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  1. That was a really awesome show. Killer opener. I really particularly enjoyed Dustin doing cross Rhodes into the piledriver, I thought that looked awesome. Loved Punk's Bret tribute gear. Speaking of gear: I also thought of the board when I saw Yuta's new gear. Mission accomplished!
  2. Damn, I was just wondering where he was after I saw Angelico last night on Elevation. A minor bummer, if not unsurprising.
  3. I like his tights, but agree the lack of boots or pads to break it up drives me insane
  4. I know he gets blown up easily and whatnot, but I gotta say, I bet Danielson could drag him to something legitimately good/watchable if they kept it short, like 6-7 minutes ending with a flash baisuku
  5. Loved that main event, unbelievably cool finish. I liked that it was a little different from the Archer match in terms of pacing (and plunder used - no trash cans or Singapore canes this time around). I know I've been kinda crapping on the lineup all week so this is the last time I'll do so, but its gonna be tough for BOTB to follow that for the live crowd
  6. Haha thanks, you always catch me doing that!!
  7. I think a future Eddie/Garcia singles or an Eddie/Jericho rematch has big, big potential for that
  8. I agree with you entirely. One thing I've unpacked from your post/accompanying link is that if this is supposed to contribute positively to AEW's Indian TV deal, then unfortunately, it seems like there's no possibility Singh is purely an ROH project - he'll be sticking around. In the grand scheme of things, I guess it isn't quite as egregious as WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, but I'd imagine he'll be on the main show. Don't get me wrong, I hope he ends up being great and I have to eat a big ol' helping of my own foot, but dude, when Dirk Nowitzki calls you slow...
  9. Posting this as a public service for anyone not down with the baddie section
  10. A quick observation about the Singh debut: This may have been the first time in AEW's short history that Schiavone kicked it into WCW mode where he's desperately trying to sell the shit out of something not-so-great. He's always enthusiastic, but last night his voice hit a volume and register that immediately sent me back to childhood. I of course say this with nothing but love.
  11. Some newz site just did an April Fool's post the other week stating that Tenay was coming out of retirement, and I was actually kinda bummed when I realized the date.
  12. Agreed. And what was great/helpful too is that Suzuki's no slouch in that area either - that opening stretch was just as much of a mug-off as it was a chop-off. Loved it
  13. Agreed, that was killer (though I do wish Starks picked up the hometown pin). Lee effortlessly grabbing Hobbs in the fireman's carry was dope as hell too. J.R. cracked me up doing "Ricky Stahks" in Taz's voice and I can't stop thinking about it
  14. Yeah, I may have overstated it last night when I compared Singh's debut to the non-exploding ring. I just felt it was a very deflating ending because of the lights out, and the announced overrun. I agree with everyone who says it would have been better without that. You don't do lights out for a total unknown, I don't care if they're 8 feet tall. Still thought the rest of the show was great (though, I do wonder why the ladies match didn't groove. Both women have had good outings on Dark). Overall, with the trios, the two tag matches, and the opener, there was still tons to love on this show.
  15. I feel like a total idiot. I saw that sign and didn't recognize the Creole, I thought it was just some dude's name @Pete
  16. I posted about this in the monthly thread earlier, but the video game news from SRS was that they're shooting for a tentative Sept. release
  17. A rare misstep, but a big one. Rest of the show was great. But this for me is up there with the exploding ring that didn't explode.
  18. Completely understand your opinion (and agree you're correct in terms of oversaturation and giving away PPV matches too much) but at the same time, this kinda feels like the bare minimum (and I reiterate, I mean no disrespect to either woman in the main event). If anything, replace the special Dynamites like Beach Break and Winter is Coming with these and load the cards up, they'll feel more special on a Saturday, and you just subtitle em (Ex - Battle of the Belts III: Fighter Fest). One hour on YouTube/NJPWWorld/Fite, during which you hype the hell out of the next hour on TNT. Edit: because these really ought to be live if they're gonna have meaning That would be cool. A whole hour dedicated to a Casino Battle Royale or a Rumble-style match would be hella fun, I'd love to see their take on it.
  19. "You wanted the best, you got the best" = Dale Torborg debut? -- SRS is teasing AEW video game news on Fightful Select, so I'm really looking forward to finding out what that's all about.
  20. I kinda thought it was blown off too, but part of me thinks they'll fire it back up once Fenix is cleared
  21. Looks like that WWE Cardiff stadium show is on All Out weekend. Should be interesting to see what, if any, counter programming happens.
  22. I'll add my name to the list of Chamber of Horrors lovers. For Christmas '98 or '99 I got a Best of Halloween Havoc VHS and I must have gone back to that one and the Thunderdome tag a million times.
  23. Appreciate it. Such a bummer BOTB seems to be a bit of an afterthought for a second time around, the Clash was a favorite growing up. The only announced match is Nyla/Rosa! I obviously enjoy both ladies, but that one is a foregone conclusion. Would have loved if they did Hangman/Cole II here, or ROH champs vs AEW champs.
  24. This actually kind of makes sense, given that it seems this program with Lambert and co. was originally devised with Cody/Brandi in mind. Brandi's painful Philly promo on them was pretty damn heelish. Not sure what they hope to accomplish here with this particular heel vs heel program, I can't see ATT as babyfaces. Maybe the lack of fan support for Sammy/Tay (as the Cody/Brandi stand-ins) ends up being the catalyst for the turn itself once things have wrapped up, or are in the home stretch. On the other hand, it might be interesting to see Page or Sky turn babyface independently of ATT. If we're just trying to get to Sammy vs Sky, or PVZ vs Tay, though, then I don't know if I'm fully supportive of all the different moving parts of this one. Mixed tag double turn?
  25. Dude, yes. I found this post by searching Severance just to see if we had a thread for it yet. I'm obsessed with this show. Totally agree on the point about Lost, it's definitely got a lot of that in it's DNA. Also, if anyone reading here has PS5 and is thinking about checking it out based on our recommendations, you can get six months of Apple TV free by registering through PlayStation
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