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  1. They did, I drove by them both today on my way down through DC, and I was very confused...
  2. I recently heard Drake Weurtz's name mentioned on a political podcast (with zero talk of WHO he is) so he's absolutely the zenith of wrestling anti-vax idiocy - but he's also full Q which other wrestlers don't seem to be.
  3. Before every pop country song was singing about butts in blue jeans, Mel McDaniel was doing it right, with a catchy guitar hook and a pretty body-positive outlook...
  4. The Braun talk got me going back to the first couple 2021 future endeavors threads, wondering whose no-competes are up and when. The second batch will have their 90 days up at the very beginning of September, and that includes Ruby Riott and Buddy Murphy. So, do you bring them in before Danielson? I could see Ruby debuting whenever without being too overshadowed due to being in the separate women's division, but how would you go about bringing in Murphy?
  5. Valid point about Texas, there, and yeah it was nice to see! I think AEW fans are genuinely more excited for the product than WWE fans and would at LEAST give a chance to anybody coming in.
  6. They popped for CHAVO. I wouldn't worry much about Braun's chances.
  7. I've never read the novel and am only slightly familiar with the older movie, so will I be completely baffled by this flick? The trailer seems weird as fuck and makes very little sense to me, I'm not sure if I should bother but I'm willing to be talked into it, especially after it comes out - if people like it.
  8. There is no point in wasting energy trying to figure out where the trolls are coming from, they troll to troll and nothing more. If I'm going to walk around eating a chocolate ice cream cone and a couple motherfuckers walk past talking about how much they think chocolate ain't shit, I'm not even going to wonder why they would have that point of view, I'm just going to enjoy my ice cream.
  9. Oof, I just now thought about how much worse Luchasaurus's kicks are gonna look with Malakai Black around...
  10. Danielson and ZSJ just pretzelling the hell out of each other...
  11. Lost in all the AEW hype is the potential triumphant return of Danielson to New Japan, where another whole ton of dream matches could take place. Ibushi, Tanahashi, Okada, fuckin YANO. Gimme.
  12. I sort of got a vibe with the Andrade segment that either the Lucha Bros will actually turn on Pac, or that he would be bringing in somebody to take them on. Los Ingonernables de AEW?
  13. There is practically nobody in AEW I wouldn't want to watch Danielson wrestle, so week after week should be amazing but my number one is probably going to be Darby, and I also think that Brian versus John Silver will fucking rule. And shit, he's never wrestled Christian Cage...
  14. Kingston/Hero seems more like "really dislike each other" vs Punk/Cabana suing each other. Yeesh. Y'all are just kidding when you're talking about Punk and Danielson coming in like Hall and Nash, right? ...right?!
  15. Punk was on Renee's podcast not long ago and said that for the right deal and storyline he would absolutely consider returning. With the McMahon's still in charge and WWE's writing being pretty awful, it wouldn't shock me at all to see him sign with AEW - whereas I am hopeful for Danielson but just feel like I'm being too hopeful, you know?
  16. Basically what I came here to post before reading through others' posts.
  17. At this point you can subscribe Wednesday for one month and get current fairly quick, as opposed to us suckers who've been paying monthly to see new episodes every week
  18. Might fit better in the TV folder, but if you've got Hulu and haven't yet watched Summer Of Soul (lost footage of a Harlem music fest in '69), you are doing yourself a disservice. Watch that shit, especially if you have a good sound system - crank it up!
  19. Cross didn't just shrink to quantum size, though. Part of him did, and then another part of him, and then another part of him in a pretty gruesome way... So I'd assume it's a multiverse Cross, maybe where he succeeds?
  20. Just watched it with the fam. Overall I really dug it, but this absolutely should've come out before Endgame - although the post-credits scene wouldn't have worked, but that's the only exception. Speaking of both that scene and the fucked up release schedule, The Contessa's debut in F+TWS was way better than in this. I was expecting more of a Rogue One situation where you aren't surprised if everybody dies since it's a prequel, but I was happy to see at least the "family" walk away. Not sure where you go with Taskmaster, and considering that such an otherwise cool villain is now amongst the ranks of Ronan and Yon-Ragg, that's also kind of a bummer. Oh well? I'm excited for Florence Pugh being in further stories. She was awesome.
  21. For a company that refuses to let anybody get TOO over, they sure love trying to bump ratings by trotting out former stars who were - GASP! - not cut off at the knees while at their near-hottest.
  22. I ended up starting Infamous: Second Son as my next full playthrough, and it's definitely feeling dated but is still pretty neat! The neon power is all sorts of fun, too, and sniping people to subdue them makes so many battles MASSIVELY easier. I'll probably pick up First Light since it's a companion piece, but don't think I'll dip back to the original two Infamous games.
  23. Scott Norton respecting Kensuke's fly b-boy style.
  24. Bryan Danielson would be pretty huge, if still second to Cena. Run an AEW commercial featuring him during Raw or Smackdown and you're absolutely getting a lot of new eyes on the product.
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