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  1. Everyone knows about it, they just carry on regardless, so to me it's always felt like this rather precarious practice that would just need one little nudge, ala the Weinstein scandal, for the whole thing to blow up in WWE's faces.
  2. Inoki has got to be one of the most deluded people in prowrestling history right?
  3. I always thought a Texas Deathmatch was just a Last Man Standing, wasn't aware of the three count before the 10 count. Cheers
  4. The only thing I wish they'd changed with Rumble 92 was Flair coming in at #1. For me, the Rumble has always been defined by the surprise entrants. Jake returning at Rumble 96 was a big 'wow' as was Mr Perfect in 2002
  5. In response to @olythegreat89 I always loved the illustrated Rumble posters they do every now and again. This remains a favourite for pure nostalgia reasons
  6. Rippa: please post interesting/cool photos Natural: *posts Daniel Bryan's facebook profile pic * Anyway, here's the first chain match I ever saw:
  7. I actually thought he was the next big thing with his self-obsessed social media character with selfie stick and all that... then he got called up
  8. Reigns is a good shout. Jeff Hardy just wore clothes so I'd discount him, whereas Edge and Christian didn't exactly have a 'team' outfit so I'd discount them too
  9. Tangentially related to this discussion, but it's always blown my mind that Bret kept his tag team look when the Hart Foundation split up rather than reinventing himself. It was obviously a smart move as it was an iconic look but I can't think of anyone else who took that route and excelled
  10. Not generally a fan of the bloke but thank god for Ricky Gervais for calling Hollywood bullshit out. Some of those zingers at Golden Globes were outstanding
  11. The many many complicated world title reigns of Ric Flair. A large infographic:
  12. The highlight for me still is Stallone referring to sex as "the hunka chunka"
  13. So with all this talk, what's caused the downfall/dumbing down of TLC, History, National Geographic et al over the years away from the things they used to be? Desperation for viewers? I miss the days I could switch on the History Channel and watch a random documentary about Napoleon rather than, y'know, an Ancient Aliens marathon. *Disclaimer: I do still watch Mountain Men. Tom Oar is a personal hero
  14. Man, I might have to go and see Holy Mountain at Home later this month.
  15. This looks insane. I think Nolan might actually be my favourite director, I really admire his ability to boil down really heady concepts and philosophies into entertaining blockbusters
  16. This. I've always said Flair's formula is perfect and as good as it gets for the territory system, but in 2019 where we can pull up any of his matches on a whim it comes across as completely derivative while still being entertaining. But then you get something like the HBK retirement match and it's perfect because you really want to see Flair's Greatest Hits. I wish we had complete footage of Mid Atlantic including the big events so we could see his pre-main event career in more detail No, because as I said above, even if you take the approach of 'seen one seen them all' they're still bloody entertaining matches. I'm a Flair critic but I still love the guy.
  17. Oh, and on the whole Palpatine thing this helped clear up my misgivings(ish) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-palpatines-final-order-rise-skywalker-explained-1264714
  18. I enjoyed it, I think people are unfairly maligning JJ Abrams when they should be having a go at Rian Jordan. I liked TLJ FWIW but it's so obvious JJ literally had to pick up the pieces of the aftermath of that film craft something worthwhile and rewarding out of it which meant a ton of cramming and pacing issues... but how else could you have made this film?
  19. I 100% agree with this. I said in the other topic they should have handed control of the trilogy over to one 'mastermind' (which I always thought was supposed to be Kathleen Kennedy but probably and arguably should have been George Lucas) or committee who should have come up with broad brush strokes of the major beats and then handed it off to individuals to craft them Season 3... which conversely is my favourite season because once they got past that hump it went into overdrive. The ending of S3 still gives me goosebumps
  20. There’s no blame to be laid at Lost’s door, it’s a great show and anyone who took umbrage with it back in the day needs to go back and rewatch as it’s made for binging
  21. @West Newbury Bad Boy His infamous Ted Talk about the potential of mystery being greater than the answers
  22. So, the gist I'm getting is that Star Wars fans basically don't know what they want... I guess Abrams once again put way too much emphasis on George Lucas saying it rhymes, but I don't know what anyone was expecting with Disney's usual rushed release schedule and firings. Rogue One was definitely a fluke
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