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  1. Asking Kevin Smith not to engage with his harshest critics is like asking Nolan to not score his movies with an oppressive thumping bass.
  2. It feels a bit past GOAT’s cultural moment as a term to be a movie title. Promising Young Football Player would be funnier.
  3. His Mister Mojo Risin anagram would be Crap Jerky.
  4. Bill Hayes also hit number one on the Billboard in 1955.
  5. H2O shows there are infamous for their “fans bring the weapons” matches and the creative stuff people bring. One time my brother brought a cheese grater strapped to a bible.
  6. Hogan working Mike Awesome and taking multiple table power bombs from him is something that feels like it shouldn't exist but does.
  7. @Curt McGirt there is Frankenstein: Day of the Beast. It looks like cheap dogshit, but the core concept is cool, it’s just Victor’s wedding and the Monster is picking off the people attending the ceremony. The only reason I’m aware of it is because it’s the movie being played in the background of the awesome Spanish slasher The Last Matinee.
  8. Oh shit, he’s going to hire Velveteen Dream and use PlayStation 2-level CGI to make him wrestle himself in the main event.
  9. https://independentwrestling.tv/promotion/action-wrestling
  10. And Lisa Frankenstein next month. One of the Frankensteins that isn’t brought up is the one with Patrick Bergin and Randy Quaid as The Monster that came out shortly before the Branagh. I watched it a ton as a kid, but I haven’t seen it since and it seems to have a bad rep. It has some weird extra conceit where they’re telepathically linked. Patrick Bergin had this incredibly unfortunate talent for picking projects based on stories that were adapted into bigger studio productions a year or two later that made his versions look like Asylum ripoffs. It happened with his Robin Hood movie and Prince of Thieves, and then again with his Jack the Ripper movie and From Hell.
  11. This is essentially in my backyard, so I’m very hyped up right now.
  12. The Verdict is set in Boston, and I don’t think it gets much better than that.
  13. I’ve warmed up to the theory that Paulie betrayed Tony in a back room deal and was going to end up running the Jersey mob as the “glorified crew” that New York wanted them to be.
  14. That looks good. Also, only a true master of horror would attempt that reverse combover.
  15. I think a distinction between Flair and Jericho is perception. Flair getting hammered on a flight and chasing flight attendants in nothing but his ring robe is so specifically a wrestling thing that it can get overlooked for the same reasons Vince got away with a variety of misdeeds over the years: it’s pro wrestling. Jericho, a successful and revered veteran in his profession, offering to help mentor a young woman with her career, and then manipulating the situation to get her alone in a hotel room, is about as clearcut as workplace misconduct can get. It’s literally that one scene in Legally Blonde with Victor Garber and Renee Witherspoon. Even if Flair’s behavior was demonstrably worse, the allegation against Jericho will have a longer tail because it’s so universal.
  16. Poor Contentious C entering another year of being trapped by those mad scientists on the spacecraft Satellite of Love.
  17. Wilkinson was wonderful in the HBO movie Normal, about a mid-life gender transition, which feels more radical now than it did twenty years ago.
  18. If they absolutely had to do heel TK, I’d pitch that the monitors hitting him in the head turned him evil. Do it as a short-term angle where he gets hit in the head with another monitor and becomes himself again. Then in a year they redo the devil angle where he’s being harassed by a dude dressed like this
  19. This is triggering memories of Meltzer arguing with strangers online about airport departure schedules. And somehow that seems like a simpler time.
  20. The thing with Love Actually that no one talks about is that if you haven’t seen it you’d never guess in a million attempts that it starts with a voiceover about how 9/11 was actually kind of heartwarming.
  21. “We’re quoting Gil Scott Heron, good start.”
  22. This shit’s dead. After this year, every A-lister should be trying to play Polly Pocket or get cast in a biopic about whoever created Agent Orange.
  23. I’d really like a spin-off about Guillermo’s mutant animal offspring.
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