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  1. Cody named his daughter "Liberty," has a MURICA neck tattoo, drives a big pickup truck despite doing zero manual labor, and sort of intimated that he thinks racism is dead. I'd say he's Infowars' target demo and is just trying to throw us off the scent. Seriously, if Cody tweeted about Sandy Hook being a false flag, half of us wouldn't bat an eye and half of us would applaud him for continuing whatever Andy Kaufman-esque 4D chess work we suspect him of carrying out.
  2. I'll be so glad when election season is over. I live in the far-flung DC exurbs so I get the DC/NoVa local news, and the Virginia gubernatorial candidates have been running ads shitting on each other since early Summer. No shit, they started so early I assumed there was some special election that was happening in August or something. Nope, just 4ish months of attack ads for a November election. I'm getting a good laugh out of the Republican candidate's recorded endorsement from the evil orange man who shall go nameless here, though. It's so generic that it's obvious evil orange man's handlers have pre-written endorsement copy that they just put different names on. They might as well have gone full-on Kamp Krusty "Mr. Black," as generic and phony as it sounded.
  3. Thanks for asking, thanks for answering! I was curious about this, too.
  4. By the angle they're going with, he's Clubber Lang, about to invite Brandi back to his apartment to show her what a real man is like. HEY WOMAN! HEY WOMAN!
  5. Cody’s big angle is so nuanced that, to the untrained eye, it looks like it hasn’t gone anywhere in a year and a half. I’m joking around but seriously, if they’re doing the Rocky 3 gimmick where Arn is fed up with Cody’s extracurricular bullshit and he’s lost the Eye of the Tiger, that’s literally where they were starting to go during Cody’s first TNT title run and then they abandoned it. My big takeaway from the angle so far is that the Cody character hangs around the house after dark dressed to the nines like a real douchebag.
  6. And thank god for that, because that shit is tiresome. I read a recap of this weekend's GCW show and Lauderdale came out and cut at least one, maybe two promos about how NOBODY BELIEVED IN US~! and then they also ran a promo package for the Hammerstein show essentially saying that everyone thinks all their wrestlers are shit for one reason or another BUT WE MADE IT TO THE HAMMERSTEIN~! Like at some point you need to tell me why your company is worthwhile instead of telling me that you're all a bunch of losers like me and that if I give you my money we can fight the man together.
  7. @WholeFnMachine -- another good episode of Art of Wrestling that I just remembered is the one with Excalibur. It's from a good while ago and all I remember from it was that he tells a story about his graphic design background and how his first job in LA was designing covers for porn videos.
  8. That sounds like the nickname I had for that Latino Paranormal Activity movie, "The Mexorcist." And calling Roman "The Suplexorcist" is bullshit. That name needs to go with a gimmick of a wrestling priest who throws heels until the evil leaves them and they become babyfaces.
  9. Seriously. I guess, in 2021, it's a crazy idea that this fake sport is being booked like an actual sport and they don't need them fighting over shampoo commercials, haunted dolls, motorcycles, etc.
  10. Could have been worse. Picard (bringing it back on-topic!) took THREE EPISODES to get into space.
  11. Honestly, whatever way they decide to kill off T'Challa, just throw Shuri in there too.
  12. Combine both! Dark Side of the Ring: Short, Angry Motherfuckers
  13. Fuck yes. Cowboy boots, jeans, kneepads over the jeans, and a t-shirt. Preferably a country music related shirt that the wearer got for free. Crockett style all day. Why yes, I never missed a Bunkhouse Stampede. How did you guess?
  14. I thought the story was Graham threatened all four with stabbing because they were considering leaving. Ah, I Googled it and this is apparently from the Nitro book, which is on my to-read list:
  15. @A_K The flip side of that is Goldberg. Great look, not that good in the ring, and once the streak was over, nobody gave a shit. This is what you get when a green person gets a winning streak gimmick. The whole thing is paper thin and two dimensional. You need some sort of plan for where that person is going to go and who they'll be after they do lose. As @RunningFromAmerica said, essentially, if someone is dead in the water as soon as they lose, you're doing it wrong. People can win and lose. It's supposed to look like a sport. One of the worst things about how WWE has evolved over the years into whatever the fuck it is now is the booking approach that says, "how do we get out of this match?" AEW should build Jade like they've built Wardlow. She can lose to a star and it's fine, because everybody knows she's not there yet. Nobody thinks Wardlow's not a threat just because he lost to Cody and dropped a very close match to Hager.
  16. Real missed opportunity not using the iconic Overlook carpet pattern on the Shining Vans.
  17. OH SHIT tell him to be really careful with the Bundy. Drop that fucker on your foot and you're going to the ER. Or on Eternia! Also, Mike Graham threatened to stab him and the rest of the Radicals. Sure, but how many of those films list Hogan, McMahon, and Cocaine as co-writers? YES. Not even trying to do an accent despite being from someplace that definitely has an accent is probably worse than doing a fake one. I don't think too many Dutch South Africans sound like your Polish uncle from Green Bay. What if the Trump University got loans from Conrad? WHEN CARNIES COLLIDE!
  18. If you're calling it a streetfight, dudes should be wearing street clothes.
  19. Oof. And then it's a question of how soon does the Jade backlash start? Putting a belt on a green but attractive and jacked worker is not supposed to be AEW's thing.
  20. I saw it happen on TV! Living in Baltimore, we could get a DC independent UHF station (channel 50) that, in 1989, ran wrestling every weekday at 6pm. World Class, Global, AWA, GLOW. I still remember it and it was such a cool, simple way of getting a new monster over.
  21. Exactly. I stopped listening A) when it was obvious Prichard was just a lying carny trying to stay in Vince's good graces and B) when Schiavone's show just became schtick devoted to selling show catchphrase-related t-shirts.
  22. Thanks for that! I was really confused and thought I had some Mandela Effect shit going on because I swore the guy I saw beat Kerry wasn't K-9. Can somebody explain the whole "scrape his lungs" thing? Also, remember, his biker pal figured he got a hot shot/hot dose from someone who wanted to kill him.
  23. LOL That's every Rocky movie! More unprotected shots to the head in one fight than in the entire run of the original ECW. I just hope, somewhere in those additional 40 minutes, they put the decades-old debate to bed by once and for all answering the burning question, "is it east versus west or man against man?"
  24. I hope they add 3-4 more montages! I love this movie but watching it after listening to the Rewatchables episode about it just ruins the film because the podcast really called attention to the overuse of montages in the movie and then you can't unsee it. Holy shit, I just Googled "how many montages" and Google automatically filled in "in Rocky 4" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I just saw this on IMDB: Honestly, there's a spot in the film where they do a montage, about a minute of actual stuff, then another montage.
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