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  1. Trophies/achievement lists are out for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Mass Effect 1 PS4 Trophy List Mass Effect Legendary Edition Trophies Mass Effect 2 PS4 Trophy List Mass Effect 3 PS4 Trophy List Mass Effect Legendary Edition Achievement List Basically: 3 separate Platinums for ME1-3 + separate trophy list, a massive list for Xbox One/Series X owners It will entail doing Insanity difficulty without changing it on all three games. @J.T., @RIPPA or @Caseyor @JLSigman or anyone in the thread, you up for it? (There may be limits to what I do lol)
  2. Got my 213th Platinum trophy with Ghost Recon Future Soldier for PS3. Before you start this game, some pointers: - The online is extremely broken. If you have to mess with your router settings just to connect to people, there's something wrong. - There is no possible way to matchmake at all with this game. When I did the online trophies years ago (including the friends challenge), I had to join up with squad matchmaking, which worked less than 40% of the time. Then you have to pay attention to the friends' challenge and not get too many kills in a match. - Guerrilla Mode is best
  3. The soundtrack is totally underrated though. Quite a few tracks have late '70s synths and acoustic instruments. I got the Platinum (twice) for it and even bought it on Switch - since there never will be a Vita version.
  4. On a dare, I Platinum'ed Rusty Gun for PS4 as my 212th Platinum trophy. It's okay. It's Mutant Mudds but easier.
  5. It feels like it's the final bombcast and the site is shutting down despite what Jeff Gerstmann is saying.
  6. Holy shit. This one got to me because I first started posting on DVDVR in high school and I'm now a 40 year old man still posting here (albeit about my endless Platinum trophy hunting on PlayStation because I have no interest in modern wrestling anymore. Why the hell is Kenny Omega a World champion much less holding TWO World titles?). OSJ is what lured me to this site and I always enjoyed reading his thoughts and seeing the direction threads would take when he would contribute. Plus, he turned me on to The Cramps and The Gun Club too. God speed John. I raise a glass of bou
  7. I got mine on pre-order and I'll be picking it up today. Also, R-Type Final 2 is coming out today but it may be a very limited print and prove to be a rare game to find. Also, the State of Play for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart made me pre-order it so fast. It's like everything I loved about R&C but better.
  8. I can vouch for A+ and Network+. It got me my previous job, which got me my current job. Now I'm wanting to get a CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) cert at my current job and eventually get a Security+, CISM and CRISC. The only downside to CompTIA is it doesn't prepare you for dealing with departments expecting you to support off-the-wall/out of date software that don't work at all on Windows 10 (that's working for an university for you). And they won't spend the money to buy updated software because some professor wants to spend $10K for everyone to go to a conference th
  9. The demo had me hoping that the girl you meet would be the Ethan Trilogy equivalent of Ashley...but alas that wasn't to be.
  10. Got my 211th Platinum trophy for Operation7 Showdown. Whatever you do, don't play this game.
  11. I would still plan on buying PS3/Vita games -- Sony may not be shutting the store, but that doesn't stop developers from delisting games on there.
  12. Fortunately, a lot of the de-patched games are receiving their patches again. The patch just affects the DLC. Oh and I forgot: Metal Gear Solid 4 - The patch is needed for not just trophy support but to prevent it from installing the game after every chapter. It'll take longer for the install, but it's worth it. Gran Turismo 5 & 6 - Very lengthy patch download (like 27 updates to download each) but very necessary. GT6 and its patching adds the Ayron Senna DLC trophies and overall performance improvements for both games. Borderlands 1 & 2 - As far as I'm aware,
  13. There are few that need patches to be playable: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - If it has the patch installed, it's able to recognize the downloadable DLC (Reverie/Resurrection) in the game. Zone of the Enders HD Collection - Without the patch, both games are close to unplayable and sub 10fps. I own Silent Hill HD Collection because I'm likely insane.
  14. The fact that they wouldn't greenlight Gravity Rush 3 and other unique games tells me that Sony will have struggles with PS5 even outside of Covid restrictions. Shorter development cycles = crappier games or more crunch, more bugs. Sony will be in a rude awakening once sales on PS5s starting dropping off and they won't have as many first party games available or ready. Jim Ryan may keep his job, but a lot of people on trophy hunting sites and on Twitter want him gone.
  15. I find it incredibly short-sighted of Sony to want to remake The Last of Us and Uncharted for PS5. The whole point of new console generations was to play games that push the hardware, not games that are now two generations old again. I consider the PS4 versions to be what Sony had in mind initially but had limitations hardware wise (which even then, the PS3 versions of Uncharted 2 & 3 and The Last of Us are incredible). It's good news to hear that Sony is letting Bend Studios do a new IP now -- hopefully we'll see something soon.
  16. Zelda 35 since this year's the 35th anniversary as well. It just has to happen. How is the question though.
  17. Sony's upcoming shutdown of the PS3/Vita/PSP storefront is really disappointing. According to VGC, there will be over 2200 games on PSN that will be lost forever unless Sony figures out a way to bring those games forward to PS4/PS5 or leave the store open. That's not to mention other regions (Japan will lose over 700 PS1/PS2 classics native to its region and UK will lose quite a few PS1/PS2 classics that never were released in the US). I'm hoping there will be enough pressure on Sony to leave the stores open, but I somewhat doubt that will happen. For Sony, focusing on PS5 and its bare mi
  18. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I've probably bought more on PS3/Vita's PlayStation Store than I will be physically able to play. Still, it's good to know that the download function will still be there.
  19. You can. Nintendo didn't pull the plug on that.
  20. I have a hard time believing the rumor. PSP store is already dead for years and people have been able to download their purchases on PSPs. I feel that the same will be true for PS3 & Vita -- you'll still be able to download games you bought, you just won't be able to buy any other games. Sony has already started culling PSN games from PS3 storefront (the further it goes back in all games in 2011 while if you search for it if you know the titles). There was an issue earlier where people couldn't download their content on Vita for about week but I don't think Sony would risk making
  21. I do that but I'm working from home, so I don't really feel like I'm going anywhere. When I do go on vacation, I try to do something else like get out of the house or clean up. Plus, if you've seen my collection, catching up is impossible. It's just a goal.
  22. Got my 209th Platinum trophy with PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4. The last secret level is a pain in the ass.
  23. The problem is, I will not buy GTA V for PS5. I can't even finish the PS3 version. Got my 208th Platinum trophy with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for PS4.
  24. Site I frequent said that Life Is Strange 3 would be called True Colors and would star an Asian American girl (how much that is true I don't know). I don't know why -- but I have a feeling they are going to announce Final Fantasy VII Remake Go. Either that or Deus Ex Go.
  25. THIS. I find myself only be able to play on my Switch for maybe an hour due to this. Beyond that time, I'm having to find aspirin. With Nintendo being Nintendo, I don't see them calling it a Switch Pro or Switch XL or a Super Nintendo Switch, just Nintendo Switch. They had a newer model that had less power consumption and they didn't make noise about it, just released it and kept the name.
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