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  1. A girl who um cybers... But really Cyber as in cutting edge.
  2. D.Z

    Champion Carnival 2019

    I want Naoya Nomura to win. But it will probably be Shuji or Yuji.
  3. C'mon Vince rename the show to SuperWrestlemania in Saudi Arabia. Seems Undertaker is too big now to show up for Wrestlemania, I'm guessing they're doing Taker vs Elias there. Maybe Brock vs Rollins 3 as well.
  4. I quit watching WCW somewhere in 2000. Quit watching TNA regularly years ago, unless its one match I want to see. But that's extremely rare. Quit watching Smackdown for years until 2015. Even then it's not always regularly. Skip most of Raws first hour a lot these past years, anything I need to know from the first hour I just get from results. Wish Raw was more about characters and bullshit and less the matches. Don't really watch NOAH much anymore since the Suzuki Gun era. But in hindsight NOAH is always pointless to watch because they can't make a new ace or maintain one for long. Really want to go back to watching old stuff and will watch more puroresu again eventually.
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