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  1. Couple other thing re Tatis He is now ineligible to play for the Dominican Republic in the upcoming World Baseball Classic If the Padres make the playoffs, those games count toward the suspension so it would reduce how many games he misses next season
  2. Meanwhile - #46 for Aaron Judge The pace is now 66 HRs for the season
  3. Misses the rest of this season, ineligible for the postseason and the start of next season too (48 games this season, the remaining 32 next year) Per Tatis
  4. The NIT is leaving MSG (well most specifically the semis and finals) 2023 will be played in Vegas (Orleans Arena) 2024 will be played in Indy (Hinkle Fieldhouse)
  5. He still had more offers than just Central Michigan
  6. The next NXT UK TV tapings have been cancelled and the implication is folks are worried the show is not long for this world Per the new WON
  7. Butch Jones convinced him (Watt) that if he played Tight End, he would score all these TDs so Watt believe him and went there as a TE. He had a whopping 8 catches and then Jones and staff told him they would convert him to O-Line. So Watt told them to go fuck themselves and he walked on at Wisconsin
  8. From the new WON Jose Guadalupe Aguilar Herrera who was the original TNT (not to be confused with Savio Vega) passed away at the age of 84
  9. Howard Stern announced the his father, Ben, passed away recently at the age of 99
  10. Just noting that per family representation - Anne Heche is not expected to survive the injuries from her car crash
  11. Nothing entertains me more than the bitching from some NE folks that the Giants were calling blitzes in a preseason game
  12. Well Bows got a buff already which is part of the reason they are en vogue again. Trinity Ghoul was already lowkey popular alternate last season for folks since it had an artifact mod they could use (I am spacing if it was piercing or overload) But yeah - TG and Riskrunner are definitely coming out of the vault (like I used the hell out of Sunshot this season)
  13. Yeah I just finished dinner - I didn't need to seen that screen grab
  14. Not that it wasn't gonna be anyway but boy is everyone gonna be using Thunderlord with Arc 3.0
  15. I will just say that the Cap stuff, while the majority of the clip, is a misdirection
  16. If you haven't already - you might want to check out the Documentary thread as their was discussion about both Woodstock docs in there recently
  17. RIPPA


    Vegas goalie Robin Lehner will miss the upcoming season after having hip surgery
  18. The best is the subtle Cozmo trolling
  19. A play in three parts PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE (Today after the TWAB came out)
  20. The word "cannibal" was in the first 6 words of the story I got it from so its not like they are hiding it in the marketing of the movie
  21. @J.T.disrespecting my posts
  22. Bucs have announced that Tom Brady will be away from the team while he deals with a "personal matter" until after Tampa's Aug 20 preseason game EDIT - Todd Bowles said this was planned from before training camp started. When asked if it was health related, Bowles just responded "It's a personal issue. That's all I can tell you."
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