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  1. Founder of LLPW Rumi Kazama has passed away at 55. https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/99a34aa5d622407f212ed8de4ae614d0c2744bc7
  2. Note: They just extended the state of emergency for several areas until the end of September. The government is hoping to vaccinate everyone who is willing by October or November. Judging by this more than a few people are willing. Like in the US, vaccination rates and the process by which people can receive them varies. My smallish prefecture of Yamaguchi tops the country at close to 60 percent done and almost 70 percent with at least one shot. And even then vaccine coupons, which are used to keep track of who got what and when, were sent out at different times by different municipalities in the prefecture. Also at the end of the month the controlling party of the Diet, the Liberal Democratic Party - which is definitely not liberal and kind of democratic in the US sense - will be holding elections for it's new leader who will then become the next Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, has declined to run in the party election paving the way for one of these people probably.
  3. In the case of AJPW, they were off for a bit, notably right when cases started rising again towards the end of July.
  4. 1. Yukiko Ueno as the winning pitcher for Japan in the gold medal softball game, 12 years after she did the same in Beijing. 2. A Rui leads Japan to a basketball medal. Not Rui Hachimura but Rui Machida. Machida tied the record for assists in a game but her coach didn't realize it and didn't put her back in the game to break the record - and then she broke the record the next game anyway. Yeah, they got stomped by Team USA in the final but it was a great run. 3. Japan gets it's first table tennis gold in the first ever mixed doubles event and Chinese twitter sort of loses it's mind (of course they went to sweep gold in all the other events). This was also when Mima Ito probably solidified herself as Japan's best ever table tennis player. She'll probably be there in Paris but these Olympics might have been where the path paved by Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa these past fifteen years reached it's apex. 4. The unfortunate end of Kohei Uchimura's Olympic career. Not that Japan's men's gymnastics is in any trouble but it won't be the same for a while. 5. SO many stupid scandals running up to the Olympics, most of which could have been avoided. The fact that they even had an opening ceremony after all that was a minor miracle. 6. Oh, all the new sports were all generally entertaining. And Carissa Moore winning the first ever women's surfing gold was significant on several levels.
  5. Umm..about one of those games...
  6. To be fair, I and those competitors are deep SASUKE nerds so not everyone will enjoy it quite as much. But during lead, any partisan country cheering kind of went out the window for me because it felt more like everyone trying to conquer the wall rather than beat each other.
  7. The hosts will definitely surpass their record of 41 medals at Rio because they will be in the gold medal round for both baseball and the women's team table tennis event. Sport Climbing was interesting. SASUKE (i.e. original flavor Ninja Warrior) competitors on twitter compared watching the almost six hour event to being at a SASUKE taping. And even watching the lead part was like watching SASUKE third stage runs minus the water when people fall. Japan is still in medal contention for both the men's and women's events there. All of the medalists in the women's skateboarding events are under 20 years old so we may be seeing the same faces in Paris..unless today's 3rd graders decide the step up their game.
  8. Japan and the US go into extra innings in baseball and Japan ends it with the sequence every Japanese baseball player has had burned into their brains since youth: bunt to move the runner, base hit, win. You know it's coming but you can't stop it.
  9. The new sports have definitely been a boon to Japan's medal count. They are more than able to pick up medals in the other skateboard event (park) and sport climbing. There was a slight changing of the guard in women's wrestling between Rio and Tokyo though (no Icho, no Tosaka).
  10. With a team fencing gold Japan has now beat it's old record of 16 golds at Athens in '04 and Tokyo '64. Not sure if they have many more coming their way though. Also, the South Korean archer An San leads all athletes with three golds, the first ever archer to do so which she can shove in the faces of the assholes online in South Korea.
  11. Not being respectful are bunches of sore loser Chinese SNS accounts (some are definitely bots) kicking up a fuss about illegal touching of the table and blowing on the ball by the Japanese team. The Olympics: always bringing the world together.
  12. So much stuff going on tonight. The ROC edged out Japan in the Men's team gymnastics by .103 to get the gold. It was down to the very last routine. And then Japan gets it's first ever table tennis gold in the first ever mixed doubles event. It's the first time anyone other than China has taken gold at any Olympic table tennis event since 2004.
  13. The three medalists in the women's street skate are 13, 13 and 16. (Nishiya turns 14 next month). There are a bunch more young skaters in the other skate event, including 15 year old Misugu Okamoto.
  14. Ended up watching this live while I watched mixed doubles table tennis on TV. I think it aired on youtube the same time the GCW show was on? Anyway, when did Hammerstone start doing Hulk Hogan cosplay?
  15. In Japan (and most of East Asia) table tennis and badminton are some of the biggest Olympic sports (curling sort of too after the last winter Olympics). The mixed doubles quarterfinal between Germany and Japan was tense today. I can't imagine how it would have been with a crowd. The semis are between Japan, Taiwan, China and France. France has a player who started out in China and later moved to France, something not uncommon in the last few Olympics. The best players in Japan go to China to train. Japan picked up the first ever skateboarding gold today. If people have VPNs can they access the NHK online feeds? They don't have everything up there because some events are on TV (split between NHK and all the different TV stations) but they do have live streams of things like 3 x 3, surfing, boxing and tennis. During the gymnastics qualification runs each apparatus had a different feeds (not that they labeled it that way though.) Also, I'm not sure if they showed it but here is the pantomime pictogram thing (can't embed because of NHK): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-q7URCY7vY
  16. Your official sponsors for Kizuna Road and Summer Struggle.
  17. The whole point of having a Wrestling Dontaku is that there is a giant event going on at the same time that in a normal year brings something like two million people into Hakata. But they've already canceled the parade for this year and the Dontaku itself is scaled way down. No one is using the Marine Messe hall on the 3rd and 4th so why not run one slightly bigger show there?
  18. The audience cap was raised to 10,000 last month. On the 18th of this month the government will decide whether to stay with that or go to half-capacity.
  19. To add some context about the earthquake, they were in Sendai where it was probably a four or five on the shindo scale as it was fairly close to the epicenter. It is also one of the areas where the Tohoku earthquake hit and the tenth anniversary of the quake was about just under two weeks ago. There are still constant earthquakes happening in that area on a small scale that are aftershocks of the Tohoku quake with the last big one happening in February.
  20. Press Conference for Wrestle Kingdom. https://news.goo.ne.jp/article/battle_news/sports/battle_news-20201223_65805.html "El Phantasmo" is there. Everyone does the do your hand gesture while standing next to your opponent photo op and then there's this:
  21. This is going to be another episode of the thing they did with Amazon that was released back in September.
  22. The third joshi legends "performance" match is Dump Matsumoto and Bull Nakano against Jumbo Hori and Yukari Omori
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