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  1. Not sure it's been asked but what if Punk hang around through Mania 30 for the match with Triple H? That was always the rumoured match and it would have been a semi main event pay day. I wonder where that leaves Bryan, both at Mania but also in the build up. Does he stick with the Wyatt's and play a role in the Cena match? Or does he turn on Bray later and they fight? Where does that leave Cena? Would people power still be pushing for Bryan in the world title scene? What of the rematch with Sheamus? Punk walking away could be one of the all time perfect "sliding d
  2. Show was young & way too eager to please when he came to WWE. He didn't realise he needed to sign his deal then tell Vince to go fuck himself in order to get any kind of respect from the guy. I think that with his charm & athletic ability he could have been something very special. If they didn't want him taking the world title then a huge run with the IC belt works. Have him get DQd or counted out in World title matches but keep the IC belt on him for a year from debut. He can fall a couple of weeks short of HTMs record (if we are adamant in keeping that in tact) th
  3. 305 Live? RIP Brodie/Luke/Jon. Im off to discus lariat everyone on the roster in 2k19...
  4. Not gonna lie, that is pretty awesome. I honestly thought it was a (kayfabe) manager's licence. Showing the world that The Hurt Business do everything by the book.
  5. Hurt Business should be the new Evolution/Horsemen but we all know this company won't make that happen. Lashley - WWE Champion Alexander - US Champion MVP/Shelton - Tag Champions Then you can have someone like Keith Lee work his way through them - Lee and Ricochet win the tag belts. Lee beats Alexander for the US title, Lashley costs him that belt and we move on to the Lee/Lashley WWE title match. It's basic, reliable booking.
  6. I remember fantasy booking a Corbin/Eva Marie "We are what Superstars should be" power couple gimmick. I think it would have been fantastic to see them stomping around in NXT together, trolling the audience.
  7. It's a small thing, and I have no idea what it costs, but the snow for Sting's entrance in AEW is a great effect. One of those things that I'm shocked hasn't been used by someone before, especially in a time when pyro is less common.
  8. That's amazing and also about 1000% more thought than anyone in WWE put into it at the time.
  9. It's 2001 (Are we really coming up on 20 years since WCW died?) but Test just booting people's heads off to keep his spot in the roster post InVasion was pretty sweet. I actually thought they were going to finally push him to the top of the card...
  10. I also think that there is a story that could (and should) have played out with Otis/Tucker. Tag guy wins it. Partner expects to get a tag title shot. Winner isn't sure. Can go multiple ways - Winner makes good on the friendship and they win the tag belts as a team. Winner turns heel and greedily keeps the case. Partner turns heel saying winner is no good on his own and would be wasting the shot. Build up the underdog. Winner takes the singles shot and fails. Leads to team breaking up. With the right team this could be pretty emotional IMO. WWEcould never pul
  11. My MITB fantasy idea: The winner is someone with a 2nd/manager. Think Miz/Riley or Andrade/Zelina. Winner holds the case for a few weeks before handing to their 2nd to carry around. Winner is written out with injury for a few months. 2nd stops carrying the case. End of PPV/Raw/SD and the champ has retained. Screen goes black. Post PPV talk show now on the network. While champ is going around and giving high fives to the crowd in the background they get jumped by the returning winner. 2nd runs out from the back with the case. Title change happens on the post P
  12. This would instantly make him Vince's favorite character. He can team/feud with Big Dick Tony.
  13. Seth should return to save Dom Mysterio from a beatdown, take him under his wing, and go on to win the tag belts for a nice long run. Turn him into the Piccolo to the Mysterio's Goku/Gohan.
  14. Sasha clearly inspired by Taker's short lived "Bukkake/Ahegao" phase...
  15. Im Australian so only take a passing interest in the crazy world of US politics but if Yang goes all in on workers rights and gets wrestling unionized then he should be made president for life.
  16. Both? Taker puts down Sid and Spivey to start with, Spivey then returns as Waylon Mercy and helps swamp cultist Bray battle back.
  17. Oh man... Firefly Funhouse Boneyard Survivor Series match. The Fiend Bray Wyatt Sid Dan Spivey The UnderFaker w Million $ Man vs The Undertaker Savio Vega Rikishi The Godfather The ghost of Yokozuna w ghost Mr Fuji
  18. Then we get even bigger pushes for Batista and Orton.
  19. Fiend needs to attack Taker and then we get the Undertaker Firefly Funhouse match for Mania next year.
  20. Wait... they are calling Mandy/Dana "Fire Power"? I always thought that Mandy was the 'Desire' part of "Fire & Desire".
  21. If they insist on doing 4 v 4 then putting all 4 champs on a team makes sense. Reigns, Zayn & Profits v Orton, Lashley & New Day. Put the rest of the midcard in random teams like the old days.
  22. Other than his insane need to try and give himself concussions early on, Bryan is absolutely a better Bret than Bret was. His "Planet's Champion" run solidified that for me. Bret in WCW is a non event so looking on his WWE career, for as awesome as he was, Bryan has him covered. It's not a knock on Bret at all. Bryan is just one of the absolute best to ever do this.
  23. Cena was a better Hogan than Hogan ever was. Daniel Bryan is a better Bret Hart.
  24. The 2001 Royal Rumble is a top 5 Rumble of all time. I put that down to 3 things - Kane, Honky Tonk Man & Drew Carey.
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