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  1. I'm not sure who's winning the N-1. Masa Funaki wants to bring back Showa Era Professional Wrestling to the front (pre 1989.)
  2. Earth 0 Superman is no longer a member of the JL.
  3. Dr. Multiverse debuts, probably Carol Danvers analog with Captain Universe like powers. Or maybe not. JLI will visit Earth 7, 8, 11, 13, and more. DarkSeid will fight a Marvel Analog character from Earth 8. The Elseworld book is coming but it's unknown who the writer is. Seems it's separate from the Pariah Worlds. But built by Joshua Williamson. Joshua Williamson is soon finished writing Future State Gotham.
  4. I guess but they already spolied it with the morgue part and the AI. And the preview combined.
  5. I think they have adjusted what amount of seats to set up with Raw's attendance decline for their PPV's in USA. In other PPV news, UK reportedly will be getting their own big WWE PPV, to celebrate Summerslam 92. Aiming for 90,000 seater stadium in September 2022. At some point WWE will probably do another Australia PPV as well. I am thinking someday they want more of their PPV's international. Saudia gets October maybe.
  6. Somebody should start up the Crown Jewel 2021 thread.
  7. Not sure when WWE will do Clash of Champions again, could be moved to next year. Or done away with.
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