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  1. Random but fun news for me: I got to publish a funny book with Devastator Press, a comedy publishing house I've always really enjoyed. It's a book called Leg Drop Digest, a parody of old wrestling mags. Brian Kendrick makes a cameo and I got a good DVDVR nod in. You can grab a digital copy for a buck!
  2. I was really amazed they let him call it the Curbstomp. That word has specifically be associated to hate groups and gangs in my head since I was a kid.
  3. Obviously Baron Corbin never works longer matches at house shows or when he shows up to work at a performance center dedicated to turning him into a pro wrestler every single day. That big gym with the 17 rings in it is entirely for show.
  4. All of her cats are just still really upset about Montreal. Actually this cat remembers Montreal. But it's over it. It's water under the bridge. The cat is not going to be bitter about Montreal. This cat figures it was all a work, anyway.
  5. I feel like they're getting closer with Crow. Just drop the hacker stuff and just make him a tiny wrecking ball Tajiri buzzsaw tazmanian devil that you shouldn't get near. Just let his character be his reality: that he is a tiny thing that will eat your arm. CJ Parker is going to one hell of a centerpiece in the indies. Wish the dude well. I really dug Shoot Nation. I have also realized the one thing that the Enzo/Cass/Carmella trio needs: A small boy in a Newsies cap from 1920's New Jersey. "And this here is The Kid, and he's from 1924. And you can't teach that." And the Kid just acts adorable and then passes a wrench to Enzo to brain guys. And then WWE makes a billion dollars. I love BLUE PANTS and I love that she is adapting to the WWE style even with her goofy character and music. The hardcam pose was delightful. 'The Narcissist' Sex Luger is green as hell, but she'll get there. She's no worse than Ryback when he showed up. I love that she just talks shit like a 90's Capcom game bad guy.
  6. All of her cats are just still really upset about Montreal.
  7. The moment they had Bryan connect their Hell No thread back into Kane's current angle I was all in.
  8. Now that their relationship is on the mend, maybe Kane can lend DBry his DDP yoga DVDs. If he does retire it will be fascinating to watch how easily we all slip back into calling him Bryan Danielson.
  9. 'booker' is carny wrestling slang for 'teleportation vortex engineer'
  10. It always bugs me when people lump in Mark with the homophobic shit too. It was only Jay who said stuff. In all fairness I'm not familiar enough with the Briscoes to be positive which is which. I know one is sort of doopy and fun and people like him, and the other one is the other one.
  11. I'd want to see DEMBOYZ get signed because I want them to wrestle the Primetime Players so that Darren can start handing out receipts for tweets.
  12. Maybe I just like absurdly long names but I wouldn't mind seeing a masked Chris Hero show up billed as That Young Knock Out Kid. Mainly I just want to watch Striker and Vamp get fed up with saying it constantly.
  13. I really liked the Primetime Players taped promo, but shame on editing for not splitting it up it into jumpcuts. The little lulls were hurting the lulz. Also, what are they going to do being down an Uso? I'd be down with Damien Usedow joining the superkick party.
  14. Or just wait 10 years when Vince finally catches up to 2015 and finds out what "Arrow" is "lets get that Batman kid in here"
  15. I am so tired of the following things: John Cena getting booed to death and the announcers calling it a split crowd Those audiences immediately popping the second Cena says something happy clappy about their city But I do love Bad News Barrett and I like it when he elbows John Cena in the face. Do women die if they take an over the top rope bump? The women getting gently pushed off the of the apron under the bottom rope feels worse than lingerie pudding matches at this point. Paige had a great promo, Namoi having a character beyond 'My name is Naomi and my butt will hit you' should be fun. Nikki Bella's new 'my dad owns a successful dealership' character RULES. I HAVE SO MANY SOCCER TROPHIES
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