just two racist guys having a terrible conversation together and making jokes and observations that were tired 20 years ago.
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