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  1. Hey J.T. - just wanted to let you know that I got your invite last night. I sometimes play with a couple of buddies who don't have headsets, so we end up calling each other instead. If I don't accept the invite, that's the only reason. Didn't want you think I was snubbing you or anything. On another note, I buzzed a guy in the 400k apartment and, surprisingly, he let me in. I was expecting a different layout or an extra room with a heist board or something. But it's literally the same as my 205k apartment. The only difference I can see is "the view." Am I missing something? Because if not, I
  2. I get into those situations sometimes because I rarely use a headset unless I'm playing with friends or crew members. I was chasing a bounty last night and ended up in a place I didn't know existed. I wasn't paying much attention because I was focused on where the bounty guy was, but I believe it was a bank. It had a fully explorable interior. Anyway, me and another person walked in at the same time with guns drawn, and ended up kind of standing there staring at each other until we determined we weren't going to shoot one another. I had my automatic shotgun out just in case. Turns out the
  3. I blame that on Talladega Nights being the first movie I saw her in, and they did their best to make her look as frumpy as possible.
  4. RUkered


    I watched the series for the first time a couple years back, and just found this out about 2-3 days ago. Blew my mind. And I'm generally the "hey that actor played so and so in such and such" guy. Chameleon is spot on.
  5. Can't remember if I read it here or somewhere else, but somebody said that watching other players on the TV in your apartment could be almost as fun as playing the game. I doubted it, but I no longer do. I finally bought an apartment last night, turn on the TV, and the first thing I see is a dude in a cargobob slowly descending. Then I see a tank come into view. I'm thinking "that dude's about to blow the shit out of that helicopter." Cargobob guys picks up tank guy, and they proceed to fly all over the map blowing the hell out of everybody. Flying tanks. This game is the shit. Als
  6. If you or anybody else on Xbox is on and wants to do that, let me know. I'll drop whatever I'm doing and join you. I did the same thing with a random guy a few days ago, but haven't run across that same race since. Been meaning to mention it but keep forgetting. My Xbox name is the same as here for anyone that wants to add me. I'm usually on in the evenings/late night eastern time.
  7. Harms - you win best bounty collection ever. That is awesome. I've only collected one so far, and I still don't know why it happened. I was at the Los Santos Customs near the $25,000 garage. I had just left the garage and was heading to the shop to put insurance on my lifted Jeep before I lost it, and I see a bounty icon heading down the road. Then, for some reason, the guy turns and starts heading to the back of the building where I am. I was worried he was going to steal the Jeep or blow it up, so I shot him. Took care of almost all the cost of insurance. But why the dude decided to driv
  8. I believe one of you mentioned that mission where you have to kill the guy at his house, and he's heavily guarded. Then when you start shooting guards you get a 4-star wanted level. Yeah FUCK that mission. Me and my buddy roll up to a gate, toss a sticky grenade in, detonate it, and then lose the cops. Go back to the other gate, rinse and repeat. That took out a lot of guys, but we'd still die once we stepped inside. What's the strategy to this thing? It drove us insane.
  9. I tried that one by myself and gave up after 3-4 attempts. I blew up the first two cop cars with a grenade, no problem. Then I had to blow up a SWAT van, but I couldn't figure out how to get inside the gate before getting shot to death or the time expired. I tried lobbing some grenades over the wall, but my aim sucked. And jstout - if you feel like you need some redemption, just invite me into a survival or a gang attack and watch as I try to go into cover, miss it and go into cover at the wrong angle, leaving myself completely exposed. Then I panic and try to outrun the swarm of bullets tha
  10. That was even more satisfying that I could have imagined.
  11. They're like 600 bucks apiece, though. Yeah I should have logged back in here and read this before I bought them. I played a few hours last night and ended up with nearly 100k. I got a little too excited and went to Ammu-Nation to max out all my ammo. I didn't bother checking prices first. Needless to say, I am back down to around 30k. No worries there. I think we're in the same time zone because I think it was after midnight when we got in the same session. I always need to get to bed myself, but when people are on, it's hard to shut it down. That mission you guys were talking abo
  12. Good to know I'm not far away from sticky bombs. I love those things. I just realized last night that I have to win a bunch of races to unlock vehicle upgrades. So I'm screwed, basically. More often that not I'm a pretty decent driver. I do my fair share of slamming into parked cars and poles, but generally I can zip through traffic and around corners without too much incident. Put me in a race though, and I'm a bumbling idiot. I may have to try what I saw on youtube - some guy was doing a race by himself, and it was counting toward his wins. It's my only hope. Either way, I plan on doin
  13. So that's why I kept getting my ass kicked. I did a short, 1-lap race with a guy a bunch of times in a row. It was the muscle class so we both used our personalized cars, and the guy was always way out in front right at the start. He was a level 5, so I didn't think he had made any mods to his car. I think out of 10 races I only won 2 - and that was only because I started cutting corners and managed to not wreck or fishtail. On the upside, my first victory consisted of me accidentally giving the guy a PIT maneuver near the finish line, spinning us both out. I knew I couldn't get turned aroun
  14. Apparently I've just been really lucky with storing getaway vehicles. I've managed to put them within a couple blocks away each time. I hope I can eventually kill every member of the Lost so I can successfully take people to the cult, because damn. If I zip by them within 4 million yards they start shooting at me and scare away the people I'm hauling. Also, do you guys still need members to reach - what was it, 25? If so, I'll join up.
  15. It's been a while since I watched that episode, but I think it's implied that those were just victims of the plane crash, and all the destruction around the house was a result of it. I don't think it's meant as an end-of-series flash forward.
  16. I never even bothered getting anything past bronze on any of the school stuff in SA. I was so frustrated by that point I just wanted it over with. All I wanted to do was take a passenger plane to the height of the map and dive out of it right at the "fuck you I won't do what you tell me" part of Killing In The Name anyway. And thanks for the heads up a few pages back, Neil. I was just misremembering everything and mixing up two or three different GTA games, but I had never heard of the Ghost City before. Looked it up on Youtube. That's pretty cool. With all this talk of 5, I've gotten back
  17. I can't wait for this thing. I've put more time into GTA games, starting with GTA2, than I have any other game. Even though I played the hell out of it, I was too stupid to figure out the point of it. I didn't realize I was playing it like I'd play all the others for eternity - steal shit, run from cops, have shootout with cops, die. The only thing different was plowing into buildings at 100 mph because you couldn't see where you were going. Natural - you mentioned not being able to get to new locations right away. If I remember right, I used to take the Dodo in GTA3 and try to fly it (mind-
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