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  1. Cena's injury was scripted, there's nothing wrong with him. PWI said it was all a bit written into the show.
  2. I knew they were leading up to Bryan vs HHH but they kind of threw it out there so sudden, now Kane is out. A Pen impaled through the hand doesn't strike me as PG, but they did have it sticking out of the wrong end of the hand on the Network feed.
  3. From their FAQ page: "Yes, 2012 and 2013 replays of Raw and SmackDown are available on WWE Network's ever-growing video-on-demand library. Current episodes of RAW and SmackDown will be available on-demand 30 days after their original air date on USA and Syfy."
  4. Meltzer seemed to think they'd be up 30 days later, for some reason. This is also mentioned in the FAQ page on that website network. Signed up with no problem on my desktop PC, watched a World Class and an Eastern Championship Wrestling show from the On Demand thing. Minor stalls but no real problems. Even if I only watch on weekends it's still worth it.
  5. And HHH will probably make his own match one of the main events if not THE main event, consider his ego.
  6. Meltzer insists Bryan vs HHH is definitely booked for Mania. The fights with Kane are probably leading up to that. Nobody wants to see Batista vs Orton.
  7. Looks interesting but not as good as last week
  8. The only matches that appeal to me are the opening match and the main. Cesaro beat Orton!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I don't mind OTE being televised, I just don't see what they're gonna edit out. Nothing was shown, it happened during the video promo piece, when they came back the camera stayed locked on the announcers. The only thing they can edit out is the announcers telling you what happened. This to me is In the same league with being a Nascar fan. As George Carlin said, "The only reason people go to these things is how often to you get to see guys die in fiery auto crashes and not be in them. Driving a car 200 mph in a circle does not impress me. "
  10. Meltzer said they're gonna follow the formula of Classics on Demand, as stuff is added, the previous stuff will be removed. He said what they've shown is like 1% of their library.
  11. I'm anxious to see this card, the best thing to happen to D-Bry's career is the departure of C.M. Punk.
  12. I don't think Christian & Cesaro will hang onto those elimination chamber spots, Del Rio & Batista will wind up replacing them somehow. Was Rushev just a one time deal? Was he shipped back to NXT?
  13. Another set of spoilers said Titus turned heel on Darren Young and beat him up after the match. The Wyatt's gave a promo during the main, Luke Harper spoke. Happy about the Wyatt's vs the Shield.
  14. Hope this leads to a Shield vs Wyatt's match, The main was awesome.
  15. Alvarez in the newsletter mentions possible Rumble surprise entrants, 2 Cold Scorpio & Jimmy Wang Yang.
  16. PWI says it's almost a lock, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, & Sheamus, they're all in town. But if Bryan does win it, I think he'll wind up losing it in some kind of gimmick match on Raw. I'm still hoping he'll face HBK at Mania.
  17. These are the matches that go up on NXT today: *Antonio Cesaro defeated CJ Parker with the Neutralizer. *Sami Zayn came out on crutches and challenged Antonio Cesaro to a 2 of 3 Falls match. Cesaro comes out. He showed Sami respect and shook Zayn's hand and then shoots down the challenge, saying he already showed who the better man is. *Natalya defeated Summer Rae with the Sharpshooter *NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension defeated two wrestlers they didn't announce. *Corey Graves defeated Camacho. *NXT champion Bo Dallas came out and did his spiel. Adrian Neville challenged him for a title shot. Triple H came out and said if Neville can Beat the Clock, he will get a title shot on 2/27. Neville won and earned the title shot. Dallas attacked Neville and they brawled.
  18. Nice show, the Wade Barrett bit sounds awesome. I'm interested to see who's in that smazz at the end, it should be everyone who's in the Rumble. What's IWC?
  19. Meltzer says they're be putting stuff up and taking stuff off on a weekly basis just like their On Demand site and we're still be getting around 1% of their library. And if you don't have high speed internet, probably not a good idea.
  20. I think they're keeping Bryan on light duty because of his concussion, whether he's in the Rumble may depend on how his brain heels between now and then. But I still don't think he'll be in it mostly because of his concussion.
  21. If he's gonna wrestle Bray Wyatt at the Rumble he is not gonna be in the Rumble, neither is Lesnar or Big Show since they wrestle each other.
  22. I noticed Cena's run too, more of a fast waddle. And Big Show's impression of Heyman was dead on. You know he does it back stage.
  23. I'm sure Batista's look was because of that movie he's in Guardians of the Galaxy. At least the head. Since they're in matches that means Bryan, Big Show, Lesnar are not in the Rumble. I thought Lesnar was gonna get some heat back instead of getting run off again. Did you see Rowan try to flip the Oso over the top rope with the claw hold, I guess the Von Erich's didn't teach him how to do that.
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