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  1. What the fuck are you talking about? Christ. Can everyone calm down for a sec? If you don't, you're going to have a coronary heart attack by late February. Okay, Aaron Rodgers. I don't know about you but having 4 injuries, 2 failed drug tests (including one involving their current biggest male star), and 1 lackluster PPV in 7 days is pretty brutal. Edit: 5 injuries as I just read Glover is out.
  2. Ashlee Evans-Smith failed her drug test. Jesus, we're only a week into 2015 and the UFC is getting brutalized.
  3. Lots of shady stuff happens in every sport. The difference with MMA is no reporter has the balls to start digging AFTER a big story breaks. When the Ray Rice incident and resulting NFL bungling of it happened, reporters were on it to dig up what Goddell knew and when. MMA reporters won't dare question what the UFC's protocol was with their biggest current champ testing positive weeks out from a fight.
  4. Wow, I thought for sure they would continue to play it safe with Overeem. That's a KO loss right there.
  5. Well, at least we finally found someone to defeat Jon Jones.
  6. They found out Dec. 23. He passed a subsequent test.
  7. Jon Jones entering rehab for cocaine; tested positive in a random test last month. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/ufc-champion-jon-jones-enters-into-a-drug-treatment-facility-214520325.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw
  8. Looks like Dana finally found the IFL tapes - TUF 21 will be American Top Team vs. Blackzillians. http://www.mmalatestnews.com/tuf-21-fresh-look-ultimate-fighter/
  9. Alvarez is out of the fight with Benson Henderson...and Cerrone steps in!
  10. Those were just diversion tactics to give the impression of impartiality. When it came crunch time, you saw who got their flag picked up.
  11. Yup, nothing suspicious about picking up that flag at all!
  12. Rumble doesn't have a high level ground game. He won't pose a challenge for Jones.
  13. I'm fighting to stay awake and Nate Marquardt is up next? Damn my life.
  14. My point is Lombard never gets mentioned. Dana has been saying Rory was in the title scene since he beat Che Mills.
  15. The UFC also confirmed it is Lawler vs. Hendricks 3 next for the WW title.
  16. I love how Dana never mentions Lombard in the WW title scene.
  17. 1. Brock Lesnar won't come back to MMA. 2. Nate Diaz will have another extended layoff not due to injury. 3. Nick Diaz will lose his fight against Anderson Silva; he'll be rewarded with a title fight at Welterweight. 4. Khabib will beat Pettis for the belt by unanimous decision; Zuffa will book an immediate rematch. 5. Chael Sonnen will return to UFC Tonight. TIEBREAK (UFC champions on December 20, 2015) HW (265lbs): Cain Velasquez LHW (205lbs): Jon Jones MW (185lbs): Luke Rockhold WW (170lbs): Johny Hendricks LW (155lbs): Khabib Nurmagomedov FW (145lbs): Jose Aldo BW (135lbs): Renan Barao FlyW (125lbs): Demetrious Johnson Womens BW (135lbs): Ronda Rousey Womens StrawW (115lbs): Carla Esparza
  18. Here are the final minutes of today's Crocop vs. Ishii rematch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OELr-yTeQmY
  19. Diego vs. Ross currently has every vote...which means it will lose.
  20. When they call a face mask pull and the dude's hand just barely grazed by his face? Fuck me. When they are ruling a fumble down by contact? Fuck me.
  21. I have not dog in the Green Bay/Detroit game, but shouldn't Green Bay be penalized for having so many extra men (the refs) on the field?
  22. I went with Arlovski vs. Schaub solely because Arlovski should have left Schaub laying on the canvas in round one. This, by the way, is the greatest thing I've read online today: "They also got to see Jake Shields and Tyron Woodley embrace in what may have been a silent protest against fun."
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