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  1. Wow, I have to give it to both ladies, I did not expect that main event to be that good. And Berreta/Jackson was killer, I was glad to see the Best Friends side win one. Is Chuck out or just not used this week?
  2. Love Sammy, but I'm also not a GTH guy. He's got the 630 and tons of other, much smoother shit to use.
  3. I agree entirely with your assessment of the grossness, but FWIW Henry was quoted as saying he 100% disagrees with Bubba on this, so at least there's that
  4. I cannot emphasize enough how great that Mox promo was. I loved the way he delivered "I'm thirsty" Sting continues to be one of my favorite things about the show. I can only assume he's a freak of nature at this point. It feels so good to see him killing it out there, especially in DC (which was teed up so well by Caster with the Starrcade line)
  5. Kaun is a very serious individual. Would love to see more of that guy. Cole gave him a lot, too
  6. Really shitty. Their new one stacks up with anything they've ever put out. Was hoping they worked it out since they played their annual Christmas show in Buffalo, but looking like it's not to be. They've had a great run.
  7. Same reaction - my immediate thought was "Double reverse Pillman"
  8. People will hate it, but TK is gonna for sure bring up the KSA or Trish barking like a dog by the end of the day
  9. Loved the opener and the main event, women's match was decent if not overbooked slightly with the dissention stuff. Lethal vs Starks is a super interesting match to look forward to. How'd you guys feel about the Acclaimed video? We were split 50/50 here
  10. I've got tickets to a Dynamite in February that I bought pre-Omricon and I'm definitely a little sketchy on it now. I bought the ticket insurance figuring that if things were bad enough to not go, then it'd probably be postponed, but I didn't count on this weird limbo where we just go to work and go shopping and pretend everything is cool.
  11. I say this about at least one match every week but Trent/Cole could be a sneakily good one. I avoid spoilers so no one correct me if wrong, but I could totally see Trent going over, maybe via shenanigans maybe not. They've been getting their asses handed to them in most of these segments. Obviously, this isn't the blowoff, but I could see a little evening of the score.
  12. This was a good, albeit weird at times show. I loved the first two matches (particularly Punk/Wardlow because some of that reminded me of Bret/Diesel) but wish they weren't back to back, just because the stories they were telling were kind of similar. I'd have maybe put the Elite/Best Friends segment between the two of them, or Shida/Deeb. Speaking of Shida/Deeb... man. Was someone hurt for real here, or taking a vacation or something? I was really looking forward to that. Not that I minded, but I wonder if they're trying to bring in less talent to shows due to COVID or something, because I noticed we had a lot of people in multiple segments, as well as more pretapes than usual.
  13. I don't know if anyone caught that ad for Go Big Show where the guy is covered in flame-retardant gel solving a Rubik's cube, but I guess we know where Cody got that idea.
  14. That's a great point that I was about to make as well - we could make it a YouTube catch all and cover Road To... and BTE there too
  15. The interesting thing about this is after swearing up and down they have no direct competition, an agent of WWE is now going to have to say under penalty of perjury "Nonsense, we have *plenty* of competition!" for the purposes of their argument
  16. I'm not getting involved with the rest of the ongoing conversation re: size, but I do wanna quote you here because I agree so big on Fish. He's really clicked for me too. If hes had a better singles match than the Sammy match, I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it's nothing I've seen (though admittedly, I was never the hugest ROH guy). I think a change of scenery will be good for both of those guys in the long run.
  17. I've said this before about house shows, but the death of the C-show is another thing from prior eras that has saddened me with it's disappearance. So many of my weekends as a kid were spent with Superstars, Worldwide, Pro, Shotgun, etc. It's nice having the Darks and (now again) the NWA to kind of fill that void a little, but it loses some charm not being syndicated on random local stations.
  18. Those figures sucked anyway, except for whichever one came with the ref (I think Nash or The Giant). The huge vibrating(?) ones weren't much better, but I don't remember kids clamoring for Bret Hart dressed like an actual mob Hitman.
  19. Since the update, has anyone else reported not being able to use the prev/next page buttons on Chrome mobile? I installed Firefox and it's working ok now, so it's also possible I made some kind of change on my end in error.
  20. Yeah, adding a secondary women's title instead of a women's tag made no sense to me from the jump. I guess one could argue tag divisions are inherently more expensive, but they're going to have to probably hire a bunch more women to sustain both divisions
  21. Idol and Sky drove me insane. I didn't realize Powerrr was also up, so I'm in the middle of that now, and just as I start digging that version of the team and typing this comment, out comes Idol to replace Storm. C'mon!!
  22. Hard agree with you @DEANand @Curt McGirtabout Dustin grabbing us early on with the acting blown up. I thought that was a really nice touch, great match. edit: part of me wishes we could've gotten a Dustin win, to set up Cody/Dustin II. I don't know if they could come close to the first, but I loved that one. Sure, it wouldn't have the same "I need my brother" emotional depth, but Cody utilizing more heelish tactics this time would be an interesting enough twist on the formula to make up for it, IMO.
  23. Agreed - on a side note, while i like both ladies a lot, the build to this one has me more interested in the eventual Britt vs Hayter
  24. I hate to sound ungrateful, but I really wish this were a two hour show. Starks vs Sydal has some real banger potential, hopefully Starks is comfortable with his neck and good to go. Again, I am begging for some direction with the FTW title, but glad to see it featured here
  25. I'm sure he's fine and all, but that name makes me think his gimmick is "Bad kid on a dirt bike, drinking a can of Monster, angry he's been banned from Call of Duty for using racial ephitets"
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