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  1. Ha, never have seen that before! Fun video, although it was hard to watch that mint condition LJN Big John Studd fig get destroyed What year would this have been? 1991? Albano was certainly talking out of his ass though about Andre being unbeatable with speed and agility.
  2. I'm watching a Prime Time Wrestling from April of 1987. Buried at the end is a match from Boston Garden between Judy Martin and Desiree Peterson. I go into this thing thinking, WTF, this is the best they can do to kill some time in the post-Wrestlemania dead period they always had? I really considered fast-forwarding, but I decided to stick it out, and HOLY-SHIT was I glad that I did. This match might be one of the best sleeper gems I've ever come across. No hyperbole. First of all, Judy Martin beats the living hell out of poor Desiree in this match. It was brutal. Then, Judy pulls out of a damn POWER BOMB. This match is probably early to mid 1985ish. Gorilla and Okerlund were on commentary. Then, Martin takes Peterson and throws her through the ropes HARD and she lands on Okerlund, who oversells it a bit. Peterson back in the ring, and Martin throws her HARDER onto Monsoon, who ends up carrying Martin and putting her back in the ring. Meanwhile, Martin pulls off that old "make a wish" move when she's holding Peterson's legs with Desiree's back on the mat, and Martin kicks her in the vagina. The crowd is stunned, and Gorilla and Okerlund call for the bell. If this wasn't good enough, the trainwreck goes outside where Martin throws Peterson into the rabid Boston Garden crowd, over the fucking railing, and then pulls her up and launches her back over the railing towards the ring, where Desiree looks like she busts a kidney. Some more ass whipping inside, and then out of nowhere Desiree ducks a clothesline and pulls out a cross body for the surprise pin. Crowd goes apeshit. Really, really fun match that surprised the hell out of me. Enjoy and thank me later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWPbZAB6xH0
  3. I have dived into a 1987 Prime Time Wrestling season set. God, I love this. The chemistry between Gorilla and Bobby brings a smile to my face. The buildup to Mania III is just perfect. Angles move at a deliberate enough pace that you can digest them and enjoy them. Two examples. The Hogan/Andre Mania III buildup was dragged out over five weeks of Piper's Pits. Just perfect. Week 1, Hogan's trophy. Week 2, Andre's trophy. Week 3, Jesse and Roddy spar. Week 4, Andre shows up with Heenan to challenge Hogan. Week 5, Hogan accepts, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! The Danny Davis stuff is just brilliant. Love the house shows from MSG, MLG, and Boston... This is wrestling the way it was meant to be.
  4. I may have called her a mark earlier in the thread (earlier this week), but thanks for your reply. I still havent watched the match on Youtube with the "contentious" dialogue between AJ and the announcers. Is it entertaining enough to go out of my way to find? I'm wrapped up in a Prime Time 1987 set right now that is highly entertaining, and I'm not sure I can stomach any post 2001-wrestling right now.
  5. This is a very very good observation. I will say that the point is not that she has been bragging about how she deserves the belt, but the opposite, that she is humbled by honor of it. I assume she realizes the difference in degree of her situation and most other (let alone the examples you gave above) titles. If she doesn't, it really doesn't matter. - every time you point out a mark, four fingers point back at you, you mark, or something, RAF Yep, I'm hesitant to throw the M-word around, and I understand that a lot of people here really enjoy her work. I can respect that. I do find myself agreeing with Dave on this one more than most people, but again that's what makes the world go around. I don't think Meltzer if totally offbase on this one, even if he may be off on other things.
  6. Indeed. If you're a wrestling fan, you're a mark. Pure and simple. I mean, good for A.J. The shelf-life of a WWE "diva" is pretty short, comparatively. She might as well enjoy her time in the spotlight while it lasts. I know I'm in the minority here, but the disconnect with me being a child of the late 70s and early 80s, is that the fans should be marks. I don't expect the workers to be marks once they've made it to the show. I mean, the Divas title has about as much stature as the WBF or XFL championships. Two points, and I'll leave it alone after that... Shawn and Bret won a title that had a lineage of 30 years, and they were literally on top of the sport/business, which had a pool of hundreds if not thousands of workers. How many female "wrestlers" even exist right now? Shawn and Bret had to bust their behind for years and years. AJ basically fell into her position, much of it by luck, some of it based on the lack of women involved. The scenarios are not even comparable. I hate to sound like the seasoned grizzled vet whining about "paying dues", but AJ has walked an easy route, relatively, to where she is today. I wont say its been privileged, but its pretty damn close.
  7. I don't know the "several times" to which you're referring but the Raw recap got sidetracked for like 3 minutes right off the bat because Bryan kept saying Christian "got beaten down" by the Shield to which Dave kept stressing "a PHANTOM beatdown" because we didn't actually see it. I only remember it because I, too, got extremely annoyed that Dave kept harping on this stupid point. The only only other instance where I remember him being a goofy stickler is when they were discussing the storied lineage of the WWE Divas title - a title which was unified with the Women's Title which you'd think a "renowned wrestling historian" would remember - and when Bryan brought up stuff like Debra holding it, Dave argued with him that the title only dates back to 2008. Speaking of which, I tried to avoid commenting on the AJ thing so all I'll say is she's not the first woman to take winning the Women's title very seriously. I remember several of them crying (Kelly, Trish, Beth) when they won so she's hardly the first to take it quite seriously. Yeah, there was the Russo-rific era when they gave it out in Evening Gown matches but they also had the IC title change hands in a Good Housekeeping Match so I'd hardly hold that era against it. The whole talking point of "It's a fake belt that they give you" is stupid, though. I just listened to Austin's podcast with Kevin Nash and they both talked about how they sat in their hotel rooms staring at the World title after they won it. I'm not saying the prestige is the same but as Bryan tried to point out, if you're a little girl who grew up idolizing Lita and Trish, winning the Divas/Women's belt is pretty much the equivalent. The Austin and Nash title wins happened back in the day, before David Arquette, the Miz and Vince McMahon has won the world title.
  8. Championships are acknowledgements of a person's effort. If someone received an employee of the month and got the perks that went with it, I bet they'd be just as overjoyed as she is. Half the people on this board would kill for having the recognition of being a fictional champion in a wrestling promotion. Oh good grief, you are misguided with that thought process. You think effort is rewarded with championships...in other words, the hardest workers get the titles? Not even close.
  9. And that's probably why I'm not invested in the product anymore.
  10. Aren't most people in wrestling marks though? I mean, Shawn Michaels is a big mark. Didn't stop him from being a great performer. I don't think there's a video of Shawn Michaels meeting Lita & breaking down into tears or getting his title wins tattooed on his body but whatever. That video of AJ meeting Lita, which feels like it was from about three years ago, is precisely what killed AJ in my head. I just don't get it. I'm not into her, can't suspend disbelief in any way, she just doesn't do it for me. Not a woman-hater here. Perhaps its a function of my age, as I'm 40 now. But to me, AJ is that 12-yr old girl who was crying because she met Lita at the aut contograph signing.
  11. They can tease Show turning, but turn someone else instead (Corporate Cody?) and perhaps do an Orton-Show program to portray Orton as a guy who can beat anyone while keeping the champ occupied. Part of me still wants the Ted Jr. retirement to be an internet-working thing so we end up with Corporate Legacy Same here - I love it when things wrap up nicely together. That would be cool.
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