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  1. sadly I was at the iron man match live. Bragging Rights PPV. And if you remember the Royal Rumble when everyone thought Daniel Bryan would be in but we got Mysterio instead as number 30 (2014) yep I was there too. We also got Cena-Orton with a "Change the channel" chant. WWE loves to fuck Pittsburgh over.
  2. If you ever feel guilty about cancelling WWE Network just think about the John Cena-Randy Orton iron man match and all your guilt will pass
  3. If Sid won I think it would. It would have been Hogan's third Rumble win in a row so to me at least it wouldn't be held in as high regard. I was 8 when this happened and I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was an afternoon ppv and my friend and I went bowling. He went home and I listened to the event scrambled. Wanted anyone but Hulk to win.
  4. I think the show was in NYC, or Albany. Sid has always been super over in that area. Hell he even got a massive pop at a house show I went to where he faced Bret in a cage match in 97. Consider how close Buffalo is to Canada and I am still amazed Sid had the bigger pop at the show.
  5. Oddly enough, we also had GAB 1990 at our video store. One of the very few I was able to see. Halloween Havoc 90, GAB 90, and then a few years later Starrcade 89 and Best of Starrcade. I went to my grandma's once and walked to a video store and went apeshit when I saw Starrcade 90 and Super Brawl 91. I bought Chi Town Rumble from a store in Erie Pa at a young age. Also bought Halloween Havoc 89 when I saw it for sale.
  6. Steiners Vs Nasty Boys was Havoc 1990. One of the very, very few WCW vhs tapes my video store had when i was a kid. I must have rented it 50 times. It was so hard to get WCW tapes and when we did they had a ton of matches cut. I once spent $200 to buy a bunch of WCW ppv's off of Ebay. The guy promised they were PPV versions. Nope they were just dubbed Turner videos. When WWE Network came along I immediately put on Wrestle War 91 and was pleased. I then relived my childhood. Loved it even if many of the matches were just there to kill time.
  7. If you haven't seen War Games 91 it's a guilty favorite. Ric Flair Vs Butch Reed from Nov 1990 Clash is pretty fun. Steiners Vs Vader/Hughes from Clash Jan 1992 is one of my favorite matches ever. These are just a few off the top of my head.
  8. I know they had the whole Lawler-Hart feud but damn did they have a wide open path to the basket with Lex. The Narcissist would have been perfect in a heel King role. They could have given him a brief title reign and then have Bret come in as the hero to take the belt off of him. Could have made a good story.
  9. little more than half way through. Not bad by any means. I like the concept. The art is kind of getting to me. I also saw they have the cartoon movie on HBO Max Thinking of getting HBO Max and checking this out. Quick question. Does anyone know if the Commercial version of HBO Max puts commercials during the movies or just the TV shows? Is it worth paying the extra $50 to go commercial free? I want to pay for the year in one payment. Thanks in advance!!
  10. 100% agree. I was on vacation and remember watching the Raw from Detroit when Shane returned. When is the last time you heard a pop that loud in WWE?! I dare say it was just below Punk's Chicago return. Never heard anything bad about Shane. If Shane wanted Rollins in the Rumble to boost their feud what harm was it? Neither were likely winning. Replace an Otis or a Gable with Rollins and I'm sure it would have made sense and who would really care?
  11. Adopted son of Tony Khan. Shane McKahn. He can film video's of Tony taking him to Jags games to meet his grandpa Shad and Tony can also write up a 3 paragraph happy birthday tweet to Shane each year. A match made in heaven.
  12. I could hear Vince now during a 95 Superstars squash. "Look at him!! He's beating him with... He's beating him with his meat!!!!!"
  13. There's been a garbage man, a tax man, a police man, but never a pizza man or a delivery man. Imagine a tag team of UPS type drivers. Special Delivery could be their names. Growing up we had a judge and his last name was Subject. We made up a tag team of Subject and Predicate and called them "the Grammar Slammers" their finisher was called "the fillabuster" Good times.
  14. Isn't this also the time when Arn got his pinfall win over Hogan on Nitro as well?
  15. We had an office lunch to take meet the new guy and went to a wood fired pizza place that made a damn good Sauage/Green Peppers pizza. I grew up in a town that didn't have any delivery pizza shops. My choices were pretty much Pizza Hut or Domino;s. When I moved to a big city and now have 30 pizza shops within 5 mins it was a huge eye opener. It's strange to me how some have the actual grilled buffalo chicken and others use the Buffalo fries though.
  16. fuck, I'm hungry for pizza now. Here is a question. Do you guys prefer local or chain pizza?
  17. Buffalo chicken is my favorite but do you like the Buffalo fries on it or the actual grilled chicken? I prefer the chicken.
  18. taco seasoning on pretzels is incredible. I have to try taco pizza now.
  19. I didn't know his post was about all of that. Honestly all I saw was the post I told you about. Hell I even private messaged a few of you to apologize after I read his comments in full. Normally I wouldn't give a shit what people believe but I swear to you I did not see the whole story until you mentioned the jews eyes comment.
  20. I saw people mention halloucast and thought it was WWII he was talking about when he mentioned "history being taught by the winners of the war and sometimes that is an inaccurate depiction" 100% honest. I am willing to bet a lot of people didn't see the full story either. What I did see was posted on Linkedin. I saw it while at work or I would have never known. I also didn't read this whole thread prior to posting. Again that's on me.
  21. After reading his comments in full it makes me sick that someone with these views is out there. What I'd seen was that Kendrick said "History is told by the winners of the war and sometimes that is an inaccurate depiction" I wondered how that could get someone cancelled. I then wondered why so many of you would defend it. I After Dog mentioned Jewish eyes I looked into it and saw what was said and I wish I could take back every post defending him. It makes me sick that we have people in our society with those kinds of thoughts.
  22. Yeah, holy shit guys. I DID NOT know he said all of this. I honest to god apologize to all of you. I was in the wrong on this one and yeah he shouldn't be in a ring. He needs help. Jesus guys I had no clue there was this much said. Again I apologize.
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