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  1. God I really miss the DVDVR Playaz~! road reviews so I'm trying to pick where they left off. GCW OUTLAW MUD SHOW ROAD REVIEW! Constructive criticism and road stories welcome https://ifightgiants.medium.com/gcw-outlaw-mud-show-road-review-5543cffd4afe
  2. Tournament of Death 6 Location: Bedroom You know we got the one year of Zandig putting a bunch of production value into the show and now we are back to the Smart Mark Video cold opens. And did anything ever come of the CZW to PPV announcement Zandig made? I mean, obviously we got the third party trying to make Lufisto out to be a cat fight girl now (and I can’t wait for her to get her hands on that guy), but I don’t think they ever got an actual pay per view, right? I know they got the Big Vision DVDs at Best Buy, was that it? Anyways, I finished my Chipotle burrito bowl and stopped by Target to pick up the new Mattel Fiend Elite figure which is banging and now I’m soaking my feet and ready to watch a BLOODY MASSACRE~! BLKOUT Vs Team AnDrew Gargiulo is gone, end of an era. This BLKOUT is Sabian and Ruckus which is so much of an upgrade compared to Robbie Moreno. What a difference a year makes as Gulak has put on a bit of size and definition. Sabian misses his own spot right at the beginning of the match. Gulak’s submission game is on point during this match and matches with a bit of aggression begins the evolution of how good he will become. Sabian comes in ready to trade with him though and tops his submissions with a great pretzel of his own. They work a typical tag match where Gulak takes punishment from BLKOUT before Andy Summers gets the hit tag. He is really relying on his look and amateur wrestling skills as he nearly kills Sabian on his only non suplex. They shockingly pick up the win in this non title match against the tag champs BLKOUT. CZW with yet another interesting outdoor venue. One side looks like a decent housing development, the next side looks like they’re in the woods, and the other side appears to be a construction site. I’m so curious of how they relayed the directions of these venues to fans. “Go three miles into the national park. If you see Homeless Joe’s tent, you went too far.” Scotty Vortekz Vs Danny Havoc God, Scotty Vortekz looked like such a ratty kid. Havoc comes out with yet another haircut, bleached blonde with a hint of orange. The match starts out with them trading moves. They do a lot of athletic spots with the weapons. I think Havoc was hoping to get the crimson streaks in his hair with his dyed hair, only time will tell but he gets a gusher going in this match. They nearly die when Havoc goes for a DVD on Vortekz off the top of a huge ladder and it slips out from underneath them as they are rotating but they pull it off through the light tube log cabin which allows Havoc to get the win. This really seemed like a highspot match with weapons but had a good flow. Insane Lane Vs Freakshow A home run derby match... okay, let’s go for it. The crowd immediately shits on this match from weak strokes, Insane Lane seems out of his element in striking but attempts to make up for it with hitting Freakshow with gimmicks. Freakshow has no problem hitting Insane Lane with anything including a sick shot to the face with a barbed wire baseball bat. Lane just takes it from him and then uses it to cross face Freakshow with the barbed wire bat across his face. I couldn’t get into this. I think I was hoping for their size and their IWA-MS roots that we would see them throw some hands but it never happened and what strikes they did do weren’t good. DJ Hyde Vs Mad Man Pondo This match starts off REALLY slow. Hyde comes out with glass glued to his fists and uses it multiple times to rub across Pondo’s face which gets him bleeding quickly. These two are just sharing head shots as Hyde throws a mean head butt but Pondo blasts Hyde home run style in the head when he is going for a spear. Pondo flops from the top rope onto Hyde sitting in a chair with a pane of glass over him and the spot is just so beautiful, I don’t know why. The sound, the landing, the fans, just a nice spot. Maven Bentley interferes a few times to save Hyde until Hyde drives Pondo through a pane of glass to pick up the win. A quick revelation I have as I’m sitting here watching the replay of these panes of glass shattering is that the commentary lacks explanations of what these shots feel like. Of course we know glass is sharp but nobody in the crowd, nobody sitting at home, myself sitting here typing this knows what it feels like to go through glass and when I sit here and watch it, I can’t feel the pain that these guys are feeling and the commentators should be emoting that to me. After seeing tons of deathmatches over the past weeks but even just sitting here watching this show, these matches are just becoming matches and without storytelling and commentators explaining how these moves are affecting the combatants (and yes, I know glass and barbed wire hurts but I’m lazy and don’t want to build my own insights when the commentators should be doing that for me), some of the matches aren’t good enough to keep me drawn in by gimmick bumps alone. Brain Damage Vs Toby Klein These two went out and tried to punch through each other’s faces last year with Brain Damage really surprising me so I am all in on this. Klein brings out a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot, I’m not sure if it is to use on his opponent or his idea of hydration. Lucky Thurteen is working Event Staff and Klein threatens to stab him with a giant fork. They don’t appear to be cleaning the ring after the other deathmatches as all of the glass from the last match is still in the ring. Apparently Brain Damage is part of Bentley’s group now. If Bentley was committed to giving the fans what they want, he will take a light tube or glass bump by the end of the show. Klein has great mannerisms and sells a craziness so well in the mid-2000s, he would have been huge in Puerto Rico in the 80s. Klein ends up using the Franks Red Hot to pour into Brain Damage’s cuts and to hydrate so I guess I was right on both accounts. A closer look tells me that it actually might be Cholula but you know, tomato, tomato. (And even though I spelled that the same, I know you read that as two different pronunciations). Lobo randomly runs off Bentley. They blow a fire spot for the finish and Brain Damage picks up a win off of it. This match was fun. It was a hardcore bar fight where they beat the shit out of each other. The hard hits will win out over gimmick shots for me any day of the week because we all know what it feels like to get hit really hard, most of us don’t know what it feels like to run through a glass door (but if you do, you probably appreciate the glass shots). Toby Klein has won me over as one of my favorites and now I want to seek out him Vs Samoa Joe and dream book him fighting through a crowd in Bayamon. Diehard Dustin Lee Vs Drake Younger The ring still hasn’t been sweeper so these guys who want to start the match off with a bit wrestling are still bumping around in glass and tube fragments. How nice of Drake to bring his friend with him to beat the shit out of in the first round. Lee is from the same training school as Drake and it shows with their crisp exchanges. Drake takes a lot of punishment in this match including a mean looking back drop driver and a running uppercut to the face with a light tube. Drake nearly gets eliminated when the ref doesn’t see him grab the rope on a false finish. Drake ends up winning by giving Lee a Psycho Driver through a propped up table in the corner. Decent match with some good wrestling and a few crazy spots. Necro Butcher Vs Zandig Necro’s body is already visibly changing as he looks like he is losing size. Zandig looks the same but bald bad like he peed his pants. They finally swept up the ring and in this match replaced the ropes with barbed wire. These two start swinging on each other early and in the flurry, Necro doesn’t hit a single shot but Zandig lands many. Necro gets thrown into the barbed wire spider web and they get a great shot of the barbed wire underneath tearing into his skin. Necro apparently has some foot or ankle pain and takes off one of his boots and then proceeds to beat Zandig with it. Zandig gets hung upside down on the barbed wire and then Necro smashes a giant cache of light tubes into him. Necro is now bootless in a ring filled with glass and light tubes so of course Zandig smashes a light tube on his foot. The finish comes when they light a barbed wire board straddle on chairs on fire and Necro counters a powerbomb from Zandig to slam him through the flaming board for the 3 count. If you’ve ever wanted a Zandig shower scene, tune into the post match. We also get to see the giant gash on Zandig’s forehead and they stitch it up in camera. Zandig says not to try this at home because they are trained professionals... Pondo did do a seminar walking people through how to take some of these bumps but it doesn’t seem like there is really a way to train for a deathmatch. The stitching is actually pretty brutal just based on the way the sound is and ends up being about a 10 minute segment itself. Whatever they’re talking about apparently cannot be filmed as the sound cuts out about halfway through. DJ Hyde Vs Drake Younger Vs Danny Havoc It’s interesting that they frame this as nobody can be eliminated until a weed whacker is used. This seems like a good way to get over a match since everybody pops for a weedwhacker shot. A lot of head shots in this one. They have been making sure to keep these three close to each other since last year as a way of showing off the people who will become the new faces of deathmatch wrestling. There is a great combination of spots, gimmicks, and some nasty shots in this match. Havoc doesn’t seem to have an issue taking any of the gimmicks but looks so awkward taking them and avoiding them in this match, it is just like it is in slow motion at points. Hyde takes the weed whacker to the nipple from Havoc and then takes another shot from both Drake and Havoc to get eliminated. We then get a slap exchange between Drake and Havoc which would work but speaking of awkward, Drake’s selling is too over the top for these shots when he has just been taking chair and light tube shots in the ring. Drake finishes off Havoc with the Vertebreaker through a bundle of light tubes straddling two chairs which looks even worse because instead of Havoc taking the bump through the tubes and to the mat, he takes them through the tubes onto the corner of the chair and then to the mat. This affords Drake the victory. They show a replay of Havoc jumping from the top rope to the outside on Hyde straddling the guard rail and from the other angle, instead of it being a splash, apparently Havoc drove his knee into Hyde’s ribs which looks ridiculously painful. Brain Damage Vs Necro Butcher Vs Insane Lane Necro’s affinity for letting people shoot punch him in the face in exchange for doing the same will always pop me even when you get someone like Insane Lane who throws shitty worked punches. Maybe he did it because he was scared of Necro’s punches or he just can’t throw a punch. The amount of head shots Necro took over the years has to explain some of his actions over the past five years, just brutal. Lane and Brain Damage double team Necro the entire time to eliminate him and slowly we see the fading out of Necro Butcher as the Deathmatch star which is sad. Brain Damage is great at beating the shit out of people which is good because I cannot get into Lane’s gimmick or style at all. The match continues but the crowd doesn’t give a shit because Necro is being wheeled out on a stretcher and the fans care more about this than what Lane or Brain Damage is doing. If this is an angle to put over Brain Damage as the new badass then awesome but don’t let all this happen while some fat fuck in track pants who can’t work choke you with barbed wire and no sells the finish to the match. Anyways, Brain Damage wins and Lane gets up right after the pin and walks out but not before trying to get himself over with the fans. Maybe he will grow on me but for right now, I hope this is a one time shot. On the replays though, I do have to admit that the shot that embedded all of the racks in his skull popped me. Greg Excellent Vs CJ O’Doyle The fans are not in the mood to see a wrestling match. The ring was swept but there is still debris on the match that I’m trying to determine if it is glitter or shards of something. The guys don’t seem to have trouble bumping on it so I’m guessing glitter. O’Doyle picks up the win after a clumsy powerbomb that I wasn’t sure that Excellent was going to get up for. Nothing to go out of your way to see but a good way to break up the deathmatches. Chrisjen Hayme Vs Andrew Steel Vs Ryan McBride The logo on Hayme’s jacket looks like a complete rip-off of Hero’s logo so I assume the reason I never heard of him is that mid-2000s Hero left his body in the CZW Training School somewhere. The most exciting part of this match is getting to add Nickelback and Stabbing Westward to the TOD Spotify. There are many signs of a green wrestler and so many of them can be found in this match from starting a spot only to realize the other guy is out of position causing you to stop and yell at him to get ready for the spot so you can do it to botching a spot and then trying to complete it when your opponent has moved on to make you look ridiculous. I’m actually shocked because I look the guys up and find out that these aren’t training school kids as Hayme is a Tennessee guy, Steel is a Delaware guy, and McBride is a Maryland guy. McBride picks up the win with a 450 and actually looked decent during match but the other two looked very inexperienced during this. Drake Younger Vs Brain Damage They have the other deathmatch guys surrounding the ring with thumbtack wiffle ball bats and light tubes. Younger ends up with a big gash on his chest early that has to be taped up with duct tape. Brain Damage has this me against the world moment during this match where he takes a powder to let Drake get taped up and he comes off like such a badass. I’ve had two bad hot takes during these reviews so far: one, thinking Green Phantom/Necro Butcher wouldn’t be the hidden gem of deathmatch wrestling and two, judging Brain Damage by that first match. I apparently didn’t pay attention to the rules but the gimmick is that you have to get the TOD trophy to the ring in order to win the match and the trophy, no surprise is on the top of the rental truck. I love this since it gives a reason for the guys to fight up the truck rather than “hey, I got this spot” and made for an iconic moment of Drake having the trophy and then taking a STIFF right hand to swan dive off the truck through a light tube log cabin and barbed wire table. But now something that works in a storyline sense but I think waters down the victory is Drake essentially winning the tournament by Brain Damage getting stuck on the top of the truck trailer because the ladder fell off the truck and has to stand and watch Drake slowly crawl to the ring to win. Brain Damage’s selling is great but it really felt like letting Drake win by a fluke rather than win because he is the best deathmatch wrestler. The locker room comes out and celebrates Drake’s victory and Necro standing in the tube shards barefoot is the ultimate flex. The truck spot was a great moment and Brain Damage still looks like such a badass during this. Screwy finish be damned, this was a good final match. The ending spot showing Drake’s gash where he looks to be missing part of his nipple and you can see the hamburger meat is just brutal and a great way to end the show.
  3. Not sure what you good brothers have planned for today but I'm going to be playing the World Wrestling Peace Festival on my Twitch today and try to keep up with the action as I attempt to commentate the matches. Live in five :) https://twitch.tv/ifightgiants
  4. Tournament of Death 5 Smyrna, DE Location: Basement I’m in the bowels of my house otherwise known as my underground lair where the technology is. It turns out that Highspots Wrestling Network doesn’t have Tournament of Death 5 so I had to dig through my uncategorized DVDs to find my copy. Alas, our journey continues good brothers and good sisters! Brandon Prophet Vs Andy Sumner Vs Nick Gage I went to learn more about Brandon Prophet because I only vaguely remember his name and the most intriguing fact I learned is that Kyle Threat is still in his top 8 on MySpace. I can’t confirm if Sumner’s MySpace includes Kyle in his top 8 unfortunately. Sumner was trained by Quack so you have to assume this match got him disowned. We are outside in a field again but the first scene is barbed wire and light tubes on the ropes. This TOD converts to the current TOD rules where the person pinned in each first round triple threat is eliminated and the two not pinned fact off in the second round. Brandon Prophet comes out to Fort Miner and looks like a cross between DJ Hyde and Osama Bin Laden, take your pick on who you consider more hated between those two. Chrissy Rivera is on commentary, John House is apparently gone by this point. Young Drew Gulak is Sumner’s second! Gage has changed from gear to streetwear, the evolution to his current self has begun. Prophet is working stiff with Sumner, you’d think Sumner owed him money with his kicks. Less than five minutes in and the front row takes a light tube and they start chanting CZW. Well, good thing the fans don’t give a fuck. Sumner is super athletic, I wonder what ever happened ot him. Gage seems most comfortable when he can be in there with two younger workers and beat the crap out of them with the gimmicks and not have to take any. Although I guess that would make sense for anyone not named Necro Butcher or Nick Mondo. Prophet beats Sumner to advance him and Gage into the next round. Post match and Sumner has a DEEP gash on his shoulder. Dude took those shots like a trooper and always luck of the draw on how deep you’ll get a cut and looks like he won the lottery. Brandon Prophet apparently did a promo on the internet during this 2006 show, guess I got to dig through his MySpace a bit more. JC Bailey Vs Drake Younger Vs Lobo How have I never mentioned just how douchey the announcer looks? This year he is in boat shoes, khaki shorts, a polo shit, and a fucking puka necklace. But who cares about him, we get our TOD debut of Drake FUCKING Younger and he is in a singlet no less! I remember standing backstage at The Gathering when Drake had a drill sticking out of his head against Ian Rotten, he definitely picked up where Nick Mondo left off and I’m so glad he still has a chance to make money in wrestling right now. I’m shocked that we are 5 TODs in and are just now getting Lobo’s debut. JC Bailey is defnitely on a downfall, he started out in this tournament looking similar to Nick Mondo and now he is just looking strung out. It sounds like a tornado siren is going off in the background and based on the bumps that Younger has taken, I’m surprised he doesn’t try to get sucked in by it and pop out with a legdrop. The double suplex on Lobo into the barbed wire spider web is insane, I’m not sure if they thought this was going to catch them but.. It didn’t. The IWA-MS guys definitely attempt to sell everything which is sometimes good and sometimes involves just screaming. Moreno and Ruckus attack Lobo and Bailey and Younger pin Lobo to advance to the next round. Brain Damage Vs. Toby Klein Vs. Necro Butcher This match just sounds brutal. I imagine everyone knows by now how much I love seeing guys just trade hands over light tube shots. Brain Damage looks like he is walking a little bit better. Toby Klein rips Brain Damage’s fucking eyebrow piercing out, what the fuck!? Necro makes his way out and busts Brain Damage over the head with a stick with an empty 5 gallon water jug on it. Brain Damage has earned my respect, ouch. This match is good enough to watch on its own but tune in just to listen to the way that Eric Gargiulo pronounces Tupelo. Brain Damage takes so much punishment here from the piercing to the water jug to getting stabbed with a broken beer bottle. And wait, are we getting a Mondo spot!? Toby Klein gets hip tossed off the top of a rental truck through four tables stacked two high! I mean he seemed to have a bit more cushion but god damn. Necro capitalizes with a pin and pops me when he only gets two and turns to the fans to tell them he should have hooked the leg. He hooks the leg and then takes a chair straight to the face from Brain Damage. Necro darts a fucking computer tower at Brain Damage’s head. Scratch that, Necro throws a mid 2000s computer tower at Brain Damage’s head, that motherfucker could have killed him. And they start throwing hands, holy shit. Shockingly Necro is the first one taken out by the punches which must mean they are MAN SIZED~! Brain Damage knocks out Toby with a punch to get the pin so Brain Damage takes on Necro in the next round. Watching the replay I somehow missed Brain Damage trying to crack that beer bottle over Toby Klein’s head and it just thudding twice before they realize it won’t break. This match is just brutal. DJ Hyde Vs Danny Havoc Vs Zandig Apparently Maven Bentley is the guest referee and comes out in an 80s WWF referee outfit three times too big for him along with gloves that seem fashioned out of trash bags and some goggles. It looks like he dumpster dived for this outfit. And holy hair! Danny Havoc comes out rocking a pretty badass fro. In Danny Havoc fashion, apparently he is still feeling the affects of a concussion but decided to compete anyways. Zandig is bald! No wait! He has a rat tail! Wow, way to take the attention off of Danny Havoc’s hair. Havoc looks so small next to Zandig and Hyde, I fear for Havoc in this match. This match is built around Havoc fangirling for Zandig in this match and Zandig giving him the attaboy and helping him beat up Zandig. Hyde gets the back of his ear cut open by a glass pane and then gets salt poured in the wound. Hyde beats down Zandig and Havoc and just leaves. I thoght he legit left but suddenly he re-emerges with a weedwhacker which apparently causes Havoc to bail and run to the back. Oh but now he comes out with a weedwhacker. Dual whacking which Zandig in the middle. Yeah, I said it. But Zandig’s son comes out with a weedwhacker and now we got three dudes in the ring whacking it! Okay, I’ll stop. Oh shit, Maven cut Zandig’s rat tail and Havoc turns on Zandig with the weedwhacker and Hyde and Hacog get the pin! And now Maven shaves Zandig’s son’s hair! Oh the humanity! Eradication Vs Dragonfly Vs Blood Blood is the guy that damn near got his leg ripped off last year. These look like a couple trainees so I’m going to hop on the elliptical during this because I don’t expect much from it since apparently it is just a triple threat match. You could tell what they wanted this match to be but it was clunky and at half speed because these guys aren’t ready. This should have been a match before the show that was recorded for them to see but on the DVD. I wish I would have left with the fans to go to the concession stand or smoke some crack by their cars, whatever the first two rows were doing during this match. Robbie Moreno and Ruckus Vs Drew Gulak and Jimmy Dream Hahahahaha, James Ellsworth and Drew Gulak as a tag team!? Ruckus is a trooper as he seems to be the only CZW regular who isn’t a deathmatch guy who will actually work this show deathmatch or non-deathmatch. I guess the rest of BLKOUT got a better offer to work in Canada on this day. If Kingston and Green Phantom are doing a deathmatch in IWS right now, I’m going to be so pissed. Ellsworth doesn’t have his two fists or a chance in this. They didn’t do a great job sweeping the ring as you can see remnants of light tubes on the mat. Ellsworth is super green in this and does the “guy forgot to duck my clothesline so I am going to whiff to the sky” spot. He fucks something up so Ruckus just takes his head off. This match is so bad. I assume they are building up to a Gulak hot tag but this match is dying a slow, horrible death. Early Drew Gulak with a white hot hot tag but hisarms look so skinny that its hard to take him seriously. Thank God he put some size on because these same shots look so good now. Moreno gets the pin on Ellsworth and I hope we can get back to our tournament. Kylie Pierce Vs Chad Austin Fucking Chad Austin? The first ECW original they bring in after Ian Rotten is Chad Austin? And he is in an intergender match? I am assuming that they are stalling so that one of the guys from the first round can get back from the emergency room. I’m guessing this match is what sparked the light bulb in Joey Ryan’s head, Austin spends the entire match groping Pierce while both commentators condone it. I regret not fast forwarding. Pierce won. I trolled Twitter during this match essentially trading one cess pool for another. Brandon Prophet Vs Brain Damage Vs Necro Butcher Vs Nick Gage Apparently the guys in the first round don’t fight each other so I guess that is nice to not recycle the same match. They are wrestling Brain Damage’s match and Prophet doesn’t like it as he tries to go for gimmicks after getting punched in the fucking face. Of course I’m wrong and have to add Necro to this match line up as he apparently just showed up late. I’m assuming in a second I’ll need to add Gage? And there is Gage. Prophet is apparently pissed from the punches in the face and gives Damage some STIFF kicks to Damage’s face. Brain Damage is now winning a spot in my heart with his punches to Prophet’s face. This really is the evolution of Gage though as he seems more comfortable taking these bumps than he did in years past. A table won’t break so Gage elbow drops Brain Damage through it and looks like he takes glass or barbed wire to his face. Prophet has his boots and socks ripped off and takes feet bumps to light tubes to get eliminated. Someone brought a stroller with light tubes strapped in. What the fuck. And Brain Damage gets HOT at a fan and has to be restrained by security. I’m dead, this was amazing. And Necro gets eliminated by Brain Damage!? Wow, Gage and Brain Damage go to the finals. Gage is hot for some reason but he is going to the finals. I think Brain Damage is going after that fan but they make sure not to show it on camera haha. Prophet can’t walk to the back, his feet are fucked up. He is a bigger boy so it definitely takes a bit more help to get him to the back. DJ Hyde Vs Drake Younger Vs JC Bailey Vs Danny Havoc The new breed of deathmatch guys in here with JC Bailey to bridge the gap of vets and the new school. I love the black and yellow light tubes. JC Bailey double stomps a ladder into the tubes to get eliminated within the first few minutes. Apparently the 20-something minutes of shitty matches meant they needed to speed this match up. Havoc and Younger are very early in their careers at this point and it shows. They take some great spots but aren’t as polished as they’ll be in the future. I think the elimination of Necro has kind of taken the wind out of the sails of this tournament. Realistically you have to be looking at a JC Bailey or Nick Gage win at this point. Bailey is initiating both Younger and Havoc in this match with some stiff gimmick shots and just picking and choosing who he is going to beat down. Lots of missile dropkicks in this match from Havoc and Younger. Havoc nearly drops Younger on his head with a dragon suplex with a light tube and that is the athletic brutality that will take over these tournaments in the next few years I imagine. Or hope. Someone taped a bunch of light tubes together and Havoc gets wrapped up in them. It looks like the old Discovery Zone slide. But then Bailey double stomps them and now my DZ memories are ruined. Brutal finish with Bailey killing Havoc for the pin. So Bailey and Younger move to the finals. Replays show some sick things I missed like Younger having light tubes stomped into his face. Like imagine the cuts these guys get on their backs and arms and be willing to take that. No. Thanks. One thing I hate about them showing every shot of a certain spot is when they show that one shot that completely kills the credibility of the move which you see on the double stomp when you find out that Bailey actually overshot Havoc. Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Scholarship Battle Royal I’m assuming its a scholarship for wrestling school. They should have put Ellsworth, Pierce, and hell even Chad Austin in this instead of wasting our time. A “James E Cornette” chant breaks out. Little would they know. And shit, we get the TOD debut of Joe Gacy! Gacy and George something can’t work so they do a few shitty wrestling moves and then punch the shit out of each other. I’m good with this. If you don’t have polished moves, give me the realism of punches to the face and kicks to the spine. And Gacy with MOVEZ~! pulling out a sideways moonsault. Gacy will learn to work but I am all in on him just beating the shit out of George something. Gacy tries to pull off his Michael Myers suit and gets stuck, probably shouldn’t have done that. George something wins with a shitty TKO after Gacy gets tangled up. I want to see if George became someone but I can’t remember his name enough to care to look him up. Nick Gage Vs JC Bailey Vs Brain Damage Vs Drake Younger I see two coffee pots with water sitting on the apron. If they have scalding water in a coffee pot in this match, I’m going to say they went too far which I think is one of the few spots I would ever say that about outside of a .44 on a pole or live bear match. Or a match with Abby. Drake Younger absolutely tried to kill himself for the enjoyment of the fans during this match. He tried to somersault from the top rope to a sitting Brain Damage on the outside of the ring, Brain Damage moves but it didn’t matter anyways because Younger lands on his ass on the outside in the grass. Younger with some fighting spirit and headbutts Brain Damage and gives him a straight right to the jaw. They pair off and the more exciting two to see is definitely Brain Damage and Younger. Luckily the coffee pot didn’t have scalding water but the thud it made when Gage bounced it off of Younger’s head was sickening. Bailey eliminated Brain Damage with a double stomp on a pane of glass over him. Another rental truck spot it looks like when Gage sets Younger on the table and then sets Bailey on a table next to him. Gage then puts a pane of glass over both of them and now it looks like Bailey is coaching Younger on how to take the bump while Gage climbs to the top. And Gage sentons through the glass onto them but mostly misses Bailey making it so Younger takes the full brunt of the bump. Gage then pins Younger and then Bailey to win the tournament. He then immediately gets up and threatens some guy who touches him. Your winner ladies and gentleman, Nick Fucking Gage. Younger definitely proved he was going to be a name during this show. Brain Damage proved himself this year and took and gave a beating. Bailey was thiiiis close again but couldn’t pull it off. Gage let loose during this show and took the tournament.
  5. Same. I went to the one live show but with cases on the rise and all the crazy stuff going on, it has made me apprehensive to go to shows and I’m a diehard traveler so that is saying something. I had debated on driving to GCW, ICW, and Warrior Wrestling because I don’t want to fly but just can’t do it. I hope everything gets cleared up soon whether that be cases going down or a vaccine or treatment but until then, I’m really apprehensive to start traveling again whether it be by car or plane. Or boat. Mule.
  6. @clintthecrippler I would go out on a limb and say that Necro/Green Phantom is in my top five so far in terms of matches. I seriously think Green Phantom could have been a huge name on the deathmatch scene if he wanted to be but I also partially assume that Necro may have beat those career aspirations out of him. Gage seems so apprehensive in these older shows and definitely isn’t the guy we know today. I’m curious to see when this changes because in these first 4 shows while he takes the bumps and gets hit with the gimmicks, you can tell he really didn’t want to.
  7. Tournament of Death 4 Wow, huge jump in production value. Either CZW ordered out to put the video together or Smart Mark hired or took some classes with someone who knows advanced Final Cut Pro. Beef Wellington is a pretty funny promo. We are also getting Eddie Kingston Vs Zandig! God, I love seeing Kingston beat the shit out of people, that is going to be fun. This is the first time they’re running this from the woods rather than behind a bar or warehouse. Sexxxy Eddy Vs KC Bailey Sexxxy Eddy does a dong dance for his intro with three girls. They have a barbed wire bat hanging over a ladder but might as well had it connected with string because the second they touch it, the bat falls to the ground. Bailey does a good job of making it look like a weapon is stabbed into his body, those type of spots always make people cringe and pop so it definitely works. I also think this is the first time in the TOD that someone’s hair has gotten stuck in the barbed wire and that always seems like a pain in the ass when it happens. I have to say when I first saw Sexxxy Eddy, I thought he was just going to be a fill in but damn, this guy can take some punishment. Eddy hits the moonsault inside of the trash can onto Bailey and this time around doesn’t look like he is going to die on the move. Eddy gives Bailey a tombstone where he pretty much pushes him out and makes him take his own bump on his head and face. A low blow from Bailey finishes off Eddy though and Bailey moves forward in the tournament. Eddy gets a wedgie from Bailey after the match that pretty much pulls his ass all the way out. Mad Man Pondo Vs Toby Klein Klein took the Pondo bowling ball to the dick spot but Pondo put light tubes in front of them and it looks like one got stuck inside the shorts. Ow. Pondo carves Klein up with a knife which I think is a first in TOD so far to use an actual knife. Klein brought a board with sharpened pencils stabbed into it and they do a good job of building up a spot on them with Pondo taking an Attitude adjustment into them which gets Klein the win. Pondo gets up and has at least one of the pencils hanging off of him which looks so painful. I haven’t brought it up yet but I am shocked at the amount of kids in these crowds. Like I make it a point to pause it when my kids are in the room. The last thing I need is my son powerbombing a kid on a stack of pencils in his pre school class. Backstage they show the EMTs pulling the tips of the pencils out of Pondo’s ass. What a visual. Brain Damage Vs Beef Wellington Wellington gets in and low blows Brain Damage to try and get DQed which had me rolling when Brain Damage got up and clobbered him. This is a 2 out of 3 tables match where you have to get your opponent through two tables. Brain Damage has some size but that size means he moves like Kurrgan, slow and awkward. I don’t think Brain Damage actually realizes his size though because he lets Wellington tru to pick him up on spots he shouldn’t be letting him pick him up on like a powerbomb to the outside through a flaming table which Wellington can’t get him up for the first time and barely can on the second attempt. Brain Damage stops Wellington’s attempt at a hurricanrana from the top rope and powerbombs him through the table with light tubes on it for the win. Wellington looks like he doesn’t have a scratch on him at the end, this was supposed to be comedy to get Brain Damage into the next round is all I can assume. Brain Damage has a nasty gash in his arm though, he got hardcore. Ian Rotten Vs Necro Butcher They had a banger (literally) at TOD 2 so I imagine this will be no different. Ian is taking Homeless Jimmy’s spot in this. Necro is always great when he has someone who will beat the shit out of him and then take his shots. It’s confirmed that Mondo is not in wrestling anymore so I look it up and the only time Mondo and Necro ever touched in the ring was a tag match in CZW which means I will have to take what I can get but man they missed an opportunity for a classic by not having the TOD 2 final as Necro Vs Mondo. These two are hitting each other with anything they can get their hands on. Ian never seems to have an issue of pulling his blade out in front of the camera and stabbing himself with it. Ian tries to escape the Asiatic Spike by setting a barbed wire bat on his hair so it pulls him down but to no avail. Ian loses to the Asiatic Spike in one of the weirdest deathmatch finishes. This match never really hit another gear and I’m guessing that is because Necro still has at least one more match on the show he has to save himself for which he probably learned from last year when he was completely gassed out against Wifebeater. Nick Gage Vs Nate Webb This is the first time during this tournament that we have started to see the Nick Gage we know and love today. He is ruthless against Webb. Gage’s cockiness in this match has to be seen. Webb holds his own but holy shit does he take a beating. Gage suplexes Webb through a log cabin of light tubes from the top of a ladder (that Webb climbed the ladder to try and give Gage a front face buster through and got reversed) to give Gage the win. Location: Basement television Yeah, yeah, I’m supposed to be on bedrest. I’ve got another day full of meetings but my gaming chair lays all the way out and I needed a change of scenery so my lunch break is laid out with the foot rest up watching some deathmatches and eating Brisket Mac and Cheese. Eddie Kingston and Robbie Moreno Vs Zandig Zandig mentions they had to move the show to Delaware last minute. Based on the “Fuck PSAC” sign, I’m guessing Pennsylvania kicked the show out of the state. Kingston gets him from behind with a bunch of light tubes. It starts as a 2 on 1 beat down but Zandig comes back causing Ruckus getting involved and starting a 3 on 1 beat down. Joker makes a surprise return and attacks BLKOUT. Kingston takes a wiffle ball bat with thumbtacks to the side of the head and ear and drops, that had to hurt. Joker and Kingston are head butting the shit out of each other, this is the fighting I love to see. Ruckus continues to shy away from everything hardcore in terms of spots on him. Zandig tried the Razzle Dazzle and ends up Donkey Kicking Ruckus in the face and then hurricanranaing him which makes me laugh. I could watch Kingston and Joker all day. Ruckus takes a light tube set to the head but tries his damndest to avoid it. Ruckus does a moonsault missile drop kick to Joker underneath him which is pretty awesome. The finish of the Joker Driver (a brutal move in itself) on a board with racks and part of a tube allows Zandig and Joker to win. I liked this match but there was too much going on and felt like there was two matches going on at the same time. Respect to Kingston and Moreno, they took a beating. I thought this was a blood feud but they all hug it out at the end. Location: Mah bed Nothing like some early morning graps. I fell asleep to the great book “File System Forensic Analysis” to enrich my brain cells and now it’s time to cultivate them further with some deathmatch wrestling. Necro Butcher Vs Brain Damage I’m not going to judge a book by its cover this time as Green Phantom showed me that any guy with size can pull a banger with Necro. Necro is not afraid to punch Brain Damage in the face. I should point out that they did clean up the ring but left in a lot of the weapons like the cabinet which Necro dumps on Brain Damage and then sentons onto. The ref takes a bump trying to get outside of the ring to count a pin for Brain Damage, good for him getting into this match. When they stand and throw hands, the match is great and Necro getting out of the powerbomb like Will Ospreay is so funny to see. Necro gets the win with a thumbtack boxing glove shot. I’m not sold on Brain Damage, he is uncoordinated and looks like he gets blown up waking up in the morning but standing and swinging is something he can do. Toby Klein Vs Zandig It was so nice for Joker to get the win for Zandig. I really dig Toby as this Missing Link/John Nord guy that “huffs” and beats the shit of people. The story of every 2 out of 3 weapons match always seems to be the same, I wish these guys were as creative with their psychology as they were with their spots in a lot of these matches as it is always a bunch of move reversals before the move is hit. You get to a point in these shows where the 500th light tube shot is no longer ahhh-worthy and you want something to tickle the brain. Zandig gives his finish to Toby through the light tube log cabin to move his name into the finals. JC Bailey Vs Nick Gage They definitely didn’t clean the ring after the Zandig match. Bailey tries to double stomp a pane of glass positioned on two chairs onto Gage but the first time it doesn’t break. The second time is the charm and it sprinkles onto Gage’s body. Bailey also positioned a pane of glass between a guard rail and the ring apron but Gage tosses him from the top rope to the outside through it. Gage gives Bailey a top rope piledriver from the top rope through a pane of glass with light tubes on top of it straddling two chairs for the win. Ultraviolent Rumble Lucky Thurteen is apparently one of the staff and takes his first light tube shot in this match. The photographer who you always see at ringside runs in and then bails. We also see the debut of Danny Havoc who has brought a giant bundle of light tubes. Danny Havoc with the headlock takeover. Yep, I just said that. I guess this is Zandig scouting the students to see who he can feed to Necro next year. This reminds me of a Lucha show intermission when all of the kids jump in the ring and start beating the shit out of each other and the parents are too drunk to notice what’s going on. The photographer returns with a flaming bat and cleans house, accidentally setting Danny Havoc on fire with it to the point that the ring crew rip him out of the ring and nearly rip his shirt off. Havoc apparently told everybody that he would take their spots as he takes a double stomp into all of the light tube shards in the ring which looks brutal. One of the trainees gets eliminated but falls into a shopping cart of light tubes and slices up his leg and starts to freak out in front of the camera. And DJ Hyde making his TOD debut. There are some brutal spots in this if you can sit through it. One thing about trainees is they’ll take some insane bumps to get noticed. They put the photographer over everyone in this match but he took a beating so you can’t say he didn’t deserve it. Danny Havoc proved himself a future deathmatch guy in this match with the spots he took. I assume we don’t see a lot of these other guys ever again. After the match they show the trainee who fell into the shopping cart with his leg and it is brutal, the cut is so deep and wide open. I don’t know anatomy but I think you can see muscle and bone. This is up there with Sexxxy Eddy’s. Danny Havoc cuts a promo, this is the future of these tournaments cutting his first promo and you literally get to see him grow up in these tournaments. Location: Downstairs elliptical I am finally almost well enough to be fully working out as the chiropractor got me popped enough to where I have better movement. Apparently this work from home thing has me sitting entirely too much and my muscles don’t like it so I’m not doing more stretching and hitting the elliptical. Lets clap for my cardio bunny workout and watch some deathmatches. Zandig Vs Necro Butcher Vs Nick Gage Gypsy Joe is the special ref. He comes out in his gear and a ref shirt. Random. This is the first TOD where we get Gage coming out to Whom The Bell Tolls but it will take a bit longer for him to perfect the entrance. If you want the mid 2000s TOD soundtrack to go along with reading these, say no more: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5RykMw15Xw2kEJlpwQBlem?si=4JPt6mXnTpWu8lcbzvbqug They remove the mat and pads so the wrestlers are just fighting on the wood which makes the bumps hurt that much more but makes for an easier clean up of the last few matches. Necro and Zandig have no problem taking nasty bumps and beating the shit out of each other. Zandig takes some shots that make his eyes swell and he ends up looking like Sloth from the Goonies. He has no problem going shot for shot with Necro though. Say what you want about Zandig, dude is a bad motherfucker. They put lemon juice into their wounds which sounds horrible. Gage is the odd man out in this match, he takes some spots but disappears for anything that looks like it is really going to hurt. And of course as soon as I say that, Gage lights himself on fire trying to suplex Zandig into a board with glass that was set on fire. And when I say set on fire, I mean his shirt was engulfed. He gets put out but opts to put his shirt back on, I don’t know if that is for body image or because he wants a barrier against the gimmicks. Gypsy Joe counts a three count when Gage gives Zandig a small package on the outside. Zandig corrects him and says it was 2 and Joe believes him and let’s him continue. Because that makes sense. Necro apparently pins Zandig and this time Zandig doesn’t correct Joe. This was anticlimactic and I now understand New Jack. Apparently so does Gage as he slams Joe into a ring post. They built a stand for four panes of glass and set it on top of a table and Necro gives Gage an Attitude Adjustment through it to give Necro the win. Luckily a real ref counted the three. Gypsy Joe is immediately up and congratulating Necro and I would really like to see Necro pop him one. Necro and Zandig had some great exchanges. I think Gypsy Joe wandering around ruined the match a bit. Gage gave it his all but doesn’t win, that fire shot was brutal but I think he was apprehensive to take too much. You can definitely see the pain in the after match shot when he is screaming in pain about the fire.
  8. Tournament of Death 3 7/24/04 Smyrna, PA So apparently we have moved for the third iteration of TOD. We are at the Breakaway Tavern and are treated to John House outside of the venue with fans showing off the weapons that fans brought. It sounds like some of their CZW students are going to be fed to the wolves in the first round while the fans want to see Nick Gage take this years tournament. The fact that nobody has said Nick Mondo tells me he is either injured or has already went into retirement. Arsenal Vs Hardcore Ninja Two IWS guys get their shot in the tournament. Not sure how much experience these guys have in deathmatches, Arsenal takes a press slam to the outside through a log cabin light tube setup and a table and slices his face open but it looks like it stops pretty quickly although he is constantly checking on it. Ninja does a disgusting looking leaping Tombstone onto a stops up chair where as they’re coming down, he lets go of Arsenal. Luckily Arsenal tucked and slid down the chair back but man that still had to hurt. Ninja takes a nasty looking Air Raid Crash from the ropes through a table. Ninja in the full mask and gear doesn’t show the extent of any bumps and bruises he gets. Arsenal wins via a Fisherman Buster from the top rope through two light tube log cabins. These guys seemed determined to kill each other to get themselves over and came close on both remarks. Ruckus Vs Nick Gage Ruckus is not a deathmatch wrestler. His weight loss continues and he is looking great but you’re definitely seeing a lack of deathmatch wrestlers in the tournament this year. Ruckus had no intention of taking anything outside of chairs. He was layered up and making sure the barbed wire wasn’t going to get him. Gage wins with a powerbomb into barbed wire that might have brushed Ruckus’ arm. Gage gives Ruckus a chair shot after the match to the head that just looks brutal though as it not only hits him but also throws Ruckus’ head down into the barbed wire board which I don’t think Ruckus was expecting. Location: The Tub I’ve got a chiropractor appointment tomorrow so let’s hope by the time I’m reviewing some of the other TOD’s, I’m doing it from the elliptical or a strip joint with a mask on. Or at the very least sitting upright. Mad Man Pondo Vs Wifebeater Everybody has their own story to tell with every wrestler interaction but Mad Man Pondo was always a good brother when our paths crossed. I’ve never met Wifebeater but I’m still pitching somewhere east coast side to do a convention and bring in a bunch of the 2000s CZW, JAPW, and ROH guys. I’d love a picture with the SAT or the remaining guys of The Big Deals. Bonus points if it is at Station 44 or on front of the Breakaway Tavern. Wifebeater hits Pondo over the head with albums and it reminds me of the scene from Roger Rabbit. Apparently the fans brought all of these weapons and I don’t see any spiked dildo nunchucks so the fans haven’t fully tapped into the creativity they would have in later years. They hit each other with some crazy stuff during this match and Wifebeater takes a bump something that resembles hedgehogs or cactuses and the way they stick in, ouch. Pondo tried to avoid the last bump on the plasma tv but Wifebeater picks him back up and powerbombs him to not give him a choice. Wifebeater wins. Pondo has some great facials in this. Sexxxy Eddie Vs Ian Knoxx Sexxxy Eddie brings Zandig’s wife in the ring to give her a striptease. I initially thought it was ODB. Fans start a “Show your tits” chant. He strips down to a stuffed set of tights and gyrates on her. Ian Knoxx has a bit more size from last year. IWS Vs CZW student and you have to wonder why they didn’t try to fill out the tournament with more deathmatch guys. The ref has a full face cover mask on but the only weapons in the match are thumbtacks and tack strips stuck to a board. They stall and tease a thumbtack spot which pops the crowd when Eddie takes a double arm DDT into them. There are so many thumbtacks in the ring that they’re slipping in them. They do a lot of thumbtack spots and what looked like the finish but somehow wasn’t was Sexxxy Eddie taking a middle rope choke slam where Eddie landed on his head and neck. Eddie tried to put himself in a trash can and moonsault off the top rope which didn’t really work but luckily didn’t kill either of them. Knoxx ends up taking a slam from the top rope to the outside through the tack strip board with thumbtacks on it set up on chairs for Eddie to get the win. Green Phantom Vs Necro Butcher The last of the IWS guys and at least Necro’s punching bag has some size to him. This show is apparently sponsored by Gamecrazy. I can only assume this type of frivolous spending is why they went out of business. This breaks out onto a bar fight. I love it when some guy just starts stiffing the shit out of Necro because you know Necro sees this as a free pass to just throw bombs. You have to assume that Necro told Phantom to just beat the shit out of him but if he didn’t and Phantom has the balls to do this to Necro, he belongs in this tournament every year. Phantom does a top rope double stomp to the outside with a skateboard with light tubes and cuts up Necro’s back. Necro is ready to reply and it is fucking brutal. A stiff kick to the face and then Necro SWINGS A CANDY MACHINE AT GREEN PHANTOM AND FUCKING CLOCKS HIM~! I’m sorry I ever doubted this match and I may have peed a little in the tub. Necro says fuck this guy and I think Phantom is regretting the last few minutes right now. Phantom should have used this to unmask and become a fucking deathmatch legend. Necro wins. Green Phantom never unmasks, runs back to Canada and never fulfills his destiny of murdering dudes across the world in Japan, CZW, IWS-MS, etc. I’m assuming this match with Necro had to scare him away from a deathmatch career in this match because if he could have consistently worked like that, I’d seek out all his matches. Location: Top Floor I moved back the big tv for late night viewing. HighSpots really needs to create variables in the accounts to store last viewed for shows. I’m willing to help if it will keep me from having to remember my own time stamps. JC Bailey Vs Chris Cash Two guys taken from us too soon. Bailey works over Cash’s armpit of all things, kicking and stabbing a light tube into it and then biting it. Bailey does a spot where he makes it look like he gets impaled with a shard of the tube which is pretty cool. Cash is cut up all over from the tubes. Bailey buries Cash in light tubes and sentons onto him for the win. Sexxxy Eddy Vs Arsenal I spelled his name wrong in the last round but don’t feel the need to go back and change it. He is actually in decently good shape here. I think the last time I saw him, I thought it was Joel Gertner. Arsenal misses a kick to a light tube and ends up booting Eddy in the back of the head. Surprisingly Eddy is taking most of the tube spots. Tables get turned and Arsenal takes a nasty light tube against the back of his neck which it looks like opens it up. Arsenal damn near KOs Eddy with the bottom of a trash can where you can even see the camera guys wince. They tease a top of truck spot but then bail on it which pisses off the crowd. The crowd actually ends up behind Sexxxy Eddy as he hits a bottom rope inward flip onto Arsenal for the win. It looks like he nicked an artery though as you can see blood geysering from his forearm and he actually catches some of it in his mouth as he poses. They immediately duct tape it when he gets out of the ring and the crowd is HYPED. Zandig says they called an ambulance for Eddy and he is no longer going to be in the finals. The crowd loves him now and he looks like he will be a huge star in CZW. JC Bailey Vs Wifebeater Bailey starts off the match with using Wifebeater’s weed whacker on him. Sacrilegious. Bailey is hitting Wifebeater with everything. Wifebeater returns the favor and of course we get the yearly salt spot with Bailey getting that and then hot sauce poured on his back. They end up fighting to a truck that has a bed filled with light tubes and cardboard underneath with Wifebeater giving Bailey a sky high into them for the win. This means we will see a rematch from TOD 1 no matter who wins the next match as the two guys fighting in the next match both lost to Wifebeater on his way to the finals of the first TOD. Necro Butcher Vs Nick Gage They brawl all over. Necro does a flip for no reason onto a chair, never took him for a spot monkey. They do the bar fight spot and Gage makes it clear that he does not want to get hit. Necro hurricanranas Gage from the top turnbuckle to the outside through a plate of glass sitting on chairs. Gage’s right arm is bloody with glass stuck into it and he is moving slowly, that bump had to hurt. Gage does the boot scrap to Necro with a plate of glass in front of him and the glass carves up Necro’s left arm and chest area and looks like it might have caught his face a bit too. A distraction from BLKOUT and a powerbomb through a pane of glass gives Necro the win. These guys are just destroyed at the end of this match and I don’t know how Necro is going to have another match after this. If you want to see two guys finish a match on autopilot then watch this ending. Match started slow but got absolutely violent towards the end. Necro Butcher Vs Wifebeater This show has been all deathmatches. This is a rematch from the first round of the first TOD which Wifebeater won. They’re hitting each other with a bunch of fan made weapons. Wifebeater giving Necro a suplex from inside the ring to a chain link fence covered in light tubes straddling the ring and barricade is brutal but luckily it stays straddled and doesn’t come down with them. Both men’s backs are bloody. Necro is spent and can barely move, needing to be helped onto the truck for what I can only assume will be the final spot. The Mondo spot this year is Wifebeater sidewalk slamming Necro from the top of the truck through three tables with one on fire to win TOD 3. This show didn’t seem like it was going to deliver on paper with it missing a lot of the regular deathmatch guys, Mondo, Backseatz, etc. but was surprisingly good with Necro having a hell of a run in the tournament.
  9. This is something not a lot of people notice or think about so good question. You can see people in there sweeping what they can and in the matches that break up the tournament the mat looks relatively clean. There are a few points during the shows where you see a guy get in the ring and bail with the camera picking up him saying they need to get the tube fragments out of the ring. I assume that Smart Mark cut out a lot of the cleaning and I should keep an eye on if there are any canvas switch outs because I know at least from the Deathmatch Tournament I attend in Denver, they swap out canvases in between rounds so that the non-deathmatch matches aren't bumping around on errant tacks, glass, tubes, or bloodstains.
  10. I'm really looking forward to their 7/24 show and didn't realize that they had a show up already, I'm going to have to check this out. I love the BloodSport shows with the BloodSport show Mania weekend being one of my favorite shows of that week so I am fully up for more promotions like this popping up.
  11. Tournament of Death 2 Dover, DE July 26, 2003 Location: my bed I took a nap in between viewings. Pain in my back is still going so I’m going to lay here and try and watch a bit of the next show. No video packages this time, straight into the first match with panes of glass in the ring. Zandig Vs Spyder Nate Webb So apparently they did somehow turn the end of last year into a storyline. It makes you wonder if they actually turned this into an angle or Ian just needed some money. I still love hearing Wheatus and it puts Nate Webb in the running for one of the greatest intros in pro wrestling. Nate Webb tries to play a heel and run his mouth and stall in the deathmatch. It works a bit and then Zandig just starts to murder him. Webb does some crazy bumps. Webb sets up a pane of glass over some chairs over Zandig and then moonsaults onto it with a chair which looks brutal since the glass is shattering over his face. Zandig hulks up and powerbombs Webb through it. Match is used to get over the rivalry and Webb dies for us to accomplish that. Post match promos are a fun addition. They also show Nate Webb missing a chunk out of his arm. I’m always intrigued by the post match war wounds so I loved seeing this. JC Bailey Vs Nick Mondo Another IWA-MS Vs CZW match. Bailey looks so young here. These guys are wearing the prototypical Indy gear that the pretty boys wore just before pleather. Mondo has Bailey move rope con Hilo to the outside onto a ladder on the asphalt which looked like it hurt. Bailey is bleeding from the back from tube shots and gets dragged through the tube particles on the mat. He gives Mondo a double stomp with tubes to Mondo’s stomach and an Assault Driver through some tubes set up on chairs. Mondo wins with a what I can only describe as a burning hammer that he sits out for through a bunch of light tubes positioned between two ladders. This was more tame than his run last year. With him working with Zandig in the next round, I assume that changes. Mondo in the post match promo mentions he has broken bones in his wrist and is still wrestling in the tournament. This guy has always been a tough son of a bitch. Necro Butcher Vs Corporal Robinson Corp got my name off a talent sheet one time and was trying to sell me Gathering tickets to find his drug habit. A good wrestler though, I will tell you that. Necro continuing that downward spiral that never really stopped. Corp drops a bunch of glass out of a cooler into the middle of the ring to start the match and these two just start beating the shit out of each other. Like you want to see guys use a little bit of weapons but just punch each other, this is the match for you. You still see some insane things like a nasty Death Valley Driver through light tubes positioned between chairs and Necro getting his lip stapled to the turnbuckle but if you want to see a bad fight, this. This. Corp is also a good promo, looks like a badass here and makes you want to seek out more of his matches. Not the later stuff though. Ian Rotten Vs Nick Gage Rotten calls the fans scumbags. Pot meet kettle. Gage immediately starts stabbing him with a fork. A fan brought a 2x4 with tampons on it. Yikes. The first half of the match is Gage stabbing Ian with a fork and then baseball sliding tubes into his face with the second half Ian slowly hitting and jabbing Gage with weapons with Gage getting a few hope spots. Nate Hatred interferes and puts Gage through a table with light tubes for Ian to get the win. Trent Acid Vs Z Barr Starts out as a squash. Trent is so good in the ring. Z Barr gives Acid a Five Knuckle Shuffle but they call it a Donkey Punch and i will never think of it the same again. Z Barr is sloppy during this match, messing up his signature stuff but ends up eating two Yakuza kicks. Location: The Tub My back is not in any greater shape as the disc is definitely pinching on a nerve so I’ve taken a half day off of work and am planning to soak in the tub to hopefully relieve some pressure. Plus, watch some deathmatch wrestling. But of course where I left off at is not a deathmatch but some schmozz. Chris Cash Vs Jude Vs Niles Young Vs Cory Kastle Vs Rick Feinberg Vs Ian Knoxx Jon Dahmer is the referee. This is guys just getting their shit in. This is a CZW student showcase with Dahmer in there directing traffic as a ref I assume. Like any student showcase, they had a bunch of practiced spots that looked decent and some ad libbed stuff that they undoubtedly worked on at practice the next week. Ian Knoxx looked decent but it looks like he retired in 2004 and only came back for memorial shows afterwards. Rebel, Flash, and Frazier come out and beat down Knoxx and trash the crowd and then say Knoxx and his partner will wrestle them at the next show. Johnny Kashmere Vs Nick Berk This was on open contract match and Nick Berk showed up. Completely unrelated to this match but does anyone know what happened to Ric Blade? Guy seemed to miss 50% of the moves he tried but would take insane bumps. Looks like he hasn’t wrestled since 2003. Anyways, cheating from Dewey and Trent but this is a fun little match. Berk looks like a smaller Buff Bagwell with a less shitty attitude. It’s too bad he never got a real look by any other promotions. Ian Rotten Vs Necro Butcher This bracketing sets up a guaranteed IWA-MS Vs CZW finals and a shot for each group to show their best deathmatch and one up each other. If I had to take a guess, these guys are going to punch the shit out of each other and hit each other with hurty things but not fake any insane bumps. Ian hops on the mic for heel heat but opts to make them laugh in the end. Slow match with a lot of violence but their athleticism (or lack of it in Ian’s case) couldn’t keep up with the psychology they were going for in some spots. Ian is just holding a blade in his hand for a portion of the match while Necro beats the piss out of him. Necro gets crushed by a flat screen television by Ian and holy shit. It dawns on me that the final could be Mondo Vs Necro and I am hyped and cheering even more now for Necro. Necro gets a strip of tape with racks stuck to his chest and you can tell how much pain he is in when Ian tries to pull them off. Whoever brought this kendo stick tube thumbtack contraption is a sick fuck as it is just brutal when Necro sentons with it on Ian on the asphalt. Unfortunately unlike my deadpool every year, Ian wins this match and ruins my dream of a Mondo/Necro final. But I do have to say that if this is an advertisement for King of the Deathmatch, I may have any streaming goal in a few weeks. Zandig Vs Nick Mondo Definitely teasing the Zandig/Ian finals. But this could also be a catapult for Mondo. Highly unlikely Ian goes over in the final unless this is going to be a prolonged angle that sees a CZW guy win the IWA-MS tournament. Mondo looks haggard walking into this match. In either some foreshadowing, a tease, or someone’s ineptitude, the log cabin light tubes were not on the 6 tables set up next to the roof so Mondo has to call over to the ring crew to have them set up which delays the match. This heats up the crowd though so it seemed to work. This is more about the gimmicks than anything else and Mondo takes an absolute beating with the weapons. Mondo and Zandig take the insane roof bump and the tables might as well have been particle board as they don’t save either of them. Honestly I think if they would have just started the match on the roof then Mondo wouldn’t have needed to take all the unneeded bumps and the unexpectedness would’ve made the crowd molten. And for whatever fucking reason, they decide this wasn’t the finish. Apparently they wanted Mondo to go into the finals which is why it continued which makes no sense to take the bump before. Or they should have just had Mondo roll onto or land on Zandig after the big bump for the win and make everyone question if there would be a finals or if Ian would win with a bye but that is just my bathtub quarterbacking. Both semi final matches had different dynamics. Both had spots that were cool and other parts that made no sense. If I had to watch another one of these matches though it would have been Necro/Ian. B-Boy and Messiah Vs Ruckus and Sonjay Dutt Ruckus is partway through his insane weight loss journey here, looking way smaller than last year’s TOD. It has been a while since I’ve seen B Boy wrestle and damn his kicks were always so good. Messiah is apparently part of Hi5 now and also a heel. Ruckus with some great high flying spots and Sonjay shows some fiiiiire! The finish is a giant kick from B Boy leaping off Messiah’s back to Ruckus, it nearly comes from out of nowhere and just destroys Ruckus. Great finish. Location: Basement Standing Desk It is a new morning and unfortunately I have to start work in a bit. My back still is not feeling great and I think a trip to the chiropractor is in order. But I’m in the basement at the standing desk watching on the 40 inch television for our main event. Ian Rotten Vs. Sick Nick Mondo Beautiful People Vs. Last Resort. A battle of independent wrestling music from the 2000s. Mondo opts for a gear change and is in white pants for the main which you have to assume is going to be covered in crimson by the end of this match. While this isn’t the Mondo Vs. Necro that I wanted to see or the Zandig Vs. Ian that was teased (And lets be real, that match wasn’t going to happen), this is still Mondo taking on one of the original American deathmatch guys. A lot of trading light tube shots. Ian gets busted open and gigged and then has a bucket of salt dumped on his head. Ian busts out a bearhug in the middle of the match to target Mondo’s ribs. Mondo takes the tournament with an M Bison (Double stomp) from the top rope onto Ian’s head which is positioned between light tubes, a pan, and a chair. Neither of these matches were as good as the semi-finals but it should have been expected that neither of these guys were going to do too much for each other. Passing the torch promo from Ian to Mondo. Mondo’s documentary goes pretty in depth about his career and its sad that Mondo had such a short career but the stuff he was taking couldn’t have been something that he could have done for a long time. I’m just praying that one of these next TOD’s has that elusive Necro/Mondo match and please don’t spoil when it happens or if it happens somewhere else, I’ll find it if it does although as Zandig talks about the IWA-MS/CZW Explosion Cage Match, I assume they hook it up there a bit. But before all is said and done we go back into working mode and they hype up the exploding cage match. Apparently it is just Zandig Vs. Ian.
  12. The service is ran by Vin Gerard, the Chikara regular who was Equinox and then unmasked back in the day. I feel particularly horrible because I think Vin was looking for help with the programming of the site early on and I declined in a DM which kills me because I would have loved to work on this. There are a lot of cool features and hidden gems on the service. I definitely recommend checking out Zona 23 for some weird outdoor Lucha deathmatch wrestling and they put up the old school ICW shows which I’m pretty sure is the first place I saw Low Ki in 2000. Another cool thing is the pop up fact shows like the old VH1 show. They did one on Joey Janela’s Lost in NY where they talk about the NYSAC nearly shutting down the show at a bunch of points and it is so intriguing to read about.
  13. Tournament of Death 2002 Location: My top floor couch I feel like death. My right leg is nearly useless as the popped disc makes most moving a chore and a lesson in how much pain I can actually take. So let’s relieve my pain by traveling back to Dover, Delaware on August 31, 2002. Did you know that the 2020 version of Tournament of Death was supposed to be in England and that I was considering going? I’ve done BOLA, I’ve done Best of the Best, I’ve done Slave to the Deathmatch, I really wanted to knock another tournament off my list. Oh well. We get the big block letters that seem synonymous with mid 2000s independent wrestling. If you’ve seen the RF or Smart Mark tapes, you know what I’m talking about. First combatant shown in the highlight is Nick Gage giving a chokebreaker 18 years ago. MDK all day. A lot of CZW originals in this added with the West Coast export Homeless Jimmy and Midwest export and 2000s deathmatch darling Necro Butcher and Toby Klein. I now realize that I had misremembered myself fandom. I realize I had actually bought a few XPW tapes in 2000 and decently enjoyed them but this was when ECW was still popular and never revisited the promotion outside of the We Wrestle show I would watch every now and again. This death metal highlight package is brutal. The amount of light tubes and barbed wire boards and blood is insane. What did I get myself into? We immediately get introduced to the outdoor venue which I feel is a staple of the TOD shows. I was always such a sucker for outdoor shows as a kid that seeing things like this was a fun change of pace. Zandig Vs Nate Hatred Eric Garguilo makes it sound like Zandig is running this show because he can’t pay his bills. Sounds like an Indy promoter. The crowd starts a “Fuck Rob Black” chant. I’m too lazy to look up in the timeline if XPW has moved to the east coast at this point, if Messiah’s thumb is missing, or if the snake is scheduled to eat the puppy on PPV yet. Zandig and Nate Hatred starting this off. I dig Hatred’s anarchy barbed wire contraption. If anyone knows Dewey, let him know I want to buy him a round and just talk about early 2000s CZW. This match has only a few moves before Rockin Rebel, Z Barr, and Danny Rose hit the ring and beat them down. The week before this viewing I saw a young Rockin Rebel challenge Sandman for the ECW title. He looks pretty much the same. Lobo apparently owns CZW right now. His group beats down both guys. They wrap Zandig in barbed wire and there is a barb dud pretty good into his midsection. They lay Hatred down on a table on the asphalt and then throw Zandig from the inside of the ring out into Hatred. The mic sucks so I have no idea what is going on but Adam Flash stays in the ring and now is going to wrestle Messiah who makes a surprise return. No match as he hits Carlito’s Way and pins Flash. So apparently we are in the timeline where Messiah is missing his thumb as his hand is wrapped up and he is clearly missing a thumb. Green Phantom and Arsenal Vs Hardcore Ninjas This is an IWS showcase match. These are four guys who seemingly never ventured too far from IWS their entire careers. This takes me back the 2000s Indy wrestling, spots and head drops. And weapons! But mostly spots. Necro Butcher Vs Wifebeater The crowd is hyped for Necro Butcher as his reputation precedes him. It is always interesting to see these guys who are staples of other deathmatch groups work in a different deathmatch group for the first tome. Wifebeater out with his bag of chips and the commentators are hyping this up as a deathmatch dream match. Big Mac Smack, memba him? They hype the staple gun up as this very serious weapon in 2002.. hahaha. Necro is the first to bleed on the show. Wifebeater aims for Necro’s forehead with chairs. Necro gives Wifebeater a top rope karate kick while Wifebeater is stuck in a trash can. Necro gets his shirt stapled to his lip with the staple gun which is pretty crazy. Necro seems like he hurt his leg at the beginning of the match of all things rolling outside on a trash can. Wifebeater puts a mouse trap on Necro’s dick which is hardcore for any era. Wifebeater hits a sky high on Necro from a platform through a bunch of chairs to to the asphalt for the win. They eliminate the IWA-MS Deathmatch champion in the first round. Necro looked good here and not as haggard as he would in later years. I think a 2003 WWE run for Necro would have made him the next Foley but instead we got a decent ROH run, a lot of Necro killing himself for Indy crowds, and a broken down man nearing getting murdered by Shlak. What could have been. Toby Klein Vs Nick Gage This is also Toby Klein’s CZW debut. Gage comes out with a H8 light tube creation. Gage takes the first light tube bump of the night and gets his forehead carved up with the remnants of the H8 tubes. Tack strips are all over the ropes. One breaks off and fans are collecting them. Someone still has one of those hanging on their wall to this day. Nick Fucking Gage chants in 2002. Baby faced Nick Gage looks a lot different than 2020 badass King Nick Gage and it is so cool that we are going to get to see some of that evolution through these shows. Klein loses in another IWA-MS/CZW battle. I imagine Ian Rotten was probably pissed watching this show. Homeless Jimmy Vs Sick Nick Mondo They leave the tack strips up because 2002 Indy death matches are about blood, not presentation. It starts raining on the outdoor show which could be the most hardcore element of all. Sick Nick Mondo in 2002 is young and looks great. They allude to the idea that there were rumors that Mondo would show up somewhere else. Apparently XPW was running their first ever east coast show at Viking Hall. So I guess it would make sense that CZW’s big tournament would be born from trying to fight for east coast supremacy with XPW while also taking a jab at Ian Rotten at the same time. This was Homeless Jimmy’s only CZW appearance and you have to think he was brought on as a fuck you to XPW. I wonder what the falling out between Jimmy and XPW was. These guys both do some pretty insane bumps with Jimmy launching himself to the outside onto Mondo at one point and then taking a crazy bump and catching his arm on his shopping cart a bit later. Homeless Jimmy takes a powerbomb on the outside through two chairs and a washboard which did next to nothing to save him from taking the bump on the ground. Ouch. Mondo at one point just punches Jimmy straight in the side of the head. Jimmy and Mondo have a great moment on the top of a Ryder truck where they tease throwing each other off. Mondo hits an ASSAULT DRIVER on Jimmy off the top of the truck through a bunch of light tubes and four tables. In the first round. How do they top that? They replay every single camera angle they have of it. It looks like Mondo came down after Jimmy hit the tables so Mondo pretty much came down with little concrete on his tailbone on the ground. This spot is insane even now, doing it in the first round of 2002 is insane and makes you question if it can even be topped during the show. I am going to assume it can’t. Jon Dahmer and Towel Boy Vs Chris Cash and GQ Vs Sonjay Dutt and Derek Frazier Vs Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere You have ECW’s towel boy managed what I think is supposed to be a knock on RF. A very young Sonjay Dutt and one of my favorite tag teams in 2002, The Backseat Boyz. SPOTZ! Tuttle nearly kills Sonjay when he lifts him over his head like he was going for a back body drop but holds onto the legs and sits out with it, nearly spiking Sonjay head first into the mat. New School and Backseats choreographed a spot for this. Backseats has a fun exchange with Sonjay, Acid was so good in the ring. Dahmer, the CZW trainer, double backdrops the Backseats and drops Acid on his head. I haven’t seen the T Gimmick in forever, I loved that move. T Gimmick on New School to finish the match. I would have killed for a Backseat Boyz Vs Hardy Boyz match, the Backseats were so good. Even dream matching them against Motor City Machine Guns, Young Bucks, and the other spotty teams of the 2000s is a fun exercise. It’s hard to say they were ahead of their time but had they lasted longer or came along with the same gimmick a few years later, there were so many good matches that could have been had. Nick Berk Vs Ruckus Vs Justice Pain The spots. The beginning of this is Justice Pain watching Berk and Ruckus run through spots at a hundred miles an hour with each spot seemingly a setup for the next spot as Ruckus at one point rolls himself out of the pin instead of going for the three count so he could post for the next spot. I have to give it to Ruckus, he was a chubby guy who could move but wanted to fly and went on a crazy weight loss journey to accomplish the goal of being a light heavyweight. Justice Pain joins in on the highspots with a quebrada and a great looking pescado. Ruckus at one point in the match darts a chair at Nick Berk’s head and hits a flipping Van Terminator onto a Tree of Woe’d Justice Pain. The names of theses moves with the Berkoset, Pain Driller, I love it. This was a good wrestling in the middle of a deathmatch show. Nick Gage Vs Wifebeater There are giant panes of glass in the ring. They call Nick Gage the future of hardcore, good call. Big back body drop on the glass and I cringe but at least he took it on his back with a shirt. Boot scrape from Gage to Wifebeater through a pane of glass and you can clearly see Wifebeater gig in front of the camera. Wifebeater pulls out a bunch of thumbtacks and they do some spots in them with Gage putting a handful on Wifebeater and then hitting a frog splash. Last glass spot is a second rope sky high. The lack of blood outside of forehead gigs and a little bit from the thumbtacks makes you think they got extremely lucky with the glass bumps. Brutal for the time I’d say. The announcer tells everyone about the after party and it makes me want to get a time machine and just live on the east coast from the mid 90s on. Location: My bedroom I switched from the 75 inch TV to the 55 inch since my back is still in horrible shape. I ate one of my fit meals (shredded beef, rice, and broccoli) and am now ready to see what should be a very, very violent deathmatch. Nick Mondo Vs Messiah The ring is surrounded by light tubes and Mondo and Messiah bring out even more. Messiah sells his hand since he doesn’t have a thumb to fully close his fist, what a smart thought. Living up to their reputation, these light tubes are brutal. Mondo is picking tube shards out of his elbow and has a bloody back. They do a good tease over a spot on the outside into chairs set up with light tubes on it. Messiah ends up taking a sick (no pun intended) bump through it to the outside. It looks like there is blood on the bandaged hand of Messiah that is missing the thumb. Mondo takes a back drop from the top rope onto a bunch of light tubes on a table but the table doesn’t budge, the spot looked absolutely brutal. Ref bump. Lobo’s army beat down Messiah and Zandig makes the save. Assault Driver finishes Messiah. This was a great deathmatch and Messiah selling his thumb told a good story. Nick Mondo Vs Wifebeater I assume the ring crew probably took a bit to set up the ring and I hope there was an intermission to give Mondo a few minutes to recover. Mondo comes out with a big bucket of salt (Things That Sting~!) and Wifebeater rushes out with the weed whacker. Their backs are cut up quickly from the tubes and Wifebeater dumps all of the salt onto Mondo. Mondo’s back is CRIMSON. The weed whacker spot finishes the match and you can just see the blood and skin fly off of Mondo’s midsection. This match was 100% these two just trying to make the other bleed. It wasn’t as flashy as the first round finish but remembering the salt and seeing the blood and then the weed whacker to the stomach made this match a spectacle. For no reason, Necro, Klein, and Homeless Jimmy hit the ring and then get beat down by the CZW guys. Yeah, that was a shot at IWA-MS and XPW. They were definitely bringing the Japanese deathmatch style to the US which ECW wouldn’t fully do. Looking back, it was weird to see Necro job out in the first round although he did it to the eventual winner. Mondo was the star of this show though even in losing the finals. I can’t remember Mondo’s career before this but this show makes you want to see Mondo just for the way he is willing to risk his body during a match. It really makes me hope that him and Necro had a deathmatch before Mondo retired which I’m not going to Google so I can pop if it happens during a TOD, you get so few moments to really pop for something anymore.
  14. I went to my first wrestling show since going to Future Stars of Wrestling in Vegas right when COVID hit (Ring of Honor cancelled their shows that weekend 3/4 of the way through my road trip). The show was Primos Premier Pro Wrestling doing a Black Wrestlers Matter show in a bar in Denver. The bar would only allow 50 people into the building including the wrestlers so there was a smaller crowd with clustered seating for people going together (with their names on the chair clusters) and everyone was required to wear their masks outside of the wrestlers, commentators, and the referee. Definitely a new world we are temporarily living in but the crowd was still rowdy and excited to see live wrestling again and it made me happy to be at a show since I'm used to going to 30-40 shows a year. The main event was a banger, two guys in Colorado who I think are going to hopefully be big names later are Marlion Bishop and Justin D'Air. Bishop has some size to him and is a daunting figure and D'Air is a good flyer who will put his body on the line for a spot but also makes the spot make sense. Anyways, just wanted to share. With the COVID cases rising, I am probably not going to go to any more shows for a while until cases start dropping. I signed up for the Jericho Cruise and assume I won't be at a live show until that point unless things get better and I'm able to journey back to Tokyo for WrestleKingdom. Be well good brothers and good sisters.
  15. Quick note: If any of you have ever been to a Tournament of Death, I'd love to hear your experiences. I am always intrigued by live accounts and that "On The Road" style review of how the day was (What did you eat on the way and how did you get there, what workers were wandering around and how did they interact, what sticks out in your mind that day). So post all that in here to help expand on the experience good brothers and good sisters! Preface When I was a kid in the 90s, I was your typical WWF fanboy. Growing up in Denver right after the Denver Auditorium was remodeled into the Buell Theatre and the AWA no longer had a viable arena to run (and WWF ran them out of town), the WWF was the only game in town. When I was 6, I became aware of another wrestling promotion when a later night scroll through the channels presented me with WCW Pro. Not as flashy as the WWF, I’d make note of it but wouldn’t really actively follow the shows for another two years or so. Around 1997, a kid in my class who I didn’t normally talk to walked over and showed me an ECW catalog because he knew I liked wrestling. I was shocked. I hadn’t known this level of violence before and I was still about a year out from really falling down the rabbit hole of professional wrestling and trading tapes through the Wrestle World boards. Imagine my even bigger surprise when my 12 year old friend let me borrow the Onita tapes he bought off of the internet! Fast forward to 2002 and I was hip to a lot of the forms of wrestling. ECW and WCW was dead, my enjoyment of the now-WWE was dwindling and the only thing that could really hold my attention was this backlog of AJPW and random death match wrestling I was finding and trading for. But one of my main problems being a 15 year old kid with a short attention span was the lack of commentary. Now don’t get me wrong, Japanese wrestling has commentary. In fact, it has glorious commentary with passion and emotion that can sometimes be lacking on American wrestling promotions. But no amount of studying the Japanese language or being absolutely attentive to the goings on could get me through an entire show in one sitting. It was this crossroads that I began to question my passion for American wrestling. Would my English viewing soon become limited to occasional Raw and Smackdown fast-forwards to see the one or two matches or angles on the cards I cared about supplemented by 70s, 80s, and 90s cards I had seen a half dozen times? Enter the indies. I had heard of the indies in 2000 but with ECW, WCW, and a VERY HOT 2000 WWF on my television, I had no need to seek out additional wrestling. But now in 2002 where I was hungry for a change, I needed to know more about that indies. This is where a new friend steps in. The friend that introduced me to ECW had long since stopped wrestling but a new friend at school had a similar propensity for hardcore wrestling but wanted something different. We met in high school and after learning of each other, we began to trade our tapes with each other and when I introduced him to tape trading on the internet, a whole new world opened. He had RF Video catalogs but didn’t know that on Crazy Max or The Video Zone, you could dub your tapes to trade with others. Quickly he began reading about Jun Kasai getting so beat up in a match that you could see the bone in his elbow. He immediately got the tape and suddenly a whole new world opened up to us on that first viewing of Un F’n Believable. I credit CZW and very soon after ROH with re-invigorating my fandom in professional wrestling. After seeing the initial CZW tapes, I found myself drawn to Best of the Best (even knocking a live Best of the Best off my bucket list on 2017 in Orlando) and then ROH’s style of professional wrestling. I still enjoyed a bit of hardcore wrestling but the evolution got too extreme even for the guy who sought out Sabu’s bicep tear and Jun Kasai’s elbow bone showing at the end of the match. But now, in this time of quarantine, I think it is time to give it another go. So as I lay here on the couch on the top floor of my house with a disc shifted from sitting too much, I am going to start and watch through every CZW Tournament of Death on the HighSpots Wrestling Network (Best 9.99 in the biz~!). Now obviously this won’t all occur in one sitting. Or from the same place. One thing about me is I always watch wrestling in some interesting places so this journey will be no different. Today it starts on the couch, tomorrow may be from the elliptical in the basement, the day after from the Electric Car Charging Station at the Target, the day after on an iPad as I lay in the tub drinking a Red Bull Vodka (from a wine glass so I can feel classy with my death match viewing), and if this virus ever lets up we will see if we can freak out passengers someday soon on a plane as I venture out for more live graps viewing. This journey will be a long road, let’s see how far away from the couch it will take me.
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