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  1. Ugh, hate the splintered wrestling discussion. Well, having the forum- if nothing else, but for the tournaments being run, would be useful when March Madness comes up.
  2. If that's not enough- do like the NFL has been good with for punishing teams that make trouble. Maybe any fine would be a drop in the hat for owners- but using NFL-style punishments like the team loses draft picks and/or money from its foreign draft pool cap would get the message across just as well.
  3. Uh...I'm...shoogbear... ...shit. Even coming back, I do this wrong.
  4. Now that the board's up/I have the files set: I will finally run the Video Games tournament I've been promising to run for the past three-four years. ...uh, where IS the tournament folder, anyway? Finished the brackets up and just waiting in order to start running...
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