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  1. They attacked me, in a thread about how cyberbullying is wrong. And even now, they don't even have the decency to admit they might have been wrong- hell, they're doubling down right here. If you don't see how relevant that is to what you're saying about how people shouldn't be making unfair insults to people, at least have the common decency to admit that personal attacks are okay as long as you don't like the person.
  2. You mean the same thread that, even while people cried crocodile tears about people using the Internet to insult Hana Kimura and cause her death, @Smelly McUgly flat-out said it was okay to bully me because people disagree with my opinions and that everyone should pick on me and not only did he not get punished, but people outright took his side? Yeah, it's not so much about dialing back the insults and it never has been. There's been a lot of people who pull this shit, even when they know the problems. Did I hold back on it for a while? Yes- luckily someone else called them out for
  3. Honestly, this might be the opposite. Art is an exercise in creativity, but more specifically, to make art is to want other people to see it and understand something going on. No matter what it is- to paint, to create music, to sculpt, to write, to wrestle- whether it's as big as the musician making "I am making a three minute pop song because it'll be a huge hit and everyone will see it", or as small as "I wrote a piece of fanfiction and maybe two or three people will think it's interesting", the very act of making art is wanting someone else to see it and understand something you want them
  4. Honestly, even that was the problem with a team trying to be rebuilt from orbit, since even just tanking "once" is not enough to make a contender. If a team tanks to get a top pick once and lucks into winning the lottery...great. You got ONE All-Star. Doesn't matter since right now in the NBA, One All-Star MIGHT get you to the playoffs, but you need at least two All-Stars to have a chance at a playoff run...and in all likeliness, you'll need at least three to have a chance at a championship. MAYBE one generational talent on your team is enough to get you to the 8 seed in the East and put
  5. Better question for the similar problem: Shouldn't WWE ALREADY OWN Keith Lee's music? Lee didn't use his NXT theme on the indie scene, meaning WWE had to have at least produced the song. The rules of song rights would mean that either the writer of the song (presumably either Lee himself or the WWE) or the producers of the song (which, if this is the case, WWE would have produced) get full rights to use the song freely (and if you have both, you're covered forever- hence why R-Truth was able to take his theme song from TNA to WWE). Even the "well, maybe CFO$ wrote the song and it's
  6. I wish I was joking (and was slightly beaten to it, since I can safely say that was also what @Niners Fan in CT was referring to that he put in before I posted.) ...we all saw the Thunderdome contract last week- the people pulling this shit do know that WWE knows who they are and has reason to strike them down, right?
  7. Don't forget the footage of ISIS beheading someone- that also popped up on the Thunderdome wall.
  8. But, having said that, home ice matters more in playoff hockey than home court in basketball, and both Toronto and Edmonton went out in the qualifying round- so that's not a guarantee either.
  9. But that issue would still be covered in this theory: If the Cardinals are wiped out for the season at 5 games played overall, that's 55 games they don't play (so they'd be 27.5 games back.) The Pirates lose seven games, they're 3.5 games back of their record, with the Cubs/Reds/Brewers 5 games back of their record (and likewise for teams intended to play the Cardinals.) For NL Central purposes, however: since all five teams are missing out of games, it becomes "if every team missed these games, then no one missed any games". Since every NL Central team missed at least seven g
  10. Wasn't Damon one of the high profile players since the Red Sox/Yankees feud went to DEFCON 1 to switch teams? Of course that's the guy who wants Fenway to reopen to fans...
  11. Shouldn't that be covered by the half-game back rule in standings, so like "Team A has more wins than Team B, but played 2 less games so far, so Team B gets one game higher in the standings than they should be?" That'd seem to cover it for the Cardinals, so like "oh, you played 15 less games than the rest of the teams, so we're tacking 7.5 games onto the standings to accommodate it" would make sense.
  12. Honestly, it's make more sense to go that far if they just change the tampering rule to "The fine isn't paid to the NBA- the money is taken off the team's cap room and added to the salary cap of the team who's player is being tampered with." Do that, and I think you'll see the tampering go lower, quicker.
  13. Somehow, I think "Happy go lucky trucker" is a bit better for a top star than "Member of Color Me Badd".
  14. Honestly, it wasn't even just how it was presented on TV there: I thought the Field of Dreams game was going to be important this year due to how over the winter, Manfred had claimed he was willing to define a lifetime ban from baseball as a lifetime ban from baseball and that upon their death, banned players would become eligible for a Hall of Fame induction. It was a little questionable when the news hit that time, but considering 2020 is a pre-1945 voting year, it seemed a lot like the reason they didn't formally announce it this winter was because MLB planned on the Field of Dreams
  15. Even Clippers, or Rockets, or well...any team in this is a dream world for the League. It was said before and will keep going: The NBA is successful because it is a narrative-driven league and they know the narrative they want...and this whole return is an example of the narrative driving everything. Make no mistake, the NBA has decided the narrative they want for the title this year, and it's "Lebron and the Lakers win the title for Kobe." They would not have even reopened the season if not for that.
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