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  1. Oh god...I knew I shouldn't have, but I listened to Marc Maron's tribute to Lynn Shelton on WTF. For those who weren't aware, Maron and Shelton were a couple. It's absolutely soul crushing to listen to and I feel even worse for her passing now. The way Maron described it, she had a sore throat, they went to the doctor because she had a fever, she got a COVID test that was negative, her fever didn't come down, and then sometime before Friday she collapsed in their hallway and she seemed out of it, but was conscious. From then on she went to two different hospitals, but they ultimately couldn't save her. Heartbreaking. Utterly heartbreaking. Take a moment today to hug your boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, wives, or husbands and tell them how much they mean to you if you don't do that on the reg already because they can be gone in an instant. EDIT: And after his tribute to her, he replays their podcast from 2015, which was actually the first time they met.
  2. I'm up to chapter 8 on FF7 and so far I love it. I think my daughter is up to chapter 9 and she's digging it a lot as well, which is surprising because the combat can be pretty difficult. If I had any gripes it's that the dialogue is kinda shitty at times, but this is also essentially anime so that's to be expected.
  3. 2020 is shaping up to be 2016 Part 2.
  4. Heartbroken. Totally heartbroken. We literally just watched Best in Show again last night.
  5. The sign talk above got me thinking of my favorite signs. I think I like the really random ones the best. Scott Steiner cut a promo on Nitro or Thunder that was his typical rambling affair. But at one point he goes, "IF YOU MAKE ME RICE, I'LL MAKE YA SCREAM TWICE!" The next Thunder or Nitro someone has a sign that says "Got Rice?" I think my all time favorite was either a Judgment Day or Backlash in Chicago. It may have been the one where the Two Man Power Trip took on the Brothers of Destruction. Anyway, X-Pac has a match earlier in the night and the people in the upper level right at the railing drop this bed sheet that's duct taped to the rail and all it said was "DIE X-PAC." No one told them to take it down I assume because it was up there for a long time. If anyone rewatches this, the sign is to the left side of the stage. This was also a PPV where Shane did another dive off of the Titanttron. The absolute worst one I saw, the most fucked up one was one that said "Where's Owen?" Like, come on. Have a modicum of class.
  6. Timothy Olyphant may be my favorite actor. If nothing else, he's up there with dudes like Nick Offerman for people I would choose as my spirit animal. The fact that he's part of this makes me so excited. I hope it isn't just for one episode.
  7. BTW, if y'all want awesome space shit that treads close to the hard sci fi line without sacrificing any fun, then check out The Expanse.
  8. Oh my fuck. I'm all fucking in now. "We dug spice together."
  9. I still need to watch Discovery. I just don't want to have to pay for another service to watch it or Picard. I subscribe to enough services as is.
  10. Wasn't sure if I should post this in the Picard thread or what, but another Star Trek series is in development now and this one is described as classic Star Trek based on hope and optimism.
  11. Also, yes, give me Rey vs Yano or at least a tag against Yano. Man, I really miss NJPW.
  12. I really don't like LoL, but I should see if Cesaro has any streams of his games. Someone should convince him to switch to Dota.
  13. He's a little too old to become a pro Dota 2 player.
  14. There's so many people I want to see Rey get to work with in NJPW before he retires. I have no idea how well it would go, but man, I want to see Rey vs Ishii. And obviously Rey vs Hiromu.
  15. "MILD?!" That line from the Rock and the popcorn shot still make me crack up.
  16. Yes. Everyone working the tapings last week was tested and had to wear yellow wristbands to indicate they were tested. No one tested positive. And before anyone gets into all of the stuff about how other people need tests or there's a shortage of tests, these were paid for by Tony through a private testing facility similar to ones that other wealthy folks or people with a couple hundred bucks to spare could go through.
  17. I honestly haven't watched more than 1 or 2 Animal Crossing videos. I'm completely jealous of all of the power players who have these palace-like islands that are completely sculpted and everything, but I don't have the time for that. As it is, I'm still paying off my debt of 348k bells for my recent home addition. I at least have the bells for that, I just haven't paid Tom Nook yet. My daughter has taken more of an interest in re-doing some parts of our island. She wound up creating a strip mall of sorts near the town square that made it more convenient for buying and selling.
  18. UFC just did 700k buys for an empty arena show without any sort of weekly TV and it cost $65 to order. I made the point in the Dynamite thread, but if the build is good enough and fans are hungry enough then I don't see why they couldn't come close to 100k buys again. Hell, I'll order it. I cancelled the WWE Network and temporarily cancelled my NJPW World subscription since nothing it happening. AEW runs 4 PPVs a year and I'm already saving $20 a month from not having the Network or NJPW World. Even if I had the Network I would still order DoN.
  19. The buyrate for DoN is going to be really interesting. AEW plays it smart by spacing their PPVs so far apart that I could see them still coming close to or cracking 100k buys. Hell, UFC did a shitload of buys for UFC 249 in an empty auditorium so I don't buy the argument that people won't pay money to see an empty arena PPV. If the build is good enough and the fans are hungry enough for a big show then they'll pay to see it. On the other hand, ratings are lower than what they were for Revolution so maybe that's going to have an impact on PPV buys. All I know is, after last night, I'm more likely to order the PPV again. And honestly, my biggest concern with the PPV isn't even the empty arena. It's how fucking shitty B/R Live is. It was a fucking shitshow to use it last time. Even with using Chromecast I couldn't rewind or start from the beginning if I was casting from my phone. The only way I could was if I started it in a browser window on my computer and casted that to my TV in my basement where my computer is at. That worked fine, but I would have to run back to the computer to rewind or pause or whatever. B/R Live fucking sucks.
  20. JR is always going to compare someone to a football player or some bullshit like that. He always has. If not that, he's comparing their toughness to a cheap steak or how ugly a match is to a bowling shoe. I honestly don't mind it and I doubt many of the women mind it either. If they did, I would imagine Tony would have said something to JR by now because that type of shit doesn't seem like it would fly in AEW.
  21. Two days in a row I traveled to another random island with a Nook ticket and each time the island only had my native fruit, cherries. I also saw and caught my first scorpion on my home island. That was really weird and random. Creepy too. Scorpions and way creepier than tarantulas.
  22. Someone light a candle for Aziz's nephew. And yeah, this is all pretty disappointing. I guess whatever Sam Esmail does next won't be on USA.
  23. Could you maybe say what or maybe link to something?
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