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  1. There are claims online that the Broncos - after seeing that amazing offensive performance this past weekend - will be hiring Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett as their next HC
  2. Especially as has already been pointed out - they own nothing but a copy of the book https://kotaku.com/crypto-losers-buy-copy-of-jodorowskys-dune-have-played-1848370368
  3. Hopefully the Giants pretend they didn’t interview him
  4. Yes the Bengals had the tiebreaker over Buffalo due to a better conference record And I would prefer to blame both Buffalo and KC for losing a bunch of winnable games during the season
  5. To the surprise of no one - Antonio Brown got on social media to celebrate Tampa being eliminated
  6. Probably easiest to mention this here The folks from the group that included Keith Lee, Nia Jax, etc... should all have their 90 day no releases coming up within the next 2 weeks (well those who had 90 days to start with) Oney Lorcan noted he will be free in 10 days and Gran Metalik (back under his Máscara Dorada name) has already announced for 3 GCW shows in February (the first one is Feb 4)
  7. A couple of Bucs defenders confirmed this is what happened
  8. Per ESPN - this will be the first time in 12 years that the Conference Championships won't have either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers playing
  9. No - the most was 2008-2009 which also had 3 road teams win (this was the year Arizona made it to the Super Bowl)
  10. Anthony Ogogo appeared on the PROGRESS show today which PROGRESS announced as the first time contracted AEW talent appeared in the UK Can't image that match is gonna end up on the WWE Network version
  11. Fightful reports that The IInspiration were also asked to return for Rumble - which Impact would have improved - but the former IIconics turned it down as they weren't interested in appearing for WWE right now
  12. of course now the Rams will play a home playoff game that sounds like a Niners home game
  13. They are so gonna recover the onside kick
  14. Seriously - I kinda never want this season to end
  15. I would wet myself if Brady got tossed for getting 2 personal fouls
  16. Sean Payton supposedly is unsure if he wants to return as Saints coach next year So that has lead to the new report of... IF Troy Aikman jumps to Amazon (Amazon has streaming coverage of the Thursday Night Games next year) THEN Fox wants to hire Payton and pair him with Joe Buck (Apparently Aikman has been quoted as saying he is unsure if he will work for Fox or Amazon next year)
  17. The Untitled A Quiet Place sequel has been delayed to Sept 23, 2023. It was scheduled for March 31, 2023.
  18. Again - the stat wasn’t about #1 seeds losing - it was that this will be the first year ever where neither team in the Super Bowl would have had a bye
  19. And that occurred literally one day after this
  20. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33131061/echl-suspends-jacob-panetta-indefinitely-racist-taunt-jordan-subban
  21. Yes - because the story is the other way around from what Tabe said
  22. Oh its even stupider since Stockon claims that those "100 professional athletes" just dropped dead in the middle of games
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