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  1. So King in Black and now this....
  2. Kento vows to clean up the Akiyama leaving shock. He said as as long as AJP exists the Royal Road will always exist system wise.
  3. Eh in all seriousness he will just do movies and maybe one offs at Wrestlemanias.
  4. Think I will buy Monster Rancher 2 and play it on my ps3.
  5. Cena should jump to NJPW and teach Master Wato the Lightning Fist. Or maybe go to DDT or NOAH instead, that would be cool. He could face Jun or Muto. Or to CMLL as Juan Cena.
  6. Drew vs Dolph in a tlc match listed in one advertisement.
  7. Giulia attacked Tam in a bikini shoot.
  8. Jun to participate in the Aoki memorial show, Onita wants to as well.
  9. Cutie Suzuki, Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars, 1991. Several other Joshi appear too.
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