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  1. WCW Nitro Sting and Ultimate Warrior vs Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan
  2. The Site is up, https://njpwism.com/. You gonna have to go downwards on the site to scroll by and let something translate it.
  3. AJPW: Purple Haze doesn't really exist anymore. Enfants Terribles is just a one man band. So 4 units plus AJPW home Army.
  4. Naito confessed his salary is reduced by 24 percent. He has no feelings about the IWGP World HW and just wants to face Okada who is the "Strongest". He wants to main event Tokyo Dome next year and win the IWGP World belt for himself. He said something about Rossy Ogawa of Stardom, but I didn't make it out. TigerMask 4 mask was red because of burning fighting spirit which is different from fighting spirit. Which is from Mr.Inoki.
  5. WWE does not plan to grant Ali's release. Ali hasn't been on TV since Nov, and Nick Khan or Ace could cut him later and slap on the 90 days no compete.
  6. By execution do you mean the lack of multiple issues and build before they die?
  7. It's already Gunther on their roster page. So enjoy. https://www.pwmania.com/wwe-makes-gunther-name-change-official-on-roster-page
  8. From Nagata's twitter "The three people who played the main role in the opening round of the New Year Golden Series tonight. Okada, who carries the 50th anniversary of the founding again, Tanahashi, who carries the 40th anniversary of the founding, and Yuji Nagata, who carries the 30th anniversary of the founding. I asked for a commemorative photo."
  9. Gotoh and Yoshihashi's new tag team name is Bisamon or Bishamon. They still are aiming for double crowns of IWGP tags and Never tags. Hiromu Takahashi wore a mask in his match
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