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Found 6 results

  1. Per Hollywood Cibernetico's suggestion in the What Are You Watching thread, I decided to start this (especially since my plan is to start Nitro from the beginning as I did with Raw) and I'd like to jib-jab about it with other dudes. I just finished the second episode (had a few errands to run this afternoon) so just a couple thoughts: Holy shit-- Alex Wright vs. SABU. I was not-so-blissfully unaware of this match until today. What the hell was with that table at the end? At first glance I'm like "Oh, a classic WCW gimmick table (ala the balsa wood chairs)" but it actually looked harder to break than a standard press board table. What a weird match. That reverse rana spot was pretty rad. Sabu wasn't around much longer after the Halloween Havoc match with Mr. JL ,right? This was also my first taste of pre-NWO Scott Norton. This was pre-internet for me by about 2 years, so for anyone who was around at that time: any hype surrounding him? I know he was a champion in Japan during the NWO era (and seemed perfect for it) but for a guy of his size... I dunno, it's not like he was doing Vader-saults. I'm a little confused at the context... was he in there with Savage because he was poised to become a big star, or was he just fodder for Savage on the road to War Games? Hogan/Luger was pretty much as expected. Their matches from summer/fall 1997 are a little more romanticized in my mind, partly because the NWO was happening, partly because I was the right age to be eating wrestling up, and partly because this is the second week in a row with Nitro ending on a pretty below-par Hulk promo. I had to take time off from watching Raw, so I'm only into the KOTR hype where Luger is teaming with Davey Boy-- didn't see much more out of him here than I did in a lot of those tags (save for Owen/Yoko). EDIT: Said it in the other thread, but it bears repeating... Mongo's Fucking Chihuahua!!!
  2. Starrcade 97 was supposed to be the biggest moment for the company, but was it the beginning of the end?
  3. As there are alot of WCW fans on this message board I figured we could have a thread to discuss and reminisce about are favorite WCW and/or Crockett memories. I'll start it off with Flairs return and the Horsemen reunion in September of 98. So much emotion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycgNEC86q0w
  4. Since there seemed to be some interest when I mentioned it in the Omnibus thread, I figured I'd start a repository for all the best/most memorable/entertaining matches and segments from WCW Saturday Night and it's step-sisters, Worldwide and Pro. Saturday Night is in an interesting position, as for a while it was essentially the flagship show for the promotion, but by the late 90s was essentially a C show where you'd get to see such stalwarts as Roadblock, Rick Fuller, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2. A quick video search turned this up as an interesting start
  5. Without any further suggestions, I've settled on doing a diary for 1993 WCW. I will use Fire Pro Returns for PS2 to simulate the matches and my own system for booking them and angles. I will be running house shows, TV tapings, and big events based on WCW's actual touring schedule from 1993. The only show I won't be doing is the November 1993 Clash of the Champions, because they also did a Battlebowl PPV that month, and EWR only allows for one big show a month. I won't be doing the New Japan Supershow either, since I don't want to sign all their guys for just one show.As guys get more or less over and move up or down the card, I'll be altering their stats in FPR. Champions will get a stat boost randomly assigned, with the maximum boost going down the longer their reign lasts. That's so I don't have a series of title changes without any successful defenses.I've had to change up the TV schedule, since a couple shows aired on the same day. The TV schedule is:WORLDWIDE: Thursday, Late EveningMAIN EVENT: Friday, Late EveningSATURDAY NIGHT: Prime TimeTHE POWER HOUR: Sunday, Early EveningI'll be "auto booking" the first two weeks of TV shows until I get to a TV taping that I run. At that point, I'll list "spoilers" for the matches, then full show write-ups when it comes time for them to air.I have the Arsenic Editor, which I'll be using to add guys as they debut in later years (if I do this long enough) and to heal injured guys who have participated in a taping before their injury so their matches can be added to the TV shows when they're booked in EWR (I expect to be doing a lot of that when I get to the mass Worldwide tapings at Disney).I will be posting injuries and new signings as they happen.The current WCW roster is:Arn AndersonBarry WindhamBig Van Vader (WCW World Heavyweight Champion)Bill IrwinBob CookBobby EatonBrad ArmstrongBrian PillmanCactus JackChris BenoitDan SpiveyDiamond Dallas PageDustin RhodesErik WattsJohnny B. BaddJohnny GunnJushin Thunder LigerKensuke SasakiLarry ZbyszkoLord Steven RegalMarcus Alexander BagwellMasahiro Chono (NWA World Heavyweight Champion)Maxx PayneMichael PS HayesPaul OrndorffRick Rude (United States Champion)Ricky Steamboat (World Tag Team Champion)Ron SimmonsScotty FlamingoSgt. Buddy Lee ParkerShane Douglas (World Tag Team Champion)Shanghai PierceSteve AustinSteve WilliamsStingTex SlazengerThe BarbarianThe Great MutaTom ZenkToo Cold ScorpioVan HammerVinnie VegasAlrighty, here we go...
  6. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6k0oy_new-japan-pro-interview-segment_sport DAILYMOTION IS GO! YESSSSSSS.
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