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  1. I didn't like the new logo, now I love it. Met an awesome guy on line, I joined random mission and it was his game, then we did a few Survival modes and races against each other, in about 2 hours I made over 200k. Good guy.
  2. General question, how does this compare simply to WWE 13? Is it too similar? With Football Manager, I tend to get a game every other year rather than every year as there isn't that much diversity.
  3. The ghosties have been put away and there's new missions available now. Haven't accessed them because literally 10 minutes before the update, I put everybody on 24 hour missions.
  4. That was really nice to watch. Miz really grew on me once he held the US and Tag titles, and right up until he lost the WWE Title, I was a huge fan. Now he's kinda derailed, but he'll always have that bad ass (to me) WrestleMania entrance with the 'NOW WE HERE' sort of vibe with him in production.
  5. In a nutshell guys, i've avoided all spoilers and even information about games i'm getting the next few months (such as this, Pokemon, would have been Watch Dogs..) How does this stack up against Asylum and City for you all? Am I right in hearing that this was made by a different team those games as when someone said that I was kinda put off as I loved them both. Cheers
  6. I apply the same tactic, but my teammates don't always see it that way. I can be there holding everyone off and they'll stick around and continue to shoot at the police, therefore actually RAISING their wanted level. Probably a good idea I dont have a mic, because between that happening regularly and cars just ramming into me (and taking themselves out at the same time) I don't know what i'd be shouting at them.
  7. Thanks for the help with the sniping mission earlier Excall, I couldn't find anyone to do it for ages and it kept getting text'd to me. Sorry I ran up the entire thing instead of driving, I didn't realise it was an option... On my Adder hunt, I had to log out tonight at a very cruel $996,500. I'll probably use the 500k to go towards the Entity, if you swear by it so.
  8. I'm saving up for my white Adder. I'm up to $600,000 now, I was going to hit 500 and add it to my free money, but since that gets delayed seemingly I'm racing myself to see if I can get it on my own. Not literally, you dont get money for one person races. Good for learning the course, though. - Any chance we can get ALL the PS3 crew users online at the same time one day? Would be good to have some all-crew multi deathmatches and races.
  9. Well Excall and I were about to get a quick 20 grand each on Survival, but the thing didn't load. We were just running around looking for trouble.
  10. I make so much just racing against you. Good times, we'll have to get a playlist going.
  11. Thanks for letting me finish that race Excall, cars kept spawning out of nowhere. Must have crashed 100 times.
  12. The arena even looks more bigger, better and professional. Jeeze.
  13. I cant remember who it was now, but a while ago I got shot just as I came out of my apartment. Someone from DVDR came and picked me up, drove all the way after them and killed them over and over again. I lub you guys.
  14. Sorry dude didn't think you'd mind. On the plus side I made 70 grand from losing to you guys.
  15. I'm just waiting for power trip.. its the only race im gaurenteed to win.
  16. Excall you're a dirty driver!! PS how long was that race? 7 mins?
  17. They must a GOLDEN opportunity to play into the storyline right at the end. AJ is talking about winning the world title so he can make Dixie beg and pay. All he had to do was turn around and she was on her knees clutching lots of money. And they didn't do it.
  18. Is this all because of the patch coming out? I see a lot of people moaning about not getting on right now over at GameFAQ (Jesus, they REALLY moan about everything) but i'm busy watching MOTD to check.
  19. I cant get on right now, it says 'Cant download' whenever I enter any mission or race circle. Boo-urns.
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