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  1. HOLY CRAP! When did they hire Lapsley?
  2. God, I watched the two Primetime shows and I just can't stand Cain. Not only him, but his whole team.
  3. If Cain loses, they'll have him fight Bigfoot again and then give him another title shot. ;-)
  4. $19.99 would have been the magic number.
  5. Refs letting us know who they have in the Dallas/Washington game early.
  6. Was reading this just as Denver gets a pick. Maybe they are both the monster?
  7. Manning fumbles the snap, letting all the bookies know he's got it out for them.
  8. epwar


    Saw it yesterday. Nothing coming out this year will top it in terms of both special FX or emotional content. Best film I've seen in ages.
  9. Damn where do I put this? Boxing? MMA? Anyway, the GLORY debut show on Spike was pretty darn good.
  10. You know you are having a strange show when Thiago Silva puts on the boring fight and Dong Hyun Kim gets the wild KO.
  11. GOOD LAWD! Kim might be the first guy ever to end a fight with a KO just so he could take a breather.
  12. Isn't Cain contractually obligated to fight Bigfoot after every time he fights JDS?
  13. They'll probably headline it with some bullshit like Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei.
  14. They're not keeping it real with the lack of Blas Avena.
  15. there's still time for him to throw some horrific game ending interception MY GOD this post!
  16. Dallas up 14-0 towards the end of the first. Dallas down 14-28 by the end of the second. LMAO.
  17. So this Peyton kid is pretty good.
  18. So anybody know if Lavar Johnson's family knows any bookies?
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