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  1. On 7/19/2022 at 10:30 PM, cwoy2j said:

    Yeah, Foley has amazing recall considering what he's put his brain through. Every now and then his timeline will be off but he'll get it right and remember the correct sequence of events once Conrad puts him back on track. But that's to be expected of anyone over the age of 50 who's trying to recall stuff that happened 20-30 years ago let alone someone who willingly let 275lbs guys bash them in the skull with steel chairs.

    I also think the fact that he's actively relived much of his career between the autobiographies and the stand-up/live shows (including, presumably, trawling through numerous anecdotes in preparation for deciding what would 'make the cut' for the shows) has probably helped in keeping the 'tapestry' and interconnections together in his head, vs say someone asking you to name every single classmate you had when you were 8 (having not tried to recall for 30+ years). 

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  2. 7 hours ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    If I recall correctly, he flubbed the spring from the apron in a previous tag match too. Love the guy, but it might be time to retire that one.

    Rey was about Punk’s age when he had that seemingly miraculous fountain-of-youth resurgence in the Royal Rumble, right? I guess stem cells only do the job when you were born with preternatural hops (coincidentally the name of my hipster IPA). I love the guy, he’s nearly all there physically (relative to peak) but the main thing I notice nowadays is by the end of a match he has that half-dead look like he’s just finished back-to-back triathlons. Happy to have him around and as champ though.

    Can’t deny the passion of the MJF promo and it was hard not to get swept up in the emotion, felt far more Flair than Punk in the cadence and the body language though fewer elbow drops onto inanimate objects. The only jarring shoot comments were the ‘reckless head-drop’ insults, for which you could reach a convoluted kayfabe explanation but felt like a strain.

    The implications of the face reaction may be a bit overblown - to me there was plenty of antipathy for a lot of it, and the loudest positive pops were around anti-WWE sentiments, and no doubt the West Coast homers, popping their AEW Live Event cherry so to speak, were keen to show their love.

    As for the wrestling, great tight follow-up to that huge beast of a show at the weekend, with the back-and-forth beating in the women’s tag match being my favourite. And for the non-MJF promos, I will gladly take whatever Miro and Daddy Magic are giving me. Amazing to have God’s once-favourite champ back on the show.

    Guest commentary for the main was good fun and Regals use of Cockney rhyming slang always gets a pop from me (‘syrup’=‘syrup of figs’=‘wig’ for the uninitiated)

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  3. Oh yeah, enjoyed this shit. I've been a bit on the outs with ProWres as MMA has been scratching my itch, but in the absence of a big card this week I dipped back in and what do you know, it was fun as shit (sans Cole doing the stolen belt crap). I don't trust Coach Tony K to two-hat ROH but give the devil his due, he's giving an old college try. Happy to see Toni get some flowers, but don't necessarily see a long term spot at the tippy-top for her. But, as an adoptive Aussie who's visited Surfer's Paradise multiple times, was certainly cool to hear 'from Gold Coast, Australia~!!!'

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  4. Booker T (36:30ish and 59:30ish) asking Rob Whittaker and Izzy questions at the post-fight press conference. When worlds collide! Tai was usual humble self.

    Like I said in the other thread, I'm an Izzy fanboy due to his beautiful striking so am biased but Rob couldn't hold him down for any appreciable period of time or do any appreciable amount of damage, unlike how Izzy carved up his leg, plus the knockdown in R1. Savvy champions' performance but definitely a good showing on both sides.


  5. 12 hours ago, Lawful Metal said:

    So, I don't think I recognize a name on the early prelims.  Who to watch out for?  Did I mention that I'm going?

    I’ll let the experts give more detailed analysis, but Mike Mathetha is known as Blood Diamond and trains under Eugene Bareman at City Kickboxing alongside Adesanya. He has some kickboxing KO highlights out there but is making his UFC debut and is apparently very unorthodox in his MMA approach.

    Another CKB guy on the card is Carlos Ulberg who I think was a TUF guy and has had one fight (loss) so far.

    Hernandez is a lightweight who’s had some Performance of the Night KOs (including beating Dariush) and was pretty disgruntled about not being on the main card. That’s all I got.


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  6. Great show. I’ve been out of the loop for a wee while, checking in sporadically, but what a good night to get back on the wagon.

    Loads of fun moments throughout, but  the kick I got from a Doomsday Device by Jon Moxley and CM f’n Punk in 2022 was one of those ‘the wrestling gods have really smiled on us the last year’ times.

    Also, my Dad joke muscles were twitching when I realised they weren’t in Memphis but Isiah got at least 10 feet off of that Biel…

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  7. 20 hours ago, Lawful Metal said:

    UFC 271 thread here or does it get its own?

    I’ll be there!

    So jealous! Have a great time.

    I only realised in the first Embedded video that, not only is Bobby Knuckles an avid Soulsborne fan too (he mentioned in a recent interview), but he lives about 20km from me. We probably unwittingly passed each other at the local Penrith Plaza shopping mall. Even with all that, I’m still an unapologetic Izzy fanboy, but can’t deny it’ll be a bigger challenge this time around. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, ExcellenceofAirPollution said:

    small world.  If true, I'm talking to a legend.  Respect.

    I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm the real ExcellenceofAirPollution.

    Check out his post history, he’s talked a bit about his feelings at the time etc elsewhere on the board (if that meets your threshold for proof in this crazy online world in which we inhabit 😉)

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  9. 3 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Thanks for sharing. Moral of the story: a 5-day LSD bender is just the ticket to provide oneself with clarity in future career aspirations.
    But seriously, great to see a bit more of his background. I had watched the short documentary showing him in GCW but he had come across as a ‘doth protest too much’ indy 4 life, totally-not-bitter guy before, which was probably an unfair presumption on my part.

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  10. On 12/2/2021 at 6:18 AM, J.H. said:

    I think the only thing that Liger has over Rey is that Liger was able to to work heel if given the situation (NJ v. NOAH Jrs, 10thJr. title run being a heel build up to challenge Sasaki, CTU). You can argue Filthy Animals were heels but Rey was cheered regardless. I lean towards Liger. Hell. add ring music into it and Liger wins!


    BOO-yaka this man! /s

    I agree on @SirSmellingtonofCascadia’s point regarding stale just-a-guy status of Rey in WWE. If he’d have just had that one phenomenal Rumble appearance where he’d somehow found the Fountain of Knee Rejuvenation and then carried on as an international touring attraction, presented with the bona fide legend status he has earned, with short stints at all the non-wwe players (excepting COVID), that might even enough to raise his perceived status further towards his rightful position as all-timer.

    Heart says Rey but head says Liger.

  11. I for one will take a Designated Danielson Match and Designated Punk Match as a mandatory 30-45 min block for as long as we are blessed to have it, be it 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.

    Women’s match was the highlight for me. I couldn’t help rooting for Stadlander so a bit disappointed and I knew the bug-eye reaction would feature heavily here before looking (a little overdone but nowhere close to a 1 on the Gargano Scale of Melodrama).

    I could take or leave the Cody match but am amused that not only is he the only one in the company to get the middle entrance, the rising trapdoor, the two themes, the Kevin-Nash-bankrupting-WCW level pyro, the reality TV show, the gender reveal extravaganza, the massive entourage for big fights, the first win over Black. Noted Hardcore Legend Cody Runnels also gets sole dibs on the flaming table. Good grief.

    Darby’s dive where somehow he ended face down prone after slamming into a Gunn was a new level of spectacular.

    And I’d happily have taken Taz for the full two hours on commentary, even without the Hook twofer.

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  12. Miro at least deserves an honourable mention in the Wrestler of the Year discussion. In terms of sheer batting average in everything he’s participated in on-screen (matches, interviews, vignettes, in-ring confrontations, everything) I’m not sure anyone comes close in terms of hit rate. 

    But from personal preference I’d have to say Danielson. I’ve never got such vicarious pleasure in someone else’s sheer joy of head-kicking-in from Omega to Suzuki and on and on, the switch-up of finishers, that gleam in his eye. So great.

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  13. Whether or not to share my early 20’s pretentious wankery…🤔

    Spoilers for pretentious wankery:


    I studied Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) at Uni and did my dissertation on the Roman satirist Juvenal, progenitor of the phrase ‘who watches the watchmen?’ so started using the mouthful of a handle ‘CustosCustodum’ or ‘Watcher of the Watchmen’ when I fell into a Big 4 grunt job soon after as an external auditor as it seemed appropriate. Shortened over time.

    Lurked for 13 years then came out in mid-2019 when my fervour for AEW (which shows no signs of abating) overrode my better judgement to not actively participate in online wrestling discourse.

    .…I thought AxB was Ax Bomber too.

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  14. 984k viewers, 0.37 in the 18-49 demo, no.3 on the night behind NBA. Coming within a hair of a million again is Cowboy Shit.

    Im all in on dickhead Bryan leaving a wake of destroyed Dark Order members. Thought we were only getting the amazing pre tape MJF and then he also blesses us with his presence in the ring opposite a mute Punk. Definitely up for that. Women tore the house down and Sammy belonged in his spot. Such a great show when they could have just done a filler/regroup session.

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  15. Totally agree with @christopher.annino and @Ultimo Necro that MJF/Darby match way exceeded my expectations and was a joy from bell to bell. It also had one of the better near falls in recent memory in terms of timing and the crowd biting on it with that 2.99 kickout after the Code Red. The pillows had something to prove.

    The Matt Jackson nod, then Hangman batting away the beer and embracing his buddies was just the right amount of melodrama for me. And Punk/Kingston and Miro/Danielson delivered very well even compared to my giddy anticipation.

    Would never have bet on Prince (sign) and Baron Von Raschke sightings though!

    Edit: just rewatched that near fall again - was so great, and definitely worth it cos the first time I'd missed Tony's jubilant 'ho ho ho!' like he couldn't believe how good this was and it's only the first match of the show.  

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  16. 6 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Now that's a poster.

    Crazy hyped about the match, but with the ‘haggard’ filter turned up to 11 on Bryan and the setting, that poster looks like he’s the head of Vince’s mythical Hobo Army advancing on the Redeemer as God’s final test.

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  17. 20 hours ago, Gordberg said:

    It reminds me, on a larger scale, of Kuuga (Asian Cooger) in Osaka Pro. He's legitimately my friend. I used to sit in a group of people who are all his friends and we were friends with each other through him. I used to sit right next to a happy loving couple who are still together, who were introduced to one another by Kuuga. And we would boo him like crazy and he'd curse us and spit at us. 

    When Eddie Kingston came to Osaka Pro with Chikara, he never broke character. He was always a mean, angry bastard, in and out of the ring. And we never stopped booing him and cheering for whoever he was fighting. 

    And I know for a fact that he loved it here, and he knows for a fact that we loved watching him fight. The proof is right there in that video he posted a while back. He still has the "Please come back" letter we gave him. 

    How can we not boo this man?

    @Gordberg was Large Marge all along???

    For real, such a cool memory for you guys.

    Edit to add something on-topic: for me, Miro/Dragon and Punk/Kingston are tied for most anticipated. MJF/Allin could be a sleeper hit too, not wanting to be outshined by the shiny new toys. I can take or leave the ATT stuff but apart from that, pretty hyped for every other match on the card.

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  18. Lucha Bros title match and win were a top 10 all-time MOMENT for AEW, but beyond that I have more faith in Santana and Ortiz compared to them in rising to the occasion if they were given the ball, with something to prove and get their teeth into since…god knows when. It feels like they’ve been Jericho’s hangers-on for too damn long.

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