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  1. Has anybody had to WATCH Lazytown? My kids were of that age when it was popular, and it was HORRIFYING.
  2. Can't wait to hear that they adopted a new dog or some shit...
  3. Shit, I wouldn't wanna fall onto a king sized bed from that height and I'm way younger than Jericho...
  4. On the plus side, we've seen that somebody who's a known fuckwad - Ivelisse - was shown the door just the same in AEW.
  5. If she's not gonna piss off the entire group of women who've been working their asses off then totally, by all means bring in more talent!
  6. That's not the argument, though. It's, "is it worth further pushing back the development of growing talent to sign somebody who's got so much baggage." Bringing up that WWE keep trotting out Hogan doesn't help your argument - essentially nobody here thinks that's a smart choice. Plus I'll throw this out there - if Tessa is actually growing as a human and a professional and it's not just a possible angle? Well that's fucking cool, people deserve second chances.
  7. So many of us were 20ish when we joined, when John was 40ish... Now we are 40ish and he's gone. Y'all know what that means, right? We must honor the man by following in his footsteps. I've got three cats, so that's a start! For real, though, I can only hope to be 60+ and still connecting and conversing with people so much younger. If that's not something to aim for, I don't know what is
  8. I mean if they treat Tessa like Sydal - a perpetual "almost was" who can both roam the under-mid card and occasionally challenge higher but come up short - okay, cool. Do you think they'll sign Tessa for such a role?
  9. J From C's post and Gordi's combined actually make for a pretty solid argument against bringing Tessa in - on one hand, they have all this homegrown talent and on the other hand, a lot of that talent barely gets time on the main show. If Tessa comes in, doesn't that immediately throw water on the small fires folks like Abadon and Red Velvet are building? They'll have even less chances at Dynamite time because they've signed somebody who's been a fucking asshole. Plus where does Britt Baker fit in? She plays the asshole but is actually a sweetheart. I'd rather see her at the top, not Tessa.
  10. They're gonna do what they're gonna do, but I'd rather see them save the money for a potentially huge signing down the road - an Asuka, Bayley, Sasha, etc. Tessa might have "it," but how does that affect the rest of the women's locker room and morale? Or, shit, save that money and sign multiple other women like Jordynne Grace and Solo Darling.
  11. The Last Of Us Remastered is worth playing on the easiest difficulty just for the story - no need to invest any more time or effort into it unless you're a trophy hunter or sadist.
  12. The wife and I got our credit scores over 800 so that's pretty fuckin neat.
  13. I finally finished God of War last night and it was a little anticlimactic because I had some stuff to do and had saved right as I got to the last area, not knowing it. So I booted it up, got ready for the next bunch of stuff to do, and after a cinematic the credits rolled that aside, great game and great ending and I look forward to cleaning it up and probably getting the Platinum. Not sure what to start next, maybe finally getting to Ratchet & Clank 2016?
  14. Goddamnit. We'll miss you, John. This place certainly won't be the same without you.
  15. Okay couldn't watch tonight because the wife wanted to watch new Handmaid's Tale but I would've literally yelped when Yuji Nagata was announced. FUCK.
  16. The Handmaid's Tale returns today with three episodes, I'm pretty psyched but my wife is even more so. She fucking loves the show and it's something that we end up watching together, which means no wrestling for me tonight but that's okay
  17. You know, they could have done a lot with a half hour here or there dedicated to explaining why Sharon is where she is, and how Karli and crew came about. Instead we are expected to fill in the gaps and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.
  18. That is both wonderful news and also the picture really drives home somebody's recent point about Janice from The Muppets and plastic surgery.
  19. Yeah, could definitely send out a basic banker's box instead of a fucking Hefty... maybe stick to gaining likes from Bunkhouse Buck irony, homie.
  20. Word, agreed, and with any hope they'll investigate Breonna Taylor's case/the lack of charges pressed soon after...
  21. This was just talked about on Conan O'brien's pod when Odenkirk was a guest! Excellent timing... Also I used to loathe Andy Dick but he did a good job on Netflix's "Love," playing himself and copping to being a shitty addict. Still don't LIKE him but tolerate him more.
  22. So, since she was supposed to debut in Black Widow, it's safe to assume The Contessa is compiling a team, no? Overall liked the whole season, but I can understand people's complaints. Sam's monologue to the senators was odd but still leftist enough to hopefully piss off some people Sharon being a baddy also feels wrong, but I'm looking forward to where it goes.
  23. Guilty on all charges. I hope Minneapolis can exhale.
  24. I never actually wanted to be a professional wrestler but I'm sure my stuffed/plush animals would've said otherwise.
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