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  1. I liked the Lesnar v Balor match as well. Really thought it was going to build to Demon v Lesnar at Mania that year. Guys I would like to see Lesnar work with: Lashley - Make it a pseudo shoot/fight. These guys could absolutely pull off some sort of MMA/Hoss hybrid match Bryan - As a once off it was awesome. Give some reason for Lesnar to want to 'End Bryan's Career' and it could get pretty scary watching him get thrown around. Reigns - More for the Heyman dynamic. If Roman keeps the title through Mania this is the match I want to see at SummerSlam. Cesaro - It was a m
  2. Id be all in on Lashley v Lesnar. Shelton could finally get fed up with Cedric and go back up his buddy from college. Give us Lashley/Alexander v Lesnar/Benjamin.
  3. This is a great point. One on One, Roman has faced Drew McIntyre (midcarder at the time), The Undertaker (broken down), Brock Lesnar x2 (lost both times) and vs Triple H (zero tension win). Then he has a couple of 6 man Shield tags. Roman really needs to get working with some of the top 'younger' talent on the big stage. Big E and Cesaro are right there. The Bryan match would be legit. Having Jimmy/Jey Uso earn a title shot plays right into the story... No way he should lose to Edge so it's a lose/lose situation. He beats Edge - So what? Edge is 47 years old and one bad bump awa
  4. It's actually disgusting the way the team handled the pre-sequel and Tales plots. So many loose threads to weave in and they ignore all of them.
  5. 90s Cinematic Matches could have saved WCW. We would have got the RoboCop/Sting team and also the Rick Steiner vs Chucky blood feud.
  6. And also one of the great "What If?" events in modern WWE. What if Ali was cleared and Kofi never got that spot? Massiveripple effect for the next 6 months of the main event scene & also the significance of Kofi's win being lost to the ages...
  7. I believe the correct answer is "Dolph Ziggler, but with a push."
  8. Dolph Ziggler and his "Zig Zag" would like a word with you... That aside, how do you feel about ZSJ's full page poetry finisher names?
  9. I'd be down for Bayley invading NXT. I'd much rather they put the tag belts on the Riott Squad and have Bayley take on Billie Kay as her partner to face them at Mania. Bayley as the ACE of women's tag wrestling is a cool niche for her to carve out I think.
  10. If Kevin Owens were to go AEW/NJPW how far could he push the Stunner gimmick? Really all I want is a shirt that says: "Kevin 3:6 Steen"
  11. Unless the streams themselves are directly related to content for the opposition (eg Being the Elite) then it should make no difference what an independent contractor does outside of their appearances for WWE. If Miroslav is playing Rocket League there's no logical reason that CJ can't also be on the stream interacting with the chat. It's not Miro and Lana, it's Miroslav and CJ. They are actors. This would be like Marvel telling RDJ he can't go on Gal Gadot's Twitch stream because she works for DC. It's an insane level of control over someone's personal life. It's even worse that WWE
  12. Imagine trying to pull that shit in any other industry: "Attention WalMart staff, you are hereby informed that any revenue generated from your extra curricular activities will be garnished by WalMart Inc. You are also henceforth banned from appearing or speaking on the Twitch streams of any and all Costco staff and their affiliates." Fuck outta here with that shit.
  13. Why are these amazing promos never on the damn show? Bryan put over: - Heyman as a smart/sneaky manager. - Brock on the SUPER contract - Roman as being on Brock's level - The Chamber as a dangerous/taxing match - Himself as a long term vet - Cesaro as an under appreciated talent - Wrestling itself as something that good guys (himself/Cesaro) love to do He also touched on the history he has with Cesaro and the the history that HEYMAN has with Cesaro and why that would motivate Cesaro to kick Roman's ass, all in 3 minutes of time and all without a script.
  14. When Pearce got out of the ring I thought he was going to announce Lesnar. I wonder how that would play out with Heyman...
  15. Can't wait for this. After dumping plenty of hours into a Paragon Infiltrator FemShep, I can finally run my Renegade Vanguard MaleShep. Disappointed there will be no Multiplayer. I wonder how that will impact the ending options as I'm pretty sure you needed to play a few multiplayer games to get that 100% rating.
  16. Jericho could get plenty of mileage out of an "Over 50's" title for sure. He could take a shot at TNA for the 'legends' title and also WWE for having the same 400 guys on their roster for the last two decades...
  17. How old is everyone on the roster? An "Under 25s" or "Under 30s" title could be interesting and help promote matches between guys who are starting out. Lots of angles to play out too - A super young heel planning on holding it until his XX Birthday... A plucky face who can't ever win and is running out of time... An older face champ who is counting down the days he has left with the title... A foreign heel with a shady birth certificate...
  18. I think you could build a pretty compelling story/match around Kenny not being able to hit Archer with the OWA by himself. Give Archer a 1 on 1 shot (maybe in a cage?) and Kenny doesn't have that homerun KO move to retain his title.
  19. I'd love Bayley to become the Ace of the tag division. She's never going to get the push of Charlotte or the title #s of Sasha. Long quality runs for Bayley are great and I'd like to see her carry that into making the tag division something to watch. Team her up with Billie Kay. When that breaks down then give her someone like Gonzalez. Follow that up with a face turn and a team with Shotzi Blackheart. Then, years down the line, the Golden Role Models reform as a face team for one more record setting run.
  20. Easy fix is to have Edge challenge Balor: Night one - Edge v Finn Balor - NXT Asuka v Charlotte v Ripley - RAW Womens Roman v ??? - Universal Night two - Banks v Belair - SDL title Drew v Sheamus - WWE title Bayley/Billie Kay v Riott Squad - Women's Tag.
  21. I'm fine with the Rumble entrances for the most part. I HATE that everyone gets in the ring and immediately spams their finisher 4-5 times before settling into the punchy-kicky-hang out in the corner stuff.
  22. A wrestling promotion run with "real sport" rules could be pretty interesting. It would certainly give some great room to work on 'shades of grey' stories with people deliberately/accidentally cheating, or trying to injure people with illegal moves etc. Put value into managers by giving them NFL style challenge flags. Heel cheats, ref misses it, out comes the challenge flag. You don't have a manager? Oh well, refs rule is final. Did your manager not throw the flag? Maybe they didn't see the cheating either? Or maybe they are about to turn on you...
  23. Think of how different the WWE landscape would be if; A: Bryan stayed fired after the Justin Roberts choking incident or B: Bryan never choked Roberts & was part of The Nexus all the way through their destruction. Sliding doors and what ifs in spades right there!
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