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  1. So I'm considering picking up 2k18. Last one I got was 2k16 and I wasn't a fan of the submission system and barely played it. Been watching some video reviews and they've fixed it a bit which is good. The 100+ wrestler roster sounds great too and the gameplay mechanics of being able to pick up and carry your opponent looks good too. So is it worth getting and is it a leap forward quality wise from 2k16?. Like I said I didn't like 2k16, perhaps I should have stuck with it longer. Last WWE game I invested time in was like the first or second time you could download community creations and I had some fun matches with old school wrestlers. Having random stuff happen in universe mode was fun too.
  2. Yes it is definitely worth checking them out. Layers of Fear is currently free for the next day and a bit.
  3. Thanks. That's good news regarding the workshop. No interference is a bit of a bummer since I liked that random aspect, but it's no biggie. It does seem likely that interference could be part of the story mode DLC. Like for example you set some nWo members to come out after Sting or the Freebirds do a run in on one of the Von Erichs. Are managers at ringside? Haven't noticed that in the videos I've watched as I'd like to have them accompany the wrestlers to the ring. Say Gary Hart comes out with the Great Muta, Bobby with Andre etc. If not that's no biggie either but I like that attention to detail that the AKI games had. A next gen VPW2 or No Mercy would have been really great. Shame they won't develop a new game like SpikeChunsoft have.
  4. I got OOTP18 in the sale but only played a few exhibition games so far. Is it possible to start anywhere in time relevant to the database, say the Babe Ruth era Yankees and are the players of the time free agents/available for trade. Also does it take into account real trades, retirements etc as you go through the years?.
  5. I'm mostly likely going to pick this up today. It's on sale til the 21st December if I'm correct. A few questions though, do other wrestler(s) interfere during a match?. On the AKI games I used to fantasy book of that happening. Also will the Steam Workshop downloading of created wrestlers etc be part of the future season pass or will that stay free?. Thanks
  6. A few jokes are OK but some are offensive and or don't make much sense like they've come from a kind of random joke generator. Perhaps try and build on your better jokes if you want to continue. Self publishing is the way to go too.
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