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  1. it's with a heavy heart that I must tell you that They've Done It Again
  2. I regret to inform you that I have learned how to wavedash with Heihachi in Tekken, and am beginning to do Electric Wind God Fist drills. I can only try to pick up the pieces and do better. Thank you for sticking by me in this difficult time.
  3. I have played 45 minutes of La-Mulana 2. I got crushed by the ceiling for standing in the wrong place. Can Confirm: Is La-Mulana 2.
  4. I just got the Edit Legend achievement. That's the one where you make 100 edits. 99 of them are original edits. On a related note, I passed the 520 hours played mark. here's the one non-original edit
  5. I'll try to use as few words as possible here, because I'm well aware I could rant about this game for a month straight (thus "no") The overwhelming praise and success of god of war makes me concerned that I played the wrong game, and there's some other god of war out there that has all the things that people have talked up it's also caused me to retroactively love Mortal Kombat X
  6. After spending five hours on a new save, I went back to my old save. They might have flushed all the stuff I made. I didn't have the heart to go try to scour the planets again to find it. Then I went back to my new save and got a frigate, which seemed like something that would never have happened in the last game. Also I made myself into my own personal chill gek homie. I dunno. I love the hell out of this game, even including all the ways it's thorny and stabs my hands when I try to hold it aloft and show it off to people. It might be because I don't fuck with any other survival games, so this is My Survival Game.
  7. I've been playing some old Genesis games that I've never beaten. I don't know why. Here's some thoughts on them. GENERATIONS LOST [3] The genre of the Tall Platformer is one that has ultimately been lost to time. There's plenty of NES platformer remakes out there, but very few like Genesis style "Moving Slowly Through Eerie Spaces With Vague Super Powers". I dont know if this is a good thing, it is just a thing I've noticed. Anyways, most of my enjoyment for this game is rooted in how weird I found it as a kid. It is bone simple as an adult. Beating it felt like this weird release but it also felt underwhelming cuz when I was a child, this game had this place in my mind of being this gigantic open world that I never saw all of, and uh, no. no kid. it aint. It's fine though. BEYOND OASIS [4] JESUS FUCKING CHRIST this is the most stressful zelda ever made. There was a point where I was getting my ass kicked so firmly by a dungeon that I thought "oh well clearly this is like third to last or something." I looked up a full playthrough of the game, and in a 3 and a half hour video, this was maybe 30 minutes in. It has only gotten harder. It has only gotten harsher. I have only gotten more resourceful. See, the hook is that it has fighting game inputs. Your primary weapon is extremely weak. There are other weapons, but the advantage that your weakest weapon has is a moveset. Tap to stab, hold to slash. double tap a direction and attack to do a running slash. Triple tap plus attack to do a multi hit stab. Hold B and hit forward back forward to... well, you get the idea. There's an input in there that are SNK Fighting Game Complicated. I have only pulled it off once, on accident. Also, where Zelda has items like the hookshot and whatever, Beyond Oasis has familiars that are summoned by casting a magic spell on certain surfaces. Each familiar has it's own move set, with a seperate attack button just for them. So managing combat becomes about managing both your own model and the properties of the AI partner you have with you. At another point I looked up a guide just to see if I was missing something about the game, and came upon the description of a kind of item I have zero idea even existed in the game. I was halfway through it and I had missed several enormous secrets areas- including TWO secret dungeons- that come with extremely helpful items at the end of them. Opposite of how Generations Lost left me, I am flummoxed with how much bigger this game is than it seemed to me years ago. Very strong recommendation if you're looking for a hidden gem. Oh, and it's a Yuzo Kashiro soundtrack so it's fukin jams for days
  8. I mean, wait to see if it's stable on x-box? Launching a large online game is still a shaky proposition. It's extremely hard to have the right guess on amount of servers for player load. Mechanically, I've actually loved it since launch, but I am weird and I just wanted Space Oregon Trail With Spooky Caves and got it, so someone else is going to have to take that question.
  9. I dont know if this is better for the metal thread because they've been like borderline for years, so I'm going to post it here with the warning that it's discordant as fuck Daughters are back. Their self-titled album is one of my favorite rock records. They seem to be posturing for an even larger, more theatrical thing, and I am down.
  10. The music industry also flat out doesn't care like others do. Exhibit A: Chris Brown.
  11. Hi, so, I have an update. Good news- she's pulled through Here's the short version of what happened: oral surgeon left a file in her face a decade ago. It randomly got EXTREMELY infected. It's too dangerous to remove it, so instead they just removed all her molars on that side. Also the infection spread so far that it reached her brain and airways. It's since receded, and the "plus side" of it is that she has very little memory of the whole thing. What matters is, she's survived. She's survived a hellish amount. She's the strongest person I've ever met, and if it was her against the world, I'd bet on her every time. and if you think you should yell "SUE THEM," don't think we haven't all lined up and told her this
  12. I would just like to take a moment and talk about what I think is the most exciting thing in the video game industry, and the most underreported news story of the year. That story is, What The Fuck Is Up With Fighting EX Layer's Trailers Example A Example B Example C
  13. I'll probably play a lot both because my plan is to do MOR on console. I don't want to make my PC save (approaching 100 original wrasslers) too messy with all the downloads, unless the release version has a DRASTICALLY redone set of menus for wrestlers/rings/refs/etc.
  14. It's been a while since I've played enough games to have a post like this! I've seriously been pouring all of my time into R6 Siege (145 hours since February) and Fire Pro (477 hours and it's currently running right now while I write this) but I've had a couple of fun things show up in my life this month! THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT THAT GOT MADE AFTER IT WAS CLEAR IT WAS GOING TO BE A SUCCESS IS SUPER WEIRD [n/a] So I got back in. Now that you're done laughing, here's what's I have to say. I leveled a character to 60 to take advantage of the boost that comes with the new expansion, and so when I boosted from 60 to 110, after seeing all the old content, it was like installing a separate game on top of the old game. They barely feel related. It's absurd and the best weird trip I've had with a game since God of War made me incapable of enjoying a game with a serious story for the rest of the year. For anyone who might care or know what this means, I've been mainlining the Suramar quest and been having a good time with it. It's like interesting arc-wise (short: help drug addicts overthrow the supplier) but if you asked me to name two characters I would not be able to. But, hey- spooky caves, good for podcasts. that's what I wanted. IRON BRIGADE (fka TRENCHED) [3] I want to love this game! I want to love it so much! It has all sorts of things I like doing! It's just that the PC port is old and it feels like every other match I have, at least one friend ends up disconnected. That's a fucking bummer, because everything about playing it and doing it rules. If you have a time machine, you should go buy this and play it while it's new on 360 cuz it's super good. POLYTOPIA [4] Let me give you the basics. -It's Minimalist Civ on your phone. -It's free, with no abusive "WATCH ADS TO DO STUFF" structure. -It comes with four civs, there's around 15 total, new ones are $1-$3 -You have 30 turns to build your empire as big as you can -There's a scoreboard that seems physically impossible -There's online multiplayer if you need that -There's pass and play multiplayer if you want that It is perfect for me and where I'm at with video games right now. It's an empire builder you can play in short bursts where no one says more than a sentence. It's a precious diamond. EDIT: This was initially a self-roast about how out of touch I am but let me double down: I thought this game came out this year and it in fact came out in 2016 EDIT 2: upon rereading, I just want to make something clear- I am not complimenting God of War there. It has exhausted my ability to enjoy story in big budget games. I disliked it very much and I am dreading the next wave of Dad Stories it's success has certainly inspired.
  15. does WoW count because lifetime + expansions I'm over 400
  16. Hi! I'm still out here making a podcast with my friends. (short pitch: dial Bob for bad is a show about film and resolve. my friends have poisoned a netflix account (Bob) with hideous movies. half our episodes are stories about this big dumb grave of a city, the other half are commentary tracks for the movies from Bob's recommended queue) We had an idea about an excursion- a summer vacation of sorts- and now I present the results, complete with a photo gallery and a collection of videos. Here is our tale of the San Diego stop of the final Vans Warped Tour.
  17. There's a beat tape record label on bandcamp called Paxico Records and I listen to everything they put out at least once. I tend to keep it to myself though cuz I know that I'm maybe weird for just listening to beat tapes by themselves and whatever. I have to break that tradition because the new Swarvy record, "Anti-Anxiety," is some magic, so please check it out.
  18. Not yet, no. Had to divert all resources to getting the PS4 version out in time. They'll get back to it.
  19. Good interview of the director at Crunchyroll. Most interesting part to hear was that Fire Pro Returns sold five times as much in the US as it did in Japan, which even accounting for the population size difference blows my mind. At least they got the message loud and clear that us idiots are out here willing to buy the game like two-four times just to prove a point.
  20. Is the Deftones Cover Band's singer's voice as shot as Chino's is? because it's not authentic otherwise.
  21. as a southern california resident who is not a lakers fan, UGH.
  22. worth noting that this is a description of how the game launched and not how it currently is, but yeah, SF5 had a brutal goddamn launch that seems spurred by a shortened schedule influenced by both Capcom and Sony's need for it to be a hit and to be a hit soon after release. It wasn't. Thank god MHW overperformed, otherwise Capcom would've been well and truly fucked. also, I'm not defending it- I've burned out on it this year and have been desperate for a new fighting game. Just trying to clarify.
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