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  1. 47.14 QBR. Next you'll call me a race traitor I guess. Is Kaepernick the 26th best QB in the NFL? Yes!
  2. Yeah prior to last season is the key. He was carried by a great defense until those players that retired. He could never throw past 10 yards sorry to tell you. Gabbert is the shits. Never belonged in the NFL. The 49ers being mismanaged isn't a racial issue to me.
  3. I'm not surprised by this. When the sale was first confirmed Meltzer mentioned him living in Virginia and speculating that maybe the new owners wouldn't accept that. Business as usual...
  4. Such as not playing like hot garbage.
  5. Nakamura's entrance was so amazing. Triple H loves the business and worked hard and whatever but man Nakamura has more charisma and presence than he could ever have.
  6. What a great fight. Finally fighters who talk shit and then back it up. No Rashad Evans or Chael Sonnen here.
  7. It was funny to me because Enzo has an obvious north Jersey accent but it sounds like no accent compared to his fake New York one.
  8. Giving some jabroni a small payoff is no problem when compared with how much the press conference will add to business. That's if there is any merit to the injury.
  9. The fact that there is still a reason to talk about the great cornholio makes me smile.
  10. What happened with Cesar Gracie? I remember something where he wouldn't be the manager anymore but is he also not getting a cut?
  11. For some reason Turner satellite isn't answering my call to order Super Brawl IV
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