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  1. My troublesome ones are the ones that only appear at night (specifically 9 pm or later) - I am almost never playing that late
  2. Yeah - that is partly my problem is that almost all the bugs I am missing are the locust types that only appear on Palm trees in July and August
  3. First look at Borderlands (so I have to assume a trailer is soon) Still haven't decided what irritates me the most Kevin Hart as Roland Eli Roth directing That (at least per the IMDB credits) Brick and Mordecai are no where to be found I will still watch the fucking thing
  4. Tangential Business related Walmart is buying Vizio Obviously Walmart was already a big seller of Vizio TVs but they are making this move to improve their ad game
  5. I know I am officially the only one still playing and thus I realized that every time I think about finally pulling the plug, the game will have a resident I have been trying to get rid of for 2 years, leave and then I am hooked again for 6 more months
  6. HBO is delaying the release of Last Week Tonight clips on Youtube until now Thursday after the show airs The news was broken by John Oliver who apologized for not being able to share the show clip on Monday like he normally does The goal is to drive people to sign up for MAX
  7. Hyun Jin Ryu is returning to South Korea as he is going to rejoin the Hanwha Eagles He will reportedly become the KBO's highest paid player
  8. For the record - I would prefer the Rangers not regularly have to do wild rallies to win games
  9. This also reminds me - since it was another owner who said he would sell and then didn't Arte Moreno had an interview last week where basically the sole reason the Angels didn't trade Ohtani is because he (Moreno) didn't want to sacrifice ticket sales for the rest of the year
  10. In news not really shocking for this delusional family Mark Lerner announced that the Lerner family is no longer planning on selling the Nationals (ie: no one would give them $2.5 Billion for a terrible team with fucked TV rights)
  11. I was lucky when at American that I got to cover a couple of games Lefty coached when he was at James Madison and both JMU and AU were in the CAA together at that time
  12. Nets wanted Jacque Vaughn to stay on break so badly that they fired him
  13. In other "attempting to trade" news The Raiders are still trying to get someone to take on Hunter Renfrow's deal He is owed $11.15 million but it isn't guaranteed so a team that acquired him would have an easier time restructuring it And in his case - Vegas plans on releasing him if they can't trade him
  14. The Jets are attempting to trade Zach Wilson However, they do not plan to release him if unable to trade him since the cap hit would be too big
  15. Red Sox are signing Liam Hendriks It is a two year deal guaranteeing him $10 million As a reminder - Hendriks had TJ in August so is pretty much out for this season. The deal also has a mutual option for 2026
  16. Luc Besson will direct a Dracula movie (whatever that might be) Christoph Waltz and Caleb Landry-Jones are in discussion to star
  17. Xur is selling the Black Armory armor so if you never got it, now is your chance
  18. So for.... reasons... the Padres have decided to flip the middle of their infield Xander Bogaerts is moving from SS to 2B while Ha-Seong Kim will do the reverse
  19. I already noted in the other thread that Jimmy G is getting a two game suspension for PEDs (which he will not appeal) With that news - Schefter also confirmed that the Raiders are planning on releasing him before the 5th day of the new league year (so basically by Mid-March)
  20. Not even mentioned in that was at one point - he when asked about the fans of Oakland being upset his answer was along of the lines of "But there is still a team in the Bay!" Yeah - because As fans notoriously root for the Giants too
  21. Not really "news" because he had said before but forever reason everyone decided to run with as a story yesterday Rob Manfred stated that this will be his last term as MLB commissioner. His term will end January 2029 Other things from the couple of interviews he has given over the last couple of weeks He will be "disappointed" if the Athletics are not ready to move to Vegas for 2028. Related to that point - since the schedule for 2025 will be finalized in July, Manfred said the As have to have their location secured before then He wants to get all the TV rights figured out first before starting the process of expansion He thinks baseball should have a FA deadline (ie: you have to sign by a certain time) because of course he does He also thinks all the players will love the new uniforms. They just aren't used to them yet
  22. Hope everyone is sitting down for this shocking news - the internet over reacted to something So all the XBOX news First Activision Blizzard game to Gamepass is Diablo IV (this is March 28) There are "No fundamental change to exclusivity" - so everyone who thought that Starfield was coming to PS5.... nope (to be fair - the possibility that a game will eventually go onto other systems remains) Example - 4 games will be coming to Switch/PS5. (I think they are: Hi fi rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Grounded) Games Pass remains XBOX and PC only
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