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    Tna only really made some money from 2007 to 2009 as Dixie said.
  2. I remember that Daichi was liked by NJPW higher ups, but certain guys (native wrestlers)in the back didn't want him there for what he represents. If he ever will sign with NJPW, he would be doing what Shibata's role was.
  3. D.Z

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    For the All Stars event https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/prores/mens_prores/1157950/ They mentioned Tanahashi (he grew up watching AJPW) and Omega, Jun and the flow of Baba, Noah's connection and Marufuji being Baba's last disciple. More stuff with Bjw links. Mutoh and Onita etc. It's very much Baba themed as I said and less Inoki. Hopefully they use a AJPW similar ring for this event.
  4. Whatever young lion groomed into real star over the years next. In the meantime Okada for the next 7 to ten years. For the top Ace position and multiple title runs with IWGP. Of course Tana, Omega, maybe Jay White and Naito( one more run) on top as well. Gaijin always get to bypass that, Norton for example. Or special cases like Tenryu winning the IWGP hw but that didn't last long either. Or inter-promotional guys.
  5. Exception to the rule. They will use Sanada the same way as Gotoh, Ishii, Kota, Evil.