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  1. Okay show not great but ok. curious about the battle royal.
  2. PWI says Randy Orton and Sting will appear at Survivors Series. Getting way more interesting.
  3. As bad as they've treated Ziggler, I can't help but feel he's being set up for a big win at Survivor Series. But as mentioned, with that stip added I see no way Team Cena is gonna lose.
  4. Cesaro's burial continues. But looks okay.
  5. I get Destination America, which I'm glad about, our cable system dropped Spike and all other Viacom channels about a month ago. I know they do a fair amount of Ghost Hunting, Haunting type shows. At least now Dixie can re-hire Russo openly. Which I'm sure she will.
  6. PWI said announced for Raw, Cena vs Ryback, Ryback was doing so well, hate to see him fed to Cena.
  7. Seems like a fairly good show, since most of the crew have already left for England.
  8. I always thought it looked silly that the victim had to keep his arms around his opponents knee's the whole time. Otherwise it just won't work. No pics of Hijo Del Santo applying that hold?
  9. I just got an email from WWE telling me no more 6 month commitment it'll be $9.99 month to month from now on. I don't watch much except new PPV's and NXT.
  10. Nope, Meltzer's are pretty much the same. It does say the Kane/Ziggler match was 20 seconds long. And that Cesaro was stumbling around with a pumpkin on his head, reminds me of a certain Mr. Bean episode with a giant turkey.
  11. Smackdown Halloween edition: Does anyone thing poor D-Bry will ever come back? Stardust & Goldust lose to Los Matadors? and poor Ziggler sounds like he got a hella beatdown.
  12. Ziggler vs Cesaro match sounds good.
  13. Just as I was getting into Impact again, my cable company Suddenlink, dropped all the Viacom channels, including Spike. I guess I could go to youtube to see it, but it's just not the same. (okay, I'm gonna miss Teenwolf too).
  14. Doesn't sound like much of a show.
  15. Kane told Seth the money in the bank shot was still his even without the briefcase, hated that, so the briefcase actually means nothing? Why does he bother carrying it around if it's worthless? Show vs Rusev was pretty good, When they start letting him do more moves, Rusev could be pretty good.
  16. Rusev vs Henry was a strange disappointing match, Jericho vs Orton was very good. Cena/Lesnar wasn't too bad and played out as I thought it would, with someone interfering, that's the only way it could have ended to keep it going onto Hell in the Cell.
  17. I think they're hoping Dan Bryan heals before Mania and he can start a program with Lesnar. But it's gonna be either him or Reigns.
  18. They're almost sure to bring back Ambrose if his movie thing is over. They have end Mark Henry's thing with Rusev to move Henry up the card
  19. Meltzer says WWE is looking to sell their library to Warner, if that happens that will be the beginning of the end for the WWE Network. The end may be sight. Although I have no idea why Warner would even want it, other that sell DVDs.
  20. Heyman is awesome, but Cena opponents all fall into trying to lure Cena over to the dark side of the force, Bray Wyatt, now Heyman. A heel Cena would bring that purple heart out that guy gave him and destroy it. I fast forwarded the Diva's stuff, not at all interested in it. They claimed they stopped the cage when Rollins went under, but they didn't not until Rollins was already out. That would have been some headline if Rollins had gotten impaled. Sorry to hear about the death of Sean O'Haire, I thought he was good on Nitro, until WWE got a hold of him and took away all of his high flying offense. Jeff Hardy was the flyer of the company at the time. R.I.P. Sean.
  21. 10 man tag was okay just a bad ending. That DDT Cesaro took on top of his head was sick.
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