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  1. Played the demo. Nevermind. This shit sucks. Bye again forever, Final Fantasy. EDIT: And then, it crashed my XBox and didn't save. NOPE. Fuck this.
  2. I watched some of the Final Fantasy Uncovered show. Never cared for a Final Fantasy game, but this one looks good. Looks more action-y. And the open world reminds me of MGSV. I mayyyyyy play it.
  3. I refuse to believe there are that many Smacktalker Skywalkers around there.
  4. Alvarez says they put chants they wanted the crowd to do up on the big screens on top of the stadium. Wow....... I'm weirdly upset by that and them muting the crowd.
  5. My biggest hope for tonight is Cody Rhodrs coming back. OK, not really "biggest", but I wanna see it.
  6. If only you fuckers would have went to see The Condemned....
  7. The women were definitely rushing too much. Especially early on. I liked the match, but they needed to slow the hell down in the first half. EDIT: Triple Threat matches should go away.
  8. So weird, I did all those exact same things.
  9. Who is Johnathon Snowden? And what on Earth is he talking about? I'm so confused by everything about that.
  10. Sounds like I missed one hell of an episode of Total Divas!
  11. I really like the scissors kick across the chest thing she did.
  12. I honestly couldn't blame anyone under 40 who quit this company tonight.
  13. I still like Ziggler, but this cracked me up.
  14. Is Kevin Owens ok? That suplex was NASTY.
  15. I mean, I guess they could do Reigns vs. Jericho, but boy, I hope not.
  16. Shane came in and said Raw sucks. And since he's the babyface, we're supposed to think he's right. Now that he lost, WWE is saying "Yeah, it sucks! And it's gonna continue to suck!"
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