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  1. I hope Goldust is getting one last run and it's not a feud with R-Truth. Finn vs. Roman was really good.
  2. Except he actually has talent as much as it might pain people to admit. He's far exceeded many of his peers that received similar pushes and couldn't maintain a top position.
  3. Vicious. I guess Orton still hates Bubba for breaking his foot and being a jackass.
  4. KOR's been bulking up so I don't see him being 205 Live material. I see Adam Cole being in NXT for a very long time so he might not have to worry about it.
  5. Lots of people were very high on them coming into the season. I think it just took some time for everything to come together.
  6. I think I have my halloween costume for this year.
  7. This seems to happen way more in the NBA than in other sports.
  8. Vince seems to be on a repetition kick lately. Nothing is as bad as them saying TJP about 5000 times during his match the other week to hammer home that name instead of TJ Perkins.
  9. Decent enough show with the Fashion Files being the highlight. Main Event was pretty good. Charlotte is maintaining her heel character despite being on the babyface side which is nice. The New Day video was pretty cool.
  10. Kovalchuk wants to comeback to the NHL.
  11. I watched a lot of Alicia on Main Event and Superstars and she's good in 3 minute matches. When they went beyond 3 minutes, things started to get sketchy. I'm interested to see what she can do with Sasha if they get 10 minutes on the next PPV (pre-show).
  12. Rusev's latest injury conveniently allowed him to be injured during the playoffs. Hmmmm.
  13. This was such a nothing show. Just filling time for three hours.
  14. Not sure I really buy the unmotivated thing for Orton during this run. He was really good and energetic in the matches with American Alpha, Luke Harper and AJ Styles. It's just the two matches with Bray that have been nothing.
  15. They were playing up Naomi vs Carmella on Talking Smack so I could see that plus the tag with the best friends together. Card looks pretty decent if they nail the right match order.
  16. I noticed Charlotte smacking Carmella late but I didn't see that Carmella was bizarrely stroking her hair. Wrestling is so fucking weird.
  17. Gulak being the mat wrestler guy is good but it sorta undercuts his gimmick when everyone else on the show slaps on a headlock every match.
  18. Still getting used to Ronnie's new hair. At first I wasn't sure who the new interview girl was.
  19. Smackdown was back on track this week with some good character development. This crowd was extra into Jericho which really gave Owens what he needed for the final angle. THE FASHION FILES. I'm amazed that they managed to capture the magic these two have on the Youtube videos they come up with themselves. Great stuff. I was pausing to look at all the stuff on the wall. Jinder vs. Sami was fine. My only reservation with the repackaging of Jinder is that I watched all those C-Show matches with him and he's just not a very good wrestler for his level of experience. I like the presentation of him but he's going to need to step it up even more in the ring. I thought all the women's stuff was excellent. They've really rehabbed Becky in the last two weeks. I knew she wouldn't turn but she did a good enough job selling it that the crowd actually bought it for a moment. Plus they still put over the new group strong in the end. It was interesting that they kinda positioned Carmella as the lead by the end. Charlotte showed some good babyface fire for her first match back as a face. She seems like she's going to keep her more hoss style of offense as a face. The difference in crowd interest when she got out there was very noticeable.
  20. Sasha's not turning. She'll just be a cringeworthy babyface against Alexa. I feel like they had a plan and PLANS CHANGED with the shake-up. They're not going to have Alexa, Sasha, Emma and Nia all as heels. WWE has certain expectations for the lead role in their women's divisions and they've already positioned Alexa in a similar role that they had Charlotte in. I just don't think they have confidence in Sasha to carry long talking segments like Alexa or Charlotte. She gets a line here or there and that's about it.
  21. Show started well and ended well. They do seem done with Bayley. Can't blame that on you-know-who, though. Got beat in her home town, beat the next night, will lose the rematch as well and they'll move on to Alexa vs. Sasha.
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