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  1. Always appreciate how he and PSychosis would start their Top Rope Frankensteiner by standing on the actual rope, instead of directly facing the opponent in the corner.
  2. Going back to listen to the old Pacific Rim Podcasts. I didn't know these existed before they moved to F4wOnline Pacific Rim Wrestling https://pacificrimwrestling.podbean.com/page/5/
  3. The Power of wrestling. This was a very good conversation. I can't wait until these shows come out man. We have a special bonus show up with Damian Abraham stopping by for an in-studio chat with John Pollock. The two go off in many directions, including Damian’s yet-to-be-released wrestling documentary series, spending a day with Atsushi Onita, going to the home of Rossy Ogawa, the spectacle of WrestleMania Weekend and where the growth potential lies for non-WWE promotions, talent crossing over outside the industry, tape trading, road stories with Fucked Up & more. Listen to Damian’s podcast Turned Out a Punk, including Episode 101 with Zach Bair of Rise Against and Episode 200 with John Pollock & Wai Ting. POST Interview: Damian Abraham from "Turned Out a Punk" https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/03/21/post-interview-damian-abraham-from-turned-out-a-punk/
  4. I JUST saw that Liger vs. Eddie match you are talking about, I can't recall where it was from. I know it isn't the match they had on WCW Pro, right?
  5. Vince loves hitting folks in the balls man...........
  6. This reminds me of one of the first tapes I ordered from @HighSpots It was called Michinoku Pro: Spots. It was a tape that shows various moves from the stars of M-Pro and UWF. So many of the clips there were on the video. This took me back! Some great talent here man. 60fps / UWF3: Lucha Libre Big Aerial Festival ~ Excitement Aerial Killing Method 100 Shots! (1994) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OyFp4Uj154&t=2707s
  7. KidKash202

    Japanese GOAT

    I won't say pointless, but it is very hard to compare across generations. It will always be a fun conversation though
  8. 1. I appreciate struggle moves 2. Beautiful Sequence 3. I always have to show respect to my boys Konnan/Calo
  9. Saturday Night Viewing Whoever wants to jump in.. WCW Saturday Night 5/27/95
  10. Not to get into a deep conversation about selling, in a GIF thread, but I appreciate the non-sanitized forms of selling. I actually prefer to see it every now and then.
  11. Just a few .gifs that I captured over the last month or so. 1. I have never seen this move before 2. I have never seen THIS move before 3. I like how Brown Sugar (I forgot dude's actual name) did the "Drop Down" onto his BACK, and I also found it interesting how he sold the enziguri. (I rarely see anyone sell it by falling to the side.)
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