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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MS_IbDxKYg RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQQdYokbp4E
  2. Hey! Dusty lost some weight! (nice try though . . . )
  3. Watching WCCW on the WWE network. Where was Gary Hart in December 82 to leave all his contracts to that stiff Armand Hussein?
  4. Reading Backlund's book. He describes a match against Dusty in New Japan. The subject of Dusty in Japan is one I've pondered before. Anyhow, the exact specific details of the description of the match in the book would lead me to believe it was taped. Yes/No?
  5. I knew a kid who looked like Zeus. I think it was a hair lip thing. The kid's dead now.
  6. Love it. Watching this and the Abdullah tags, Terry Funk could take punishment like no one else. It is different that Japan doesn't require (allow) the sympathetic babyface to make a comeback. Haven't seen Terry make a comeback yet.
  7. If I read wrestlingdata correctly, this match on 1/15/1982 is Hansen's first AJPW match. He debuted the previous month in very memorable fashion . . . We can't find you a stretcher, Hara, we'll just carry you out on a mat . . .
  8. Dusty was the man, but he had half the style of a Antonio Fargas. However, I never saw Antonio Fargas do a bionic elbow.
  9. Cool. Yeah, I have that. With that one, you can't download the videos that are protected, and at some sizes, the videos are watermarked. Freemake Video Downloader WILL download those files, but they come out with stutters sometimes or won't finish downloading.
  10. Wow. Cool. Sangre Chicana! Also, I want to go to dia de los ninos. Looks nuts.
  11. I dont care for the McMahons as performers, sell me on WM
  12. What's the best free program? I'm using Freemake Video Downloader but it's quirky with DM.
  13. Kevin says David was "killed by a blow to the stomach." Also, Southwest (USA All Star Wrestling) has merged with WCCCW. And Magnum's gonna be okay! Paul Heyman on commentary from the NWF. Playing it straight. He would have been 21 . . . Love stuff like this. Wow. Joe dropping Steamboat/Savage spoilers. Did PWTW revealing WWF spoilers piss off New York? Any fallout from such?
  14. Which wrestlers are known to have been blackballed for any period of time?
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