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  1. I just don't think it's at that level. It's not the finish I would have done but I don't think it was done as a joke nor do I think it's going to lead to doom and gloom for the division.
  2. They're a bunch of old men desperate to try and get any sort of heat. This got heat. Is it the right heat? Will it elevate Carmella? We'll see but a good heel during the Women's Revolution time is one who scares people into thinking it's all going to come crumbling down.
  3. Isn't that the heat, though? You pump something up as historic and have someone crap all over it? It is a work after all... Orton vs. Jinder was super. Predictable finish but the work was really strong and the crowd was great. Men's MITB was fun. Women's MITB could have used about 5 more minutes. I liked that they went with violence over bumps. Very smart. Decent show overall.
  4. Keith Lee vs Donovan Dijak from AAW was even crazier than their EVOLVE 85 match.
  5. I also hope no one is expecting the matches to be any good. They're probably like a lot of the Coliseum Video stuff where the guys are going at half speed.
  6. Going to Smackdown didn't exactly help Sami, though.
  7. He just looks miserable. Even in the backstage interview. I'm sure he's getting paid well but he's likely trying to do this clean and is in constant pain.
  8. Decent show. Main Event got a decent chunk of time and Sami is a great face-in-peril. Charlotte and Nattie got some time and had a good one. Feel like it's been awhile since we've seen a good one-on-one women's match with a clean finish. Fashion Files had a few great bits in it. Missed a bunch of the opening tag. I think Zack's turning on Mojo.
  9. It was an easy watch for an hour long match. Probably because they had the story with the OWA to keep coming back to. It really shows the value of having a story to your match coming in and working to that story.
  10. Jeff had a total "fuck my life / I'm too old for this shit" face when he had to climb up top to do a meaningless dive at the end of the show
  11. They did their one great segment and mailed in the rest of the show. Bayley Update: Getting a new creepy psycho gimmick apparently. The division had a brief glimmer of hope as Emma returned but then was promptly submitted.
  12. Primo was a great addition. I thought Jericho was fine until he and Gallows clearly had one too many and it was off the rails from there.
  13. I bet it has the most heat out of anything on the whole show.
  14. Very easy show to watch. Good promos, logical angles, and some decent TV length matches. I don't think they anticipated Lana getting such a strong face reaction so it kinda made Naomi look like a jerk for laughing her off. I'm holding off on judging the Lana wrestler push until I actually see her in a real match. She's been training hard so we'll see what she's got. Fashion Files was great again. These guys were given a chance and made the most of it. Now they're actually making time for them on the show. I think they need to bring back Alpha as heels to feud with them. I liked Orton bringing up history again. He's cutting his promos like someone who is 100% going to win back the title which is great because he's likely jobbing. People can criticize Orton a lot but you gotta admit that when it's time to put someone over, he'll do it the right way. He likes Jinder and he's giving up a piece of his credibility to help him.
  15. After "Roadblock: End Of The Line" and "WrestleMania: The Ultimate Thrill Ride", people saying Great Balls of Fire wasn't as strange as I thought it was going to be.
  16. Carmella and Ellsworth would be fun but I'd rather give it to Becky and have her be conflicted about whether or not to use it on her friend(s). Also, they like giving those historic wins to the Horsewomen.
  17. Samoa Joe vowing to take everything Brock Lesnar has then quietly explaining to Paul Heyman how he's going to die was one of the best things they've done in a long time. The Miz segment was fantastic. Maryse was so good too. "It's timeless just like you!" Roman/Bray was about as good of a match as I've seen Bray have in years. Cass is 100% turning on Enzo. They tried to get more women involved and somehow wound up making things worse. Goldust and R-Truth had good bits again. Overall it was one of the stronger RAW's this year.
  18. It's just a different mentality. People blamed it all on Charlotte but it's just the RAW writing team that seems to forget about anyone who isn't involved in a PPV feud. It's like they don't exist.
  19. That's what Nia was building to on the pre-show and on Twitter. I mean, good luck with that everyone involved.
  20. The way Alexa is being booked against Bayley makes all the complaints about Charlotte seem pretty silly in hindsight. Enjoyed the back half of the Main Event and the opener. The rest was a glorified RAW at best.
  21. Bischoff looks odd these days. Very puffy.
  22. Rusev demanded a title match at MITB and Shane gave it to Lana? I could also see Naomi demanding to be in the match and put her title on the line instead of having two briefcases around.
  23. Women's segment was awesome. Completely made up for the stinker on RAW. Becky and Carmella had a great little scrap. Charlotte was tossing people around like a female Cesaro. Even Tamina looked like a bad ass throwing monitors around. Usos were very good too. The feud with New Day seems like a big deal. Meanwhile, I'm happy they've found something for Breezango to do. The opening tag team match was better than last week because Nak and Zayn took turns selling. AJ vs Dolph was very good up until the finish. One day someone will win in their hometown... Randy Orton cut a great promo for a guy who is going to be losing in his hometown. It didn't feel scripted at all.
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